Player Testimonials

The players are the heart of any good system and Rising of Chaos aims to make events that players remember and love. But don’t take our word on this, here are a few of the comments from our players:

I’ve seen so many people do such cool things. From characters 20+ years old, to those who were on their first event. Crew who have plunged headlong into terribly deep roles (and pulled them off with aplomb) Crew who are tired, aching, after 2, 3, or 9 gruelling days, pulling it together for last punch. Refs who give of their time, not just for a day at the weekend, but for hours of meetings and planning. Dress makers, prop painters, costume washers…The list goes ever on.

But over and again, standing in the twilight, in the woods, at the end of a long day. With friends. Laughing, or smiling, or frothing. So many of us. Different ages, different backgrounds, different walks of life. All together. Because sometimes you have to go where everyone knows your game. – Pete (Mallory Mandeville)

Huge thanks to everyone for an incredibly intense Saturday. Crew did an awesome job keeping up the pressure, and the writing was – as always – completely on point. – Tom (Primus Abraham Wingates)

Despite only being around for the past 9 months it’s been the best 9 I’ve ever had. All of you have succeeded to make my year absolutely amazing… Can’t thank you all enough! – David (Shiir Tsan)

Sunday was probably one of my favourite events in memory.

Thank you crew, for dealing me more damage than I’ve ever taken before, and doing it with endless aplomb, gusto, hutzpah and all those other great words. And Stephen – thank you for working your magic and turning a tiny bit of character backstory that I wrote over half a decade ago into plot so poignant and emotional. I can’t wait to see where it leads – Rachel (Aggie Sergeant)

This weekend was astonishingly good, Stephen said it was going to be epic and it most definitely was. From camping out in the trenches waiting for the all, killing bad guys with bad guys to sarkiths and countesses efforts to stop us from making it to the mountain, getting killed and holding back tears during the debrief when I honestly thought I wasn’t coming back. It was amazing and I can’t thank Stephen, the crew and the players for making it happen. – Jon (Hoelbrak Shiverspeak)

Outstanding weekend. COCP/Military/KRO combination. Working extremely well together through harrowing situations. Punching well above our paygrades. Cheer players – you rock. All the applause to the hard working, amazing crew, braving cold and wet weather conditions to provide the event. You were all aces.

All the love to Stephen for the writing and running of the two events, giving so many choices and results to our actions, the epic debriefs and all the portrayals of NPCs throughout. Many, many thanks and much love. – Craig (Kincaid)

Absolute bombshell of a weekend. It was cold as hell during both events but Stephen’s fantastic crew didn’t stop so neither did we. Great moments of heroics and rules of cool. And all with minimal, yet massive casualties on all sides.

Limits to our abilities were definitely pushed… I can only hope to see more of the same, even if we deserve a holiday for saving four whole worlds from the big bad! – Ash (Dio Brando)

BEST THARINOS EVER. The refs, crew and all the support team did an amazing job, the players had so much to do and, although the crew worked themselves to death, it never felt like there weren’t enough people to keep things moving

Thank you to the crew who worked SO hard, and thank you to the players who made the event come alive and helped where it was needed. I am so lucky to call you all my friends.

The best part of any fort is always, always, laughing yourself silly with the people you love, and I’ve never laughed harder. – Holly (Tess Spears)

This was the best event I’ve ever been on and it has filled me with even more keen!! – Anthony ‘Trousers’ (Adoven)

How do I begin to express my thoughts and feelings about last weekend? The cataclysmic end of a fifteen year plotline? Mindblowing, simply mindblowing – Nick (Siegfried Ar-Valen)

Sky lanterns: simply brilliant. Had no idea what they looked like until the first one flew over my head whilst in combat and became dumbstruck – Matt (Var-Grim)

In 2017, we ran a whole load of great stories, some of the best the system has ever seen and we watched the players develop their own massively. Watching our lack of need for refs at forts and players just doing their own refless things was a joy to behold. And we came through a lot of real life stuff with flying colours: Ignoring the toxic and embracing the kind; these things were amazing to be involved in.

So for me, this year and particularly the latter half, RoC has summed up the reasons that I enjoy this career/hobby/curse: The wonder of living plot and passion that it brings into peoples lives, the ideals of community and the principals of kindness that come with those aspects of responsibility to each other, family and complete social respect, the acceptance and the tolerance and the willingness to stand up to the negativity that comes with and aggressive and dystopian world around us. yeah. It was amazing. Plus twenty years and well over four thousand days of eventing in that time feels like a massive achievement. Did you know we once ran 50 odd events in a February? Multiple games in a game, every day of Feb. Wow. Like I say guys, pass on your love to all. And more than anything, RoCers: Thank you for being my friends and my family. – Stephen Canfield, System Head