The Choice Episode 3 – Team Spectre

Day One

Day One – Last Rites

Greetings loved ones! So here we are: Chapter three still going strong and still in lockdown. For the sake of Anthony’s sanity I have taken the tables out of the document and instead put in the things that you have to do after an area. If you are doing an investigate or similar I have stopped with the different ways of doing things and the other new thing is “Nearby Area”, a nearby area is one that you do not have to spend fate points to reach. So: Just let me know what you are doing and I will take that on board. I am also assuming that you are sticking together as a group. I’ll do the original way of fate points because moving around is only so difficult and it just feels easier: It’s not like this team is fussed anyways. Have fun


Time and fate have ceased having any true meaning for you in the last few days and your conversation with the two Sisters has done little to give you any sense of continuity. Slowly you have made your way up the ragged trail to the great arch that you discovered what seems like a thousand years ago. The action of the days has left you wearied despite the rest that you have taken with Dralkosh you still find that the cold voice leaves you wearied and the cruelty her words chills your hearts. Reaching the heights of the ancient carved stairs Dirk steps forward and summons forth the power of his Oath, feeling the words of the people of the North taking up their stations through the shape of the Arch and the light blaze from it. Without a backwards glance the companions stepped through the breach and beyond into the world.

Save Harrison who stopped before the dancing brightness of the magic of the Arch, hesitating, as now starts to fall for the first time in what must be an age. Perhaps time had started to pass once more he considered and turned to look back at the darkness of the wastes from whence they had first come. At the edge of his vision, somewhere along the ridges where they had not had the courage to tread there was a man, standing and watching him. Their eyes met and he saw his eyes, older and more tired staring back at him. He stuttered a few sounds and considered raising his hand in greeting but the portal flared and he was pulled through into the world once more.

The Wastes

Anghast knelt and helped Harrison to his feet before returning his attention to the scene before them, dusting snow from himself he stepped forward to join his companions and stepped forward to examine where the Arch had taken them. In short the North: A vast expanse of snow and dunes made of the same spread out in all directions around him. The sky was blackened and overcast and spat flakes of chill covered ice to the floor below making him feel like a tiny speck against the starkness of eternity. But there was more, much more to see around him:

Actions Available

Suggest an Action: Zero
Scout a nearby area: Challenge 04

The Hanging Trees

Twelve tree’s stood in front of the Arch from which they had come, they were alive with early blossoms as though spring had come upon them but their branches and their bark were sorrowed as if by fire. They carried the same red hue as other wood that they had seen but seemed to be living in some way, perhaps suspended between life and death. Each had many branches spreading out and snaking up towards the sky as though they had lifted those limbs up to allow them to fulfil their more morbid duties. Some sixty, maybe more, bodies hung there, nooses around their necks and spread evenly among those branches. They twitched and shuddered although there was no breeze and the sound, perhaps, of human voices could be heard at the edge of their hearing range.

Actions Available

Examine a Tree: Challenge 10
Examine a Body: Challenge 10

Five Strange Mounds

In a line on the far side of the trees you can see five risen mounds that have long been covered by snow some thirty feet distant. They are approximately Eight feet in length, three feet across and risen four feet at their highest point. They are uneven as though something is scattered across the top of the mounds but concealed by the snow but beyond that you can see nothing of them.

Actions Available

Examine a Mound: Challenge 10
Dig snow away from a mound: Interact 4

The Road to the Distant Village

At the far side of the mounds the remains of perhaps a wall that surrounded this place exists although there is but a few feet of it before it collapses. It seems as though this once housed a gate into the area that was the end or the beginning of a road depending on your perspective or opinion. It stretched perhaps ten miles to a distant hamlet that was huddled against the horizon although that tiny place seemed abandoned, no smoke showed across the sky which oppressed down upon it in the freezing air. Halfway distant a building, almost buried in the white that cloyed to the ground, perhaps it was some twist of the mind but most thought that they saw something move, flickering out of site behind it as they watched.

Actions Available

Travel halfway to within scouting distance of the building: Interact 6
Travel the rest of the way to the building: Interact 2
Travel directly to the Building: Interact 8
Travel halfway to within scouting distance of the town from the building: Interact 14
Travel the rest of the way to the town: Interact 2
Travel directly to the town: Interact 16

The Battle Site

Behind them beyond the Arch, away from the direction of the village the ground was thinner with snow, it only appeared in sullen patches and fretted at itself unsettled as it was. It lay in patterns around areas where the earth was a darker stain as though fed by blackened sky, a swaythe of rusted weapons its crop awaiting the harvest.

Actions Available

Examine the stained ground: Challenge 10
Examine the weapons: Challenge 06

The Distant Forest

Further on from the Battle Site you observe a great and heavy wood, its age speaks to you in the thickness of the trees and the protective nature of their branches. It is distant but, again, the keenest among you pick out the movement of something between the trees. A howl on the wind carries deep into the oncoming night and the Lycans feel their blood stir and feel the need to howl a return, for it is a cry for help and one that you could answer.

Actions Available

Travel halfway to within scouting distance of the Woods: Interact 8
Travel the rest of the way to the Woods: Interact 2
Travel directly to the Woods: Interact 10

The Arch

The Arch stands behind you resolute and alone, ancient stains of blood criss-cross it but you automatically seek the niche where the orb that activates the portal would sit. Once more it is conspicuous by its absence.

Actions Available

Examine the Arch: Challenge 6
Examine the Niche: Challenge 4

The Conspiracy

All the time as they observed what was presented to them, they felt the ominous force of something circling high above them and from the clouds occasionally broke a conspiracy of Ravens, to watch them.

Actions Available

Examine the Conspiracy: Challenge 12
Assault the Conspiracy: Challenge 30

Unusual Circumstance and Rules

  • All Current Game Rules are in play
  • If you are carrying a debt:
    • You start this week with an additional 3 floating Fate that you add to the pot
    • Each day it diminishes by 1
    • When it is gone your personal fate tally reduces by 1 each day.
    • When you run out of fate the ref will take actions for you on that day.
    • You may spend this personal fate to add more Fate to the Fate pool at a rate of 1 for five
  • If you can heal the debt you can restore 3 Floating fate per day distributed as you wish.
    • Each day you do this is noted by the ref team
    • This is action costs 1 Fate Point in total.
  • I will be adding more information for appropriate skills with interact abilities and lowering the FP’s total needed with appropriate skills for Challenge.
  • I am happy clarify rules or plot points on voice with a player as I am often on headset and wandering around my house doing stuffs.
  • If you are doing an investigate or similar I have stopped with the different ways of doing things just let me know what you are doing and I will take that on board.
  • “Nearby Area”, a nearby area is one that you do not have to spend fate points to reach.
  • I am also assuming that you are sticking together as a group.
  • I’ll do the original way of fate points because moving around is only so difficult and it just feels easier:

Character Spends
wise, so far we have spent 6 to increase our overall fate pool by 3, we have spent 4 to reduce environmental barriers twice, and we have spent 6 to boost Harrison and Anghast’s personal fate pools to 4. With 1 left other.

Fate Points

  • Storm Wolf – 6FP + 3 Floating Fate = 9
  • Dirk- 4FP + 3 Floating Fate = 7 (16)
  • Mohandis- 5FP (21)
  • Anghast- 4FP (25)
  • Harrison- 4FP (29)
  • FP total for wk7- 49
  • Voice RPG – 12fp – all
  • Dralkosh action- receive visions from congal claen.
  • Total after spending- 37fp.

Day Two

Greetings loved ones! Thanks for being awesome.

Seek the Ondrask

Actual Challenge: 10
Reductions: For Skill – 6
Gambled: 12
Spent: 6
Running Total: 6
Dirk was already across at the mounds, investigating the snow as the mystics gathered and prepared their magics to seek the Ondrask. Shadow Wolf and Mohandis formed their usual position, entering their usual back to back meditations, through them Anghast called on his power guiding their visions through the clarity of their own spiritual awakening as Harrison added his own circle of power to theirs seeking enhance and find the patterns of the truth.

This was the Frozen North, long after the Comet and before the return of Bonespire but not too long as the Temporal Crow flies. Perhaps only a handful of days was where the Arch had sent them but Time did not flow, that they could feel in their bones and the matter of fate… was either halted or protected in someway that they could not quite define. A presence that flocked around them, endlessly moving, a mind, a spirit, a power that had travelled with them through the Arch? That they could not be certain of only that they were deeply familiar with it.

Perhaps guided by that power they were drawn to the distant village via the path where the ruined building lay. Here they felt a traitors payment, wealth, a bargain made and a breaking of Oaths although what that meant save that it spoke to them of Ondrask they could not say. Whirling on and a head they came to rest their collective being above the village and here they felt the value of buried sacrifice, something given as gift to the spirits that yearned to be free of the rite that it was tied to. They snapped back to the now….something was coming.

Clearing away the snow

Interact: 4
Was the ref lying? No
Spend: 4
Running Total: 10
Dirk scraped away the snow feeling its softness in his hands and enjoying the chill, a visceral feeling, a real feeling after everything else that has happened. Since the great ritual on the Keep Dirk had felt different, he could hear the words that people spoke to him in different ways, in the meaning behind them. He wasn’t sure how but the world around him had changed or perhaps he had changed or perhaps even both of those things were true. He felt them writing beneath his skin again and looked down at his arm. The letters that formed their were visible only for a few seconds before he willed them back down once more. The Oaths inside him demanded to be spoken and the words of the people would find their way into the world once more.

He paused in his thoughts and stepped back, he had uncovered what looked like a sequence of burial mounds with a weathered stone taking central dominance.

Actions Available

Translate the Words: Challenge 06
“Speak Friend and Enter”: Interact 02

Returning the Cry for Help

Interact: 4
Was the ref lying? No
Spend: 4
Running Total: 14
Shadow Wolf and Mohandis return the howl and await and answer

Actions Available

Wait in this area: Interact 00

Investigate the Conspiracy

Actual Challenge: 10
Reductions: 6
Gambled: 12
Spent: 6
Running Total: 20
The Ravens high above them circled, a never ending conspiracy of movement, the group reached out connecting with the power that eluded them high above. There was a presence, familiar that watched them, a warning, portentous, marked with fate and following. As their spirits and magic touched at the presence there it pulled back furtively, the Ravens wheeling up and away, enticing them forward. They all felt it, even Dirk and they looked back at him when he said so, Mohandis asking the question: “How?”

“Oaths.” He answered simply. “Since the Keep, I’ve felt….different. I couldn’t tell you why until now but up there, whatever is guiding those Ravens it’s bound by Oaths. Like the ones we made on the Keep, same source but older, different, more powerful. We need to go to it.”

There was no questioning Dirk, they trusted him, his word was iron so they followed the Ravens across the frozen ground as the snow thickened until: “There!” Dirk pointed his arm outstretched toward a figure approaching from the oncoming storm. Their eyes narrowed and an immediate tension filled their bodies in case foes were close. The form closed and they saw that it was not one person but two; the first carrying the other in their arms. They rushed forward as the staggering man sank to his knees, lifeblood vomiting from his throat as he struggled to keep the woman he was carrying from the snow with the last of his strength.

The group surged forward: Shadow Wolf catching the falling form of Jack Spears as Mohandis took his wife from his arms. Harrison was on hand to examine Tess immediately whilst Anghast pulled Jack around, checking him for wounds: “There’s a pulse,” he said, his accent thick with the North, “but he is weak as fuck and colder than the air.” Harrison looked down at Tess, her skin was criss-crossed with violent red fractures, her breathing ragged, catching in her lungs. He examined the white at the edges of her hairline and the gentle purple appearing in her skin. “Oath Wounds here,” he muttered lifting up her left hand. Her wedding ring pulsed like a heartbeat with the same white blue light that they had seen during the rebirth of the keep.

Tess’ eyes flared open and she coughed……..

(You now have a Tess and sort of a Jack)

Spent Fate: 20
Carry Over: 18

Day Three

Greetings Loved Ones! After Saturdays excitement I have returned to the game to write up the
return to last week and make sure that you can move ahead. There are likely to be only two returns
this week and for that I apologise, apparently even ROC gives out bank holidays and some time off in
lieu. This is a really difficult time as it stands but I will endeavour to get everything to you in good


After the Wedding you are returned to the strange snow filled plain, the memories of what
happened still fresh in your mind. The wedding will be written up fully when I have some time, you
went at it with 40 Fate Points, but for the completeness of the game:
As you witness the words of Tess and Jack speak their vows, mainly different from the ones that you
remember being at their wedding, they sprung to life, coiling from the two lovers and become as
one. It was called into the Living Oath that currently inhabits the form of Dirk Lionsgold before
Serbasel and The Grayson stepped forward to direct it. Both of them being Oathsmiths in their own
right they sent it to the place that it was meant to be. Their words become the power of Magic,
potentially of this Duchy, the power of Oaths and promises which had kept this world safe since the
humanity was created by the Gillieabad.
Those words are recorded here for completeness.
In the middle of a War, Love is the only thing that you can really look to for inspiration. It gives you
hope, and the problem with hope is that it’s hard to resist.
When we met, I didn’t know that you would ever see me the way that you do now. You made me
carry a box around after you, and then most of your clothes if I remember correctly.
I think besotted is a good word for it… Now, look how far we’ve come. Look at everything we’ve
done. We’ve saved things, built a life, lost people. We’ve had our days on the ground, and our nights
in the sky, and I have been the happiest I have ever been.
I’ve watched you laugh, I’ve watched you die. Normal people would just say cry, but there is nothing
normal about wrenching the love of your life from the jaws of death time and again. Especially when
they are flinging themselves in front of monsters for you.
You’ve seen me cry more times than I would care to count, and yet you are still here saving my life
over and over. I have never wanted anything more than this. I will never want anything else than
this. I promise you, Jack Spears, I will always be with you, we will always be together. I promise you,
Jack Winter, that this love will never end.
I promise you, by any name, by the laws of Time and Fate, the Pantheon of the Basin, the Gillieabad,
the Nexus and the Astral, and by my very being, that I will follow you across the sky to new worlds to
see if we can find a good adventure, and then come home to the peace only old libraries can bring.
All the days of our life, no matter where we are.
I love you.

I cannot imagine a point in the life that I have led which would not have been made better by Tess
being in it.
Most people don’t understand how a bloke like me could ever win the ‘eart of a posh bird like
Tessica, but she believed in me and gave me a chance to be myself, a little bit Spears and a little bit
winter. What means that I can say stuff like this:
Tess Gearsmith: For a long time I have thought that you were the most wonderful person that I have
met. You are so clever it swells my heart to hear you use your beautiful voice to fill the world with all
the wisdom that you have dedicated your tremendous self to. You walk with so much joy and carry
so much passion in your perfect soul that I am made a wealthy man by its generosity and an honest
one its sincerity.
It has been the deepest honour of my life to love you this far, my Thessaly and I swear upon that
honour that I will stand side by side with you as we seek the challenges of our life. When you need
someone to rest against after your wonder has wearied you I will be there, when you wish someone
to listen to the stories of your life I will listen to you. When you grow tired of the battle and need
someone to take the fight to our enemies I will stand against them. To live with you, to love with
you, to make a life and a family with you as we stand and fight for a better world against anyone that
turns up and means it and ergo you harm and no-one messes with my wife.
This is my Oath to you. A Sourcerer I may be, but you are the true magic that gives power to my
world. Clearly I am a simple man so I will put it plain. You will never be alone my love and I will
always come for you.
Look embarrassed.
Crack inappropriate joke.

Halfway to the buried house area

Interact: 6
Was the ref lying? No
Spend: 6
Running Total: 6
The wastelands are cold, the tundra stretches away from you, its crisp perfection enticing you to
step out and away from the path. Resolutely you trudge on through the bitter wind, Jack supporting
his shivering wife and keeping her close as the others ranged around them. As they travelled their
eyes were on horizons, seeking anything that might come against them in this hostile place. Two
thirds of the way across the distance it was Dirk who was who called out, swiftly followed by
Both had spied what looked, at first glance, to be a thicket of old dead leaves and twigs perhaps a
kilometre away. However they could both see that this was the form of some old travelling cloak and
apparatus that also contained a frozen hand, some two fingers short of completion. It may bear
investigation but needs must they complete their mission first.

Actions Available

Investigate the hand from opening area or the ruined house: Challenge 8

Scouts to the Hut

Actual Challenge: 8
Reductions: Skills 2
Gambled: 9
Spent: 2
Running Total: 48
Dirk crouched in the snow behind a ruined wall, this was one of the only approaches where he didn’t
stand out like a city detective in a black coat on a snowy background. He closed his eyes and felt for
an Oath the wormed its way into his being and slipped into an ephemeral form that was
camouflaged against the white background. Dirk moved forward on Shadow Wolfs three o’clock
following the intense spiritual pulses that were being sent by Mohandis who was following slowly
behind. He had sensed strong ritual power, long before they had arrived and was guiding them
through what seemed to be a field of fluctuating spiritual energy.
It was, he had said (or more likely guessed), pouring out of some broken ritual that had been called
on centuries ago or perhaps longer. The power here, he had said (or more likely guessed) was akin to
thievery, perhaps a curse or perhaps the definition of the ritual itself, but he surmised that to be
caught in the backlash may result in having something taken from you. This could be because the
ritual had collapsed naturally or because it had been attacked and collapsed. Either way they had
best be careful and had agreed to guide them as they travelled. His expertise now was keeping them
away from the unwanted attentions of the rituals that were attempting to interfere with his friends.
Shadow Wolf emerged from the lee of the building, she stopped immediately and signalled Dirk,
who she could just fine, to bring himself into cover. Around the corner she observed that there were
two entrances to the building both uncovered: One would allow dirfect access but was a second
floor door leading onto a stone balcony and may take some skill or effort to reach. The other was a
cellar hatch way in a partially uncovered courtyard which was bolted but not locked and seemed to
show some good signs of weathering. The whole thing showed some sign of being, perhaps, a
coaching Inn or Halfway House but there was something else here, something on her peripherals
that moved out of sight whenever she tried to catch sight of it.
Then she saw it, as it rolled from the shadow of a collapsed wall and through and behind a snow
drift, leaving no sign of its passing. A shadow of movement, all teeth and claws and promised
violence whispering obscenities as it moved. She wasn’t sure what Frozen North Nightmare they had
guarded this place but it was behind that snow drift over there and unless she missed her guess was
currently oblivious to their presence.

Actions Available

Sneak around and attack the beast: Challenge 20
Charge the beast down: Challenge 14
Examine the Cellar Door: Challenge 10
Open the Cellar Door: Interact 2
Examine the Balcony Door: Challenge 14
Open the Balcony Door: Interact 2

Wolves howl back

Interact: 0
Was the ref lying? No he is not
Spend: 0
Running Total: 48
In the very far distance there is a return howl and the sound of a pack perhaps, the Lycans bow their
heads as they listen, Jaq desperately trying to hold her position. “He is here, in the woods with us,
Red Eyes in the darkness”

Total Fate Spent: 48
Carryover: 07

Day Four

Greetings loved ones. Everything is sliding into place and after another sequence of difficult days a lot of real life positives have been achieved and I am feeling a lot more energised. THIS will be the last return of the week but the following parameters will be true for the end of this week and then going into next:

    • I will complete this return
    • We will run a Saturday Special
    • You can send back this return by Saturday night
    • That return will be the kick off by midday of Monday
    • We will then return to normal writing


The creature quivers in the cold air of the North, waiting, tasting the air of the North and shivering in anticipation of the strike. Clearly it has caught your scent, somewhere on the bitter breeze but by its movements it does not know where you are or perhaps even how close. Perhaps it is Harrison it smells far back or Shadow Wolf so close, either way this is your moment to strike.

Sneak and Incap the Beast

Actual Challenge: 22 increased to 30 for efforts to incap
Reductions: Skills 20
Gambled: 26
Spent: 20
Running Total: 20

Harrison was, it had to be said, not a fan of the plan that was being outlined to the group via psionic communication and paw gestures in the general direction at the rear of the party. The last time that he had been in this situation, he had to admit, everything had gone swimmingly but that was in the birthplace of humanity and there he had had a sense of wellbeing that charged him for the oncoming hunt. Here, well…… He broke cover and ran a darting course between drifts toward the building making sure that his trajectory took him within sight of the beast. He knew he had been seen, he could feel eyes on him and for a moment he thought that the hunters were wrong and that the monster would strike for him but they were right. Sensing a feint it held its position waiting for the real attack and it was not disappointed.

Supporting each other through their wounds the Spears’ appeared, stepping out of time about 200 feet away from the place where the beast was waiting. Tess readied herself calling out to the three in one Dazak, Thybleak…..Bethylak pouring the power of her deity in her husband as Jack released the power of the Nexus into the area that the beast was waiting. The attacks were haphazard, close enough to the monster to harm it but not enough to kill it but it had anticipated the attack and was already moving as they appeared and was baring down on them as they arrived. Glowing eyes and antlers rushed toward them, the smell of carrion heralding the creatures arrival. Jack and Tess were shimmering now though and as its jaws snickered wickedness into them Jack smiled: “Sorry, must dash!” he exclaimed ahead of his love as she completed her miracle extending her middle digit as time folded them once again into the never moments.

The two appeared at a run past Shadow Wolf who began their own sprint, allowing their powerful limbs to give them momentum as they entered a folding run. They had given themselves enough distance that they could bring enough power into the charge, not knowing quite what they were facing and were satisfied having now seen the size of the creature that they would be able to wound it. It was clearly a creature of the North, a nightmare that had once belonged to the Dralkosh and was warped by the followers of Mira. Regardless it was still turning as they hit it, full pelt, feeling parts of it break and hearing its scream as their jaws found purchase on its flesh. It retaliated, as they had expected that it would and they allowed themselves to be hurled to one side, landing lithely, all paws and grace. The beast moved to follow up its attack and they gave it their best wolfish grin in preparation of what was to happen next, which was, as it turned out, the unexpected.

Mohandis had moved with his accustomed grace, in his human form for speed and concealment, observing what was happening: Harrison was fine, the man was weathering the changes in him well and he seemed to have drawn strength from what he was becoming. Both Tess and Jack were a concern, they were willing folk, ready to help but Tess’ injuries were affecting them both, they were clearly weakened by their efforts and had collapsed into the snow after reaching safety. As he reached position and shifted into form of Bear, Shadow Wolf was landing gracefully, their job done and giving that grin that he had come to know as a strangely playful yet life threatening affair. He rose to stand behind the beast ready to deliver the knockout blows, it became aware of his presence and turned to face him.

In one movement the Nightmare swivelled clumsily to face Mohandis and then dropped into a position of grotesque subservience, a strange keening, akin to a child issued forth from it. Mohandis stood startled for a moment, this was not what had been expected and clearly he did not know how to react. Before anyone could react a creeping shadow rolled from the monster, not the shadows of the war, the shadow of a magic, an eldritch force that sough the form of Mohandis. The Bear stood then in that moment, immobile, all thoughts flooding from his mind as the keening filled him reaching out to something deep within him. To those that watched from distance his pelt seemed to become slick and dirty with some form of grease, a wickedness appeared about him and his aura could be seen burning darkly within him. Later Mohandis would say that he remembered nothing of this save for that sound, that song that it sang to him.

Anghast had been a reserve force, ready to back up the main combatants should they need his spear and shield but as Mohandis stood paralysed he realised that a different form of aid was needed. Calling on his god he cleared the snow between himself and the Bear and laid hands into the blackening fur. He felt the cursed power passing into himself as he took up the burden, it was not for him, this was not his lineage he could feel it screaming at his own as it tried to scramble its way back to the host that it wanted. He summoned his faith and large it was, overpowering the magic and holding it within him, he could sense that this was old and that it had been waiting for someone or something. Then he would be the trap within the trap and hold the power within him, take the burden and keep Mohandis pure. It began to burn, the battle within him and he sank to his knees but he would not let it go, he would never let it go.

Dirk stepped forward and rose up into the air stepping higher as though on a staircase that no-one else could see. Below him the brothers struggled with the power of the magic that forced itself to overcome them, it would kill the man and then consume the beast, that was inevitable. He could see Shadow Wolf standing now, preparing to try to take that power and hold it within themselves, Harrison rushing to the side of the Spears’ who were both staggering towards the scene intent on the suffering and not their own wounds. Dirk shook his head and spoke:

The Shadows danced and shook, the keening became a shuddering, screaming mess of sound that spoke of fear and terror. Dirk rose, his hands, writing appearing across his skin once more as the Living Oath spoke once more.


Those words, unreadable at such distance and with the tumult around them burned across the creature’s skin and instantly scurried away beneath the flesh seemingly locking away the whispering shadows. The Monster collapsed as though bound by the word, it echoed across the courtyard, hiding itself in the old stone, filling the hearts of his friends and nestling in the settlings of snow.

Dirk gently folded, high above the ground and began to fall, the light of Oaths spilling out from his open mouth, his eyes, his fingers. Unconsciousness had taken him and Harrison noted, tiny cracks had appeared across his skin from which the same light also emanated there. He was below Dirk as he fell, to an inevitable death, so high had he risen that there was no doubting the end result. Casting about for his companions only the Spears’ were close enough to act, Tess was already casting but she was weak and the action may damage her beyond any capacity to heal. Was there nothing he could do? He thought as Dirk plummeted and with that question raging in his mind his heart responded, that word, ENOUGH, still settled there.

He heard them answer, the Oaths that were his to command and kneeling he thrust his hands deep into the snow before him, reaching down into that freezing ice until he could feel the ground beneath him. There he felt his connection to the North and the people that had made their promise to it and he smiled at their strength and as Dirk fell he stood in one smooth movement, raising his hands, palms flat to the skies, allowing the Juramentums to be fulfilled.

The light that came from Harrison was a darker blue, cobalt and strong as though colour were a word or power all in itself, racing up from his hands to meet the power of Basinic Vows and in that moment marrying themselves to them. Dirks momentum slowed as the North carried him down to Harrison placing him gently on the floor before him in slumber, a sleep which Harrison joined him shortly after, falling into the welcoming snow as Tess and Jack stood over them, the light from her ring so strong now as though fuelling the magic that the sleepers had used. They were joined shortly after by Anghast and the Lycans. “What happened?” Asked Shadow Wolf. No-One had an answer……

Actions Available

Lets discuss

Investigate and Heal both people

Actual Challenge: 50
Reductions: Skills 38
Gambled: 50
Spent: 38
Running Total: 58
Tess’ brow was furrowed as the light of her Divinity shone on Harrison and Dirk, surrounding their
forms with the nurture of the temporal lady, the light of the Red Reality burned beneath her skin but
when her husband took her hand the band of their Oaths spoke it’s glare into the world more loudly.
That power seemed to quieten the crimson anger which heartened Jack and he turned to beckon the
others over. Mohandis was soon kneeling by them and looking to Tess who returned a steady gaze,
dancing her hands across the patina of focus magic mingling with Harrisons Aura. “I am holding their
energies in a state of near stasis,”
she told him calmly, less of the energy that she usually exuded

was with her; “whatever magic is within them is most definitely, suddenly a power come to life, I can
sense a lot happening here.”
She took a breath to explain:

“We know that Harrison is affected by the power of Oaths in the same way that Dirk has been, at
least, from these latest observations, that is what we are going with. What is here is very permanent
and by that I mean it is indelible: No eliminating it, no forgetting it and definitely no changing it. I can
tell you now that Harrison is not a vessel and I doubt Dirk is either. My guess? They are conduits,
vehicles for a power that is held by another and I doubt that they had any control over the actual
results of the power that they put out there. Harrison probably managed to call on it but its direction
came from somewhere and something else, that whole light show was a display of his chain being
She coughed and Jack frowned, dabbing blood from her lips, asking her if she was alright to

continue, she leaned up and kissed him, telling him that she was.
“Dirk is a little different, his power seems to be hapzard and flowing into him from, a myriad of
Her hand wandered to Jacks college insignia, pulling it up and forward. “That’s from these
though, the Guilds, I think, from what we witnessed on the Keep. These are the guildsfolks Oaths
that he is getting power from. The idea that someone is controlling those is more worrying though.
We have all heard the stories of the Sire Raven. I do not for one minute believe that Dirk is under the
control of any such being but it could end up that way. We’ve all seen it before…..”
She trailed off

and leaned back looking over at Anghast, her words little more than a whisper. “Follow the trail of
my power, I’ve sent it down as far as I can manage with the guidance of Wisdoms End but the rest is
down to you Anghast Gregorvich.”

Anghast drifted his own hands into the aura that Tess had created, strong with its Focus and
dedication to the heavens. He glanced at her for a moment as he took over her Miracle, feeling the
jarring of her vital energies, fading from the world as she drew on its powers but almost instantly it
grew strong as she fell back into the arms of her husband. Jacks absolute devotion to her was a
shared strength, greater than any burden and their Oaths were strong, his fate flowed to her to feed
her desire for this world. Frowning he turned his attention to the magics that she had left before
him, flowing his understanding and powers within Harrison, invading his presence and shivering at
the memory of the ease in which the beast had invaded Mohandis and how much hate had been
within it.
In Harrison though he sensed something more than human, something that was more than a soldier
of the Gillieabad, as Harrison was. He could feel the man, the doctor, the physician, the healer, he
could feel the Oaths that this flesh had sworn and how deeply ingrained and important they were to
him. Here was a Guildsman, here was a Chirurgeon of the Fleet: A raider, a fighter, a man of regret
and reluctance who had stepped forward to take up the role that had been put before him, not just
by the Oaths of the North but also by the Shadow War that was thrust upon him. He did not back
down and that had been noticed by something older and further away. Whatever was there was
waiting and Tess had been right, it was linked to him and had made that choice, to save Dirk, it was
acting through Harrison. Was it acting through all of them?
Dirk was a different affair, the turbulence of the man was palpable, his core was like and iron rod
protruding from the Soul and Spirit of his life, high, tall and proud. But the moments and emotions
that defined Dirk clung, like ribbons, to that core, fluttering in the hurricane of confusion that the
man felt in the process of undergoing the routine of his life. Conflict and questioning were strong in
him but these questions were the right questions, for the Oaths that he carried in him at least. The
WHY of his actions, the WHAT of the consequences of such, these were what drew the Oaths to him,
the refusal to blindly obey, the reasoning behind his deeds, that the Oath that he had taken, that he
had left behind was respected and not used for a purpose that dishonoured them. Something lurked
though, something that he could not see that capered, crowned, in a cloak of flowing rages in the
distant image of the minds that dwelled here. He turned to Jack and spoke to him of what he had
Jack Spears looked at Anghast his eyes narrowing as he spoke, he manoeuvred so that his left arm
remained supporting Tess but so that his hand could delve in a pocket from which he fished a slim
device that angered its way into his hand with the finesse of any college made artifice. He slashed it
through the air near Harrison and then Dirk several times, short sharp jerks, pausing only to stroke
his wife’s hair when she whimpered at the movements. After a few whispered words and a nod from
her he looked at the device, his eyes flicked back and forth, as though he were reading a some
engrossing novel, for several minutes before he returned his attention to Anghast: “Magics the
same, innit? Well on a basic level, what’s blue frosting on Dirks cake is green on Harrisons.”

moved himself, carefully, to a more comfortable position, keeping Tess safe.
“We’ll call it Oath Magic, if you like, or sworn power or the Vow! Don’t really matter. ‘S’like with all
Magic you get fluctuations and variations whether ‘s’Weave or the Source everything changes as you
move down the line. ‘Arry ‘ere, ‘E’s got himself a case of the Dawn of time Oath Magic and don’t ask
me what that is or what it can do, I only named it Oath Magic just now so as we ‘ad a name for it so
I’s can talk about it.”
Tess smiled and encouraged him to get on, so he did. “It’s old Anghast, but it
feels new and fresh to me, I can feel it and so I would imagine can Tess,”
she nodded, “through the
ring. Dirks there is younger, still old mind, but its younger by a long chalk and both of those powers
seem to come from the many but are destined for the one. I can’t really tell you much more than
that without disturbing Tess and I am just not willing to do that yet.”
He kissed her forehead and she

leaned back into him, closing her eyes in rest.
Mohandis watched the scene with interest, he had recovered himself somewhat but the recent
experience had left him shaken which meant that he was taking slightly more time and attention
with his people. They had broken into a swagger in the birthplace of humanity and they had almost
made mistakes on the keep and here and he had to ensure that this didn’t happen again. Tess and
Jack were unexpected comrades, not unwelcomed, unexpected and they were in bad shape. Dirk
and Harrison were possessed of some incredible power that overwhelmed them and Harrison was
the only one capable of keeping both Shadow Wolf and Dirk alive. The odds were starting to stack
against them now and they needed to be careful with the resources that they were gambling before
the final throw of the dice. It would, undoubtedly, require all of them to throw the hard six: Smiling
with this thought he placed his paws on Harrison and on Dirk and channelled Bear.
Bear and Mohandis plummeted down through the core of his friends, onwards, seeking the wounds
that had left them so weakened and in slumber and they found them. Everything that his
companions had said was true, they had been a centre of great power that had flowed through them
from some unknown source, a person or being of power for each casting their might and flexing
their strength through their bodies. It had torn and was broken in ways that he had not seen before
but it could still be repaired. Bear needed to help Harrison so lay down among the young man’s spirit
and let it merge with him. Bears strength ebbed quickly and Mohandis felt a strangeness as though
through healing Harrison he was healing many, many more, tens of thousands even. Perhaps not
physically but in the strength of spirit and that they were injured through the degradation of such
over time.
It hurt them both but that did not matter, they were forged in the North, they would stand the pain
and so they did and eventually Harrison awoke. The cost though was great, Mohandis could feel
Bear shrivelling within him, its spirit diminished and depleted by the giving of what had been asked
for. He remembered, then, the day that Bear had been lost to him and the dark places that he had
been led to and once again the fear touched him, but The Dragon banished it for Dirk too was caught
in eternal sleep. Pushing with the last of his strength he felt the same wounds in him and presented
the last of his power to heal him but he was healing many, many more, tens of thousands even. They
felt Bear and the weakening of his strength and they clambered up their wounds forgotten, they
were not that far gone that would allow a comrade to fall. Mohandis felt strength return to Bear and
as Dirk opened his eyes the Lycan burst upright, head to the sky and bellowed out his pride and
He had felt them all then, the Guildsfol of the Royal Basin and they had seen him. The had SEEN HIM:
Mohandis of the Dragon, far away and standing for them and they had remembered their words. A
distant soldier, fighting for their King, fighting for the land, fighting for the people and fighting for
them. Not on behalf of them but in their name and for their deeds. And they had ensured that he
would survive; he was, indeed, forged in the North but he had been tempered by the South and they
were his people.

Day Five

Greetings loved ones. So this is the last return of last week , setting you up for this week where I will
expect your return on Tues the 2nd


Dirk had loped off in pursuit of the Lycan that Generaled its way through the world as the leader of
the Basanic armies. Harrison was back on his feet and preparing himself for the excitement of
cleansing the power of the Oaths from his friends. The others meanwhile had turned their attention
to the beast that they had captured just a few hours before.

Hunting the Shadowed Wolf

A Story by Anthony Gunfield
Aged 22 and 1/4

“How the fuck does someone that big, leave no fucking prints!?” Jack bellowed at the biting winds.
Mohandis shrugged, a wry smile on his face, turning his thoughts to the Vorkisht within and the lost
sibling, blocking out the force of the wind and the shouts of the Archmage until he felt a tug, pulling
him to the North. “She’s this way, I think.” Mohandis directed, leading the hunt of Shadow Wolf.
Taking them back some distance down the road and off to the east to a circle of hillocks. “She’s
close, hiding, but close”

“Why can’t a giant shadow furred werewolf be spotted in a sea of white?…” Harrison pondered to
himself, going through his mind to see what would be useful. “I am going to see into the Astral and
look for her signature.”
Harrison adopted the meditative pose taught through the schooling of the

Talpheray and pushed his mind into the Astral. It was just as cold in here, his thought echoed out
into the grey distance, shivering to warm himself up. His mind panned the area till he caught sight of
a trail leading off towards the east. A tangled mess of many minds, thoughts and fractals. She needs
help, no person should normally be able to deal with the unsurmountable pressure of listening to
thousands of voices. She must be hurting. He closed his mind and opened once more in the icy
wastes in which he stood. He nodded toward mohandis in agreement. “She is somewhere over
He spoke with a healers touch of concern, pointing east.

Some 5, 10 minutes later Anghast and Tess had compiled their grace in a Krakylakian congregation to
seek the one so entrenched in fate and hidden amongst the Northern snow, their faith flowing out of
them and around the circle until an ever-running hourglass, wrapped in 2 braids of purple hair,
dangling off of the tail of a silver seahorse appeared in the sky. It eased itself like a meandering creek
through the frost touched air, sinking slowly until it sat over one hillock. As the priests fell to their
knees, the wind snapped behind Harrison and Jack as they leapt to the aid of their friends.
Dirk honed his sharp senses on the hillock, feeling the emanation of a long Fated Oath within. “Right,
Jaq, we know you’re here. We need you. We need you for us to carry on looking for Ondrask. You
gave an Oath, Shadow Wolf, your strength and your wisdom to help against the grimsvotn, we can’t
exactly do that with anyone hiding in the snow. Harrison’s up, so whatever’s going on can be fixed,
don’t let your fate unravel, that’s good for no-one”
Dirk pleaded to the unresponding snow, keeping

his eyes fixed for any sign of movement.
Mohandis sighed, concerned for his Lycan Oath-Sister. He could feel her Spirit, radiating from within.
“Sister, show yourself, if the debt within you is overwhelming you, let Harrison do his shit and get
you back to normal. This is not you Shadow Wolf, this is the shit that the Svetala did. You are
stronger than this.”
As Mohandis finished speaking, a shimmer under the hourglass, descended on

the hillock like fireflies. The Shadow Wolf became visible once more, eyes mad and darting.

Harrison and the Oath Wounds

Interact: 2
Was the ref lying? A little
Spend: 2
Running Total: 2
It had been a strange few hours for Harrison: He remembered clearly being a part of the attack on
the beast that they would soon be picking over but it passed quickly. His focus was very clearly on
the strange moments that had flickered back and forth through his mind as he lay in the moments of
unconsciousness that he had been led to by saving Dirks life. Fractured memories of the lives of
others were constantly plaguing him as he settled into the meditations that he had been taught to
bring forth the power. Whenever he felt he was in the mastery of the routine another would surface
and he would shiver or suffer some form of myoclonic twitch, breaking the intricacies of the calm
that he was under.
Each effort had come to feel like diving from a high rock into the dark and unending depths of the
sea; so much so that his mind’s eye took him there on each effort. Every dive took him deeper to the
point of meditative bliss but each time the feeling of strangers had pulled him back. On the last two
dives he had seen a radiant, golden light in the depths and on his last had managed to see a
woman’s face that almost drowned out the noises of other lives. This time he pushed hard to plumb
down ignoring everything else until he pulled up in that downward path the pressure of the
imagined water raging against his eardrums and the light of her face illuminating the ragged depths.
Her visage was huge, colossal, to such an extent that he could barely see the edges of her
countenance. Her skin was a deep gold and the eyes that offset it were of the same Cobalt that had
come from his hands earlier. Her full lips remained closed but he could hear the noise of her voice in
his mind as though from some ancient memory that he could barely recall. They were comforting,
loving and kind with a touch of regret that left tears at the corners of his eyes even though he could
not make outy the words in any true extent. Her face too seemed familiar somehow as though he
had always known it, almost as though it were a face that he had woken up with all of his life. As she
finished speaking he felt the vows of the juramentums that he carried swell up through him as
nothing before and the easing of his friends was his to make happen.
Afterwards he missed the sound of that wordless voice and the eyes of cobalt like nothing before in
his life and was glad of the purple tinge to his skin that she had left him.

What is the beast?

Actual Challenge: 10
Reductions: Skills 4
Gambled: 17
Spent: 4
Running Total: 6
Dirk sat back down on the make shift seat that he had made by packing down some snow from a
drift next to where Jack and Tess were sitting. He began to wash the blood from his hands in more
snow before reaching into his pocket for his note book, As he did so an envelope popped out of his
pocket with the book, Jack caught it and turned it over in his fingers. Dirk looked ruefully down at
the stub of his pencil, mumbling to himself as Tess took the envelope from her husbands fingers and
smiled. “Dirk?” She caught his attention and waved the envelope at him whilst she produced a pencil
from her pocket: “I’ll let you use this pencil for now if you let keep this envelope.” Dirk nodded and
reached for the pencil, she pulled it away playfully. “I want it back Dirk, I need to write a letter ok?”
He raised an eyebrow but agreed and took the pencil before making some notes.
Harrisons initial investigations led us to the somewhat concerning conclusion that the creature had
perished whilst we were dealing withour injuries. Although it soon became more apparent that this
was a side effect of the activation of the powers designed to deal with Mohandis. Those powers still
existed inside it and were a matter of later investigation which is detailed in a later report (to be
written and typed). However the pertinent facts of the investigation are listed here:
Subject – Dralkosh Tainted Beast
Examiners: Dirk Lionsgold, Mohandis, Shadow Wolf, Jack Spears, Tess Spears, Anghast Gregorvich
and Harrison Roth

  • Dissection of the creature revealed that this is the carcass of a number of beasts that were
    sewn together long ago.
  • These carcasses have amalgamated into one beast a long time ago, they are as yet
    unidentified but are beasts of the North, definitely a wolf and a bear but potentially three
    other beasts, one of which is aquatic.
  • There are two skeletal systems that are linked together, one being an extension of the first,
    core skeleton.
  • The first appears to be a constructed thing, as with the carcass, by a warlock which is made
    of the parts of many beasts
  • It is attached to the skeletal remains of a woman, whose skeleton is at the core of the
    creature and appears to have been bound there with magic.
  • Forensics reveals that she was killed by knife blade up and through the ribs and into the
  • She was then extremely carefully skinned and this skin attached to her.
  • The Mythspeakers believe that this was a very early warlock creation, perhaps one of the
    first and may have been a gift from the Countess to whoever created this abomination.
  • That assuming the creators were the rogue Svetala that served Meera would fit the timeline
    and the idea that they were corrupted by her if that is where we end up going.
  • Who the woman was is likely the subject of the next debate.

What is the beast?

Actual Challenge: 16
Reductions: Skills 12
Gambled: 17
Spent: 12
Running Total: 18
Dirk had sat down mainly because of the Spears’, Tess had helped with the initial investigation and it
had weakened her tremendously. She had been eager to try and press on but Jack had talked her out
of it and no amount of cajoling would allow his wife to investigate the magical Aura of the creature.
Tess was now scribbling away, some kind of note it looked like and he heard her ask Jack a quiet
question to which he replied: “No love, it’s not the end of the world, promise.” Shadow Wolf and
Mohandis had been on hand to supply the answers as majoratively they had flowed from the Wyld
corner of the world.
Subject – Dralkosh Tainted Beast
Examiners: Dirk Lionsgold, Mohandis, Shadow Wolf, Jack Spears, Tess Spears, Anghast Gregorvich
and Harrison Roth

  • Both the Shadow Wolf and Mohandis, with their strong ties to the Tao and the Spirit world
    took some short time to come to their conclusions regarding the magics that were involved.
  • They agreed that the magic had come directly from the possessing force of one of the three
    Sisters most likely Ondrask
  • That it had been bound to this form by ritual magics formed from a bound Gillieabad,
    potentially an early spire.
  • That ritual was designed to ensnare others that shared the power of that or any other
    parent Sister.
  • The hosts were in some way the sacrifices, potentially whomsoever made up the core
    Skeleton had been the semblance with some tiny spark of life left within them
  • That if they were incapacitated the ritual would terminate the last vestige of life within
  • That ritual was rooted here, below them in this building but also further ahead in the
    distant village.
  • It is the distant village that any stolen power wouldhave been shunted should the rite be

Day Six

Here is the next one, thanks for your patience and putting up with terrible mistakes etc. All things
being equal this return should be with you by Wednesday the 3rd of June which means that I would
like a return by the end of day Thurs the 4th if possible.


Far above the starch white canvas of the Frozen North a Raven circled, an impossibly high
stratosphere explorer, black against the exquisite beauty of the moon. Its craft mastered, the bird
rolled through the air, forever climbing and calling its joy out loud to the emptiness of the welkin
around it. As it reached the zenith of its climb the lunar glow seemed to ripple across the gloss of its
coal black plumage, tucking its silver away in the pockets of the neat coat of feathers. Satisfied with
its payment the corvus courier, tipped its beak and dived back toward the ground that dizzied itself
Dancing through the ponderous grey clouds that hunched themselves before him, Kalaklak (for so he
was styled) called to them, shivering in the dew across his wings, stolen to sit with the gift of argent
nestled at his breast. Piercing the last shreds of the grim gloom mist he spied the black form of the
lurker that had laired within the ancient ritual home. It looked pitiful now, in death, framed by the
ruby stain of vital fluids that had once fed its form. Even in death it was surrounded by its enemies
whose whispered discussions breezed their way up to him. As he observed the diorama the group
moved away to examine the way down into the horror below, Kalaklak screeched a warning but on
they moved as he dived on and on.

Actions Available

Scout an Area: Challenge X (ask first)

The story of the Beast

Actual Challenge: 10
Reductions: Skills 8
Gambled: 11
Spent: 8
Running Total: 8
The pregnant crunch of hesitant steps biting into the chaste snow heralded the arrival of Anghast
and Mohandis, again in his human form, at a low hillock of ice that clung to the deformed remains of
a stone building like skin, half shorn, from the flesh of some long dead beast. The two exchanged
glances for they had reached their destination, the lair of the beast, which had revealed itself to be
some abandoned and well concealed outbuilding of stone that most likely belonged to the main
affair that they intended to delve within in the coming hours. They were both, uncomfortably, aware
of the ragged marks of deplorable claws and withered tines of broken ice made as the beast had
forced its way through an opening much smaller than the bulk of the creature had any right to pass
through. The two Dragon members approached with spears levelled, their breath leaving trailing
questions in the air whilst their companions watched on.
Jack focussed his Aura and pulsed the core of his Sourcerous energy through his arms and the palms
of his hands, his skin began to blow with a dull light and warm to a temperature that he was just
comfortable with. He wrapped them around his shivering wife and looked up at the Shadow Wolf as
the two Northmen approached the entrance of the lair that they had discovered. Shadow Wolf had
been the one that had dragged the story of the beast from it, which had been something that would
stay with him, wandering with the memories of burning the Daemon Taint from a distant village and
the bile that crawled like a venom with no antidote in the dark places of his soul. They met his gaze,
knowing why he stared at them and returned it with no remorse in their heart yet no smile appeared
on their lips and when the stare was done they turned away as Anghast and Mohandis reached the
entrance way to the distant lair as though the Lycan had forgotten what they had done but Jack had
not forgotten.
“It could be possible, da.” That had been Anghast replying to Shadow Wolf when she had asked him
if he could call for the spirits of the dead beasts and bone; “With the help of Mohandis we could
summon the remnants of their soul and their spirit and question them.”
This had been enough for

Shadow Wolf to move forward with her plan and she had swept back and forth outlining the roles of
those present and what they would be doing. She had tried to press his Thessaly into action but that
was not a subject that Jack intended to budge on. “Do it yer fuckin’ self!” He had politely said when
asked. She was weaker than she had been when they arrived and he was on a mission to repair the
damage to her not further it. So they had sheltered whilst the others had put forward their plan.
Jack had watched as the two Dragons called out to the ruins of the body of the beast their mystical
energies flowing through and out of the General and then combining like lovers: Shadow Wolf had
theorised that their pairing as Dragon Members and the remnants of the factor of the Manifold that
she had once been would cause better bonding of magics. Jack was a long proponent of the
concepts of pairing magic through a being, that was a fundament of the order of Nov and spoke to
her briefly about the constitution process and what they could expect. That preparation paid off now
as the snaking whiplash of the ebullient power connected with the spirits of each of the beasts that
were trapped in that skin as well as with the skeletal remains of the young woman whose form had
made up its core.
As those magics had made contact with the soul or spirit of the beast within they had connected
with a physical impact so strong that the powder of snow around the body has hissed and gurgled
with a wicked sound; skin burning from flesh. Five forms had risen up with that sound, reluctantly
and to the extent that neither Mohandis nor Anghast looked comfortable with their forcing, almost
torturously, of the soul and spirit from within. Jack had moved his body between the spectacle and
his wife, she knew, could hear the wickedness that was occurring and squeezed his hand in thanks,
encouraging him to turn away from the scene, fearful of what he might remember or be reminded
of. He would not.
Unravelling from the magic that had bound them had come five beasts which rose up to tower over,
no thought Jack, not tower over: Dominate the scene. A bear of profound size and strength, yet even
the battle scars of ages could detract from its gossamer white pelt as it stood looming beside a
behemoth of a wolf which stood on all fours, rising to the waist of the bear, full of fury and rage.
Raging up from the centre on great wings an azure hawk screaming turmoil into the sky, the power
of its aileron rippling the air so strongly that Shadow Wolf had to steady herself. Two more then
stepped forward arriving with purpose: A stag, its head heavy with thick and ancient antlers, its skin
a deep golden colour walked calmly and with strength to stand among them. Huge it was, especially
when compared to the slender fox of russet and white of no great abnormality of size that, anxious,
came forward and sat central, the other beasts moved then with a manner of respect.
Shadow Wolf had asked questions then and probed at their stories with their power seeking
answers: Who were they? What were they? Where did they come from? Who was the woman?
Where was the soul or power of the woman? These questions came on and on as she tried to prise
the truth from them but they refused the answers in whatever language she asked the questions in.
There was resistance in all ways from the five beings to give any answers and with each passing
moment the two Lycho were weakened until they slumped forward, Harrison fulfilling his usual role
of medic. At that moment the Shadow Wolf had taken control of their magics, seizing the reigns of
power and maintaining the effects and whilst the progenitors of those castings were temporarily
incapacitated had let the manifold burn into the creatures.
She had since said that the manifold within her had reacted to the power of the creatures and the
magic of the two Northmen, that a power of the shadowed magic had been left behind for just this
purpose and no-one had any reason to disbelieve her. Jack had seen that look in the eye of people
who had been trained by the once head of the Colleges before, that there was a choice. He had seen
it in the shame of the face that he saw in the mirror each morning and felt it in the tears that his wife
kissed away on the blackest days. They had gained their answers as best they could and the beasts
had survived, drawn back into the form that they had inhabited in life. But. The magic that she
wielded had ripped into stories of these creatures and forcibly revealed the truth of them in a way
that had sickened him.
“They were people once, people of the North.” The Shadow Wolf’s story was a short one, the
brutality had not lasted long. “They would not say much due to the fact that they are wed. They
have given oaths to their loved ones and to the North but those wives had been taken from them.
Taken by the Svetala of the Dralkosh. They had agreed to this twisting and had been present at the
slaughter of a young woman nearby, where a great ritual took place. They did not know the nature
or point of this ritual. The slaughter had taken place nearby and the screams had lasted for three
days and five hours and a number of minutes. Her bones had been brought to the ritual at the
culmination and they had been transformed. They were filled with the Shadow and the murder and
tasked to consume the power of the lineage of Ondrask and place it within the Gevalsh.”

“The Gelvash”, she continued, “remained within a hidden place a quarter of a mile distant from
where they stood, hidden by the Ice and snow. It was guarded by a Haldsk (Hell Dask), a powerful
creature that was provided by a mysterious woman of great beauty. When the Gelvash was full then
the wives would be returned to them and their lives be their own again.”
There were a few moments

of awkwardness and some interplay of words. Jack had refused point blank to seek the place of the
Gelvash, Mohandis and Anghast had gone and the others instead investigated elsewhere.

Actions Available

Go inside: Interact 2 per person or 6 as a group

Examine the Cellar Door

Actual Challenge: 15
Reductions: Skills 12
Gambled: 15
Spent: 12
Running Total: 20
Dirk looked up sharply, his keen ears seemed to pick up the distant ‘caw caw’ of a crow or Raven,
turning he saw the Shadow Wolf also tipping their head skywards, both of their eyes catching sight
of a tiny, black bird shimmering its way down from the clouds. Jack knelt by the door and muttered
the words of the third power under the ninth Malefecarian seeking the power below. His eyes
illuminated in myriad, focussed colours seeing the changing alignment of Wyld to Weave and back
again. He raised a hand, index and middle digit raised, flexing them to move Harrison forward:
“There’s a bunch of markers like runes ‘n’ stuff all the way across this Door. I don’t do head magic
but I hear you do, so if you could be so good as to stretch your bonce muscles and see what’s down
there I’d be grateful.”

Dirk narrowed his eyes and as a small rune appeared burning on his cheek, the language of Ravens
broke in through the kitchen window of his mind and hid in the word pantry. It even locked the door
behind itself. “Get back from the door, get back,” quothe the Raven. “Shit!” shouted Dirk and before
he could complete his warning Jack had already reached out to Harrison, who was entering the third
phase of his meditation: “Sorry must dash,” he said as he grabbed the scruff of his shirt. The two
vanished but a moment before the area shattered under darkness and fire. Shadow Wolf and Dirk
were already some distance away, trusting that Jack knew what he was doing. He did: He and
Harrison appeared next to Tess Spears who allowed her husband to collapse gratefully into her.
“Running a bit low, love,” he said to her before turning his attention to Harrison. “Did you sense

Harrison nodded before removing his now crooked glasses, cleaning them and replacing them
straight and ordered again. “Yes. There was something down there: A malevolence, nothing greater
or less than we have encountered recently but it is purposeful and it knows that we are coming.
When I touched its mind I could hear three names, I am not saying that there weren’t more than
three because you teleported us to safety…”
He paused, remembering himself and spoke directly to

the recumbent Sourcerer: “Thank you for that.” Jack nodded and he continued, “Mohandis was one,
Anghast the next but the final one was mine, which threw me a little I must say.”
The three of them

wondered what that meant as they were joined by Shadow Wolf and Dirk who were watching a
small shape alight on a Balcony high up.
Note – The Cellar Door remains intact.

Examine the Balcony Door

Actual Challenge: 16
Reductions: Skills 12
Gambled: 19
Spent: 12
Running Total: 32
Shadow Wolf glared as the rest of her group levitated past her: Jack rose steadily through the centre
one arm around Tess’ waist, she standing lightly on his feet and watching their progress with
interest. Dirk and Harrison travelled together too although in slightly more awkward fashion glancing
occasionally at Jack who, smirking, had told them that he only had enough juice for one incantation
per two people. They alighted with grace at the top, on the balcony as Shadow Wolf had flung
herself into position to slide into place, once more she came face to face and eye to eye with the
Fleet Sourcerer. Neither moved as a thorough investigation of the door took place, Tess, Harrison
and Dirk returning a few minutes later:
“There’s nothing here, magically, not as far as we can see.” Harrison stated blandly to be followed by
Dirk’s quick and easy addendum: “No tracks, that I can see and no strange smells but a look shows
everything beyond is damaged, long tunnel down is all I can say.”
Tess took Jack’s hand and turned

him away from the Lycan before him and smiled down his anger. “It’s jammed, basically, the ice
stops it opening. I would suggest fire or heat to get rid of it.”
Jack smiled in return.

Actions Available

Talk to the Raven: Challenge 6
Unstick the Door: Challenge 10

  • I did today from a very Jack pov because I felt like it – I hope that is ok
  • I made a few choices with characters and I hope they are ok + you are all together for
    movement reasons

Day Seven

Greetings loved ones! As ever, after careful planning, a weekend of “stuff” meant that I couldn’t even get to the Saturday event. Many apologies but there we go! I will roll on with stuff today as I can but suffice to say that this is much harder to maintain then it was at the start of the lockdown!


Kalaklak had settled down as best he could and was observing the group with some interest: “What’s it doing?” Tess asked Dirk who was peering at intently: “What the Raven? Never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting!” He jerked suddenly as if from thought and turned to her and looked quizzical: “Prophet!” he said. Anghast turned to look at him. “Da?”

Actions Available

Scout an Area: Challenge X (ask first)

Harrison to Investigate Tess’ Wounds

Actual Challenge: 8
Reductions: Skills 6
Gambled: 14
Spent: 6
Running Total: 6
Harrison sat down beside Jack and Tess and shivered in the chill of the Northern air; his recent experiences had left him more tired than he would have liked and he was feeling the cold. Jack frowned at him a little and his wife nudged him: “I was doin’ it!” He exclaimed before unearthing some stones from the snow in front of him, he winked at Harrison and whispered some words to the stones who seemed to understand because they ordered themselves into one mass. A second or so later he whispered a few more words and the stone started to glow with the red of heat and fire. Jack tossed him the heating rock and beckoned him over to where his wife was sitting. “I was wondering when you might take the time to examine me.” She said, flashing him a smile and reaching up to take his hand she thanked him.

Twenty minutes into the examination of the wounds that the young woman had suffered and Harrison had realised that there was nothing that he could do to discern what had been done to her. He swore in frustration and moved to stand but as he did Tess’s hand reached out to take his arm once again. “Don’t worry Harrison, Thybleak would not have bought us here if there was not a good purpose to it.” This time at her touch, perhaps, he later reflected, based on his need, he felt a flare of power from the ring on her finger and shivering down in his bones he experienced a wavering power building up within.

Around his own ring finger a burning sensation gave way to a tattooed band splicing through his skin and with it knowledge flooded into his mind, his eyes glowing with the familiar cobalt light.

After his work was done the band had vanished but the knowledge had not: “These are bad wounds indeed, Tess’s Aura is completely compromised. Magically speaking she should never have existed, all her moments should have been stripped from her and a replacement made. Somehow her marriage to Jack and the vows that they spoke were unbreakable, that is to say that he is holding her here but he is sharing the wounds. When time starts flowing and fate moving then he will fall apart as quickly as she does.” Jack interrupted: “But we’ll be together in the nothingness? The Nevermore?” He asked. “Of course!” Harrison replied incredulously, “You will be nothing together.” The answer seemed to satisfy Jack who smiled and held his wife closer. Harrison continued: “They were caused by Archibald’s magic, at least it follows he same bloodline as Dazaks so it has to be really. I think that something else may be nearby seeking to feed on the matter here, an experience of another’s would suggest that they have encountered something very similar.”

He paused and frowned: “Look: Every time we are asking her to do something or even when Jack does something they are changing the world around them, altering fate and as far as the world is concerned they shouldn’t be in it. So they are causing ripples even though they were never thrown into the stream, it’s not good for either of them.” He cast an eye over both of them: “My best guess is that you will need something like a very powerful Gillieabad or similar to give you permission to exist here again. That’s my best guess, based on the magic that affects your forms and what might have happened before.” Harrison shrugged as the ring faded from his finger and the ideas and knowledge also skulled away.

Talk to Kalaklak

Actual Challenge: 6
Reductions: Skills 1
Gambled: 12
Spent: 1
Running Total: 7
Kalaklak regarded Mohandis through his left eye and then hoped back to gain a higher vantage point rotating his head to see if the right eye made the manbear look any less unusual. Mohandis stepped forward and crooned gently at the Raven:

“Whom are your family endeavours?” he asked. The Raven stared back at him and looked at Dirk
“What’s this geeza about then?” Kalaklak asked Dirk
“He wants to know what your name is?” Dirk asked more than replied as he struggled with Mohandis’ vernacular. Mohandis swung his gaze between Dirk and the Raven
“What did he say? I couldn’t make out the dialect.” Mohandis asked of Dirk who replied candidly:
“He has no idea what you’re saying Mohandis and frankly if I didn’t know what you were asking nor would I.” Mohandis turned to redouble his efforts.
“E’s not gunna ask me another soddin’ question is ‘E? Y’s’e look like a bear?”
“Recite your succession of incidents in narrative.” Mohandis queried the Raven who pecked his hand eliciting an offended “Ow!” From the Lycan.
“It would seem like he is, yes.” Dirk sighed. “And he’s a Lycan and he wants to know what your story is before you ask.”
The Raven hopped up on to Tess’ head as the next nearest low level perch, sat on the floor as she was and cawed some more.
“E’s not talkin’s proper! Y’s’e so posh? OO’s this Ooman I’m stood on? What’s going on wif you lot? What the fuck happened to that guys head?” The last was indicated at the remains of the distant and dead beast.
“What knowledge do you bare of this desolate place hidden away behind your placid brow?” Asked Mohandis before Dirk could interject.
“Strewth!” Quothe the Raven to Dirk
“What’s he saying?” Demanded Mohandis in the common tongue as The Shadow Wolf chuckled.
Dirk held up his hands and spoke to Mohandis.
“You’re talking in a ridiculous dialect! Who taught you Avian Beast Speech? Was it a Lionsgold? You sound posher than the Marquis! Let me sort this out.” He turned his attention to the Raven that shuffled itself about on Tess’ head: “The Lycan’s Avian is a bit rusty or he may have never used it before. You seem to have a bunch of questions well so do we, shall we take a minute and get our facts straight?”
The Raven cawed some more before answering: “Sure. But OO’s this human?”
“That’s my wife sweetheart, now ‘op off and sit on the bear before I singe your feathers and don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m sayin’ you tit!” said Jack in whatever version of common he spoke.
“Geeza!” said the Raven.

About twenty minutes later they had covered the ground that they needed to: The Raven was called Kalaklak and up until this morning it had been a normal Raven that was “just moochin’ about innit?” to which Jack had nodded in agreement as though that were an important part of one’s day. The Raven had then been possessed by “Wot is a massif and intrusif bugger wot needed a whole lot of us to have sentences”. “Sentience!” Tess had said which was followed by a collective “Gillieabad!” by everyone else. “Am I correcting a Raven’s Grammar?” Tess had asked. Everyone had looked at Jack and then the Raven and shrugged collectively, including Jack himself which seemed improbable. Kalaklak had gone on to say that the rest of the flock had “Fucked off back to chainy!” Although no-one knew what that meant, not even Jack although he pretended he did and that it was best not mentioned.

“So there I was see, in a big city in the Basin, pecking out some dead geeza’s eyes wot ‘ad been murdered down some back alley when I feels this, like, mysterious power.” It widened its eyes for effect but no-one noticed, Raven eyes aren’t that expressive. “Then, wif a pop I wos here in the ‘taters (cold said Jack) wif the rest of the flock and we’s suddenly knows a few fings causa the sentence (Sentience said Tess) and that we was gunna do somefin about the fings. First off we dun led you to these two but that was ‘cause some purple ‘ooman asked us too. Then we went and saw the red eyed thing in the woods wot we was supposed to warn you about and then there was comin’ ere to warn youse about the magic blow up door.” They waited with baited breath but the Raven had dozed off, Harrison poked it with a stick and it woke up suddenly and carried on as if nothing had happened.

“But, right, then the sentence (Sentience said Tess) just went away, like it had been yanked back to wherefer it camed from. All the other Ravens upped and died but me and I wos suddenly, you know, all clever n’stuff. No more caw, caw, bloody caw and I knew what I had to do.” They pressed him further before he Jacked off at a tangent and he didn’t disappoint. The red eyed thing in the woods was something that had come from Archibald, come a hunting and for some reason sought the Lycans of the woods. Mohandis had used his powers to see through the eyes of Ravens to understand what had been viewed. “Shit!” quothe the Raven when forced to remember. “Vorshenja!” said Mohandis when he saw the thing, which was more or less what Kalaklak had said but more expletive.

Double Pronged Attack

Actual Challenge: 22 (Given the plan)
Reductions: Skills 16
Gambled: 23
Spent: 16
Running Total: 23
“Bugger that!” Kalaklak had said when it was positioned to remain outside on its own to guard the rear. “I’ll go with the Posh Bear guy.” Mohandis had turned then with the Raven on his head and wandered down toward the cellar door with Anghast and Storm Wolf. As they descended down towards it, closing to the marks where the fire had scorched the ground. “’Ere! Where we going?” Kalaklak asked to which Mohandis replied: “We travel to the trapdoor where we will enter into the area below so as to catch our enemies in a pincer movement.” The Raven hopped about a bit before it answered. “Bollocks to that sunshine! That ‘ol place is trapped to the arse end of buggery! Didn’t you see the fiery death ball wot you’se almost got caught in?”

Stormwolf replied that they were confident that the trap would not have been replenished and Mohandis and Anghast indicated complied agreement. “Would you’se be so eager to get blown to bits and go down the ‘ol if you’se didn’t ‘ave the Posh Polar Prince over ‘ere wif you’se?” Shadow Wolf, of course, stated that she would not be at all keen to undertake such an action without Mohandis with them.

The Raven nodded at this and spoke clearly to her: “Well then, seeing as it will still ‘splode if you’se try and open the door and neither me nor Posh Paws ‘ere probably wanna get dun then you’se leave me no choice.” With that he turned into a massive Raven the size of a small house, picked up Mohandis in his beak and flew off back to the balcony. Storm Wolf shouted naughty words after Kalaklak but Anghast could see where this was going and trudged off back to the balcony for whatever the new plan would be.

By the time that they had returned Jack had melted the ice on the door and the group was waiting patiently for their return. Kalaklak was back to normal size and once more perched on Mohandis’ head his corvus head constantly swivelling and jerking as it peered into the strange ice tunnels that descended into the Earth below. Harrison smiled at Shadow Wolf as they returned, there was, he considered, a snit about them as they clambered back up onto the balcony. “The Raven brought back the bear,” he began and was about to elucidate further but thought better of it going for a mor straightforward statement instead: “Look we got the door open and they came back, Mohandis seemed fine with it and no-one wanted to argue with a Raven that can turn into…” He trailed off before beginning again, “well, a much bigger version of itself. So we waited for you to come back and basically here we are?” The Shadow Wolf shook her head and led their expedition below.

The Frozen tunnels spread out before them and through the majestic ice they could see chambers and rooms captured in the moment of years gone by. The ice was too thick and frosted to see anything but shapes beyond but impressions of furnished spaces were given of what lay beyond. The Ice corridor narrowed, thickening as though it was once a blockage but someone had forced their way through long ago, heading deeper down, a slim and slender crack, that even the largest of them could just fit through. As they did they saw the shapes of people on each side, trapped within, all fleeing from whatever had been below, hundreds of them, their lives stolen by the Frozen North. Then they saw, below them, as they crossed a large chamber below something monstrous deep below them, held as those that fled and still they descended onwards.

The last few steps bought them to the end of the crevice and to an opening that revealed an open and large chamber, free from ice and strange for the extreme isolation that it exuded: An ancient wooden chest was located, hovering slowly, above a ritual circle that glowed with an long faded power. The wood was sturdy but looked familiar, it could be Rhygahrean Wood or similar, the wood is deep black with a reddish hue to it, not of blood but something very familiar. Oathwood. There was but one exit from the chamber, directly opposite, towards the cellar door: A wider more ancient exit that had no door and was dominated by the light from a flickering fire somewhere within. Against that silent back drop of fire something large and ominous moved, withered yet alive, clawed and unseen: A shadow in the darkness.

Actions Available

Investigate the Frozen rooms: Challenge 12
Investigate the Frozen runners: Challenge 12
Investigate the Frozen Beast: Challenge 18
Enter the Chamber and…..: Suggest an action

The healing goes ahead as normal

Day Eight

Greetings loved ones! This week, again, has been fraught with impossible challenges so I am a little behind and I will not about at the weekend. I encourage you to take what you can from this return and have something ready for me on Monday. This will be a slightly shorter return than usual but I hope that it works ok for you.


With Jack standing resolutely by the great Bear towered above his wife, the blue fire of the North pouring from him. She did not flinch, not once, but smiled instead, serenely up at the being that might save their lives.

Actions Available

Scout an Area: Challenge X (ask first)

Mohandis to heal Tess’ Wounds

Actual Challenge: 50 but it is also the Frozen Beast
Reductions: Skills 40
Gambled: 40
Spent: 40
Running Total: 40
Thessaly had spoken to her husband in the time leading up to the ritual, whispering words to him and relieving old days as the preparation was done. Together they walked forward through the towering ice to the place that the others had chosen to handle the ritual. Joining hands they met with Mohandis, standing at the centre with Shadow Wolf North, of course, Dirk to the East, Anghast to the West and Harrison to the South. Mohandis beghan the rite of calling, seeking out the most powerful, most kind Gillieabad that he could, he howled his power to the Moon reaching out with blue fire of the North. The Moon who had shone down on the Drayal Vork, perhaps, for each of its iterations, all of its sacred days.

One by one the Spectres joined their power to Mohandis and the ritual began to open, each steeled themselves for whatever creatures might come to attack the Cardinal points of their ritual. The blue fire rolled up from Mohandis, the power burning with a fearsome hunger inside him. He could barely contain its need to be free, to give itself back to the land and to the people to whom it truly belonged.

He understood that it did not recognise the beings that were Tess and Jack Spears, that they had no place in this world so he called on Congal Claen, he called on the strength that they had shared together, the fire rising higher and higher. Under the light of that flame they saw the forms of their enemies illuminated in the blue light, shuffling shambling things in the Spirit world moving toward them, death the promise of their arrival. The time had come to defend the Rite and they were ready.

Shadow Wolf cast another of them down, their jaws deep in the ichor that filled the bodies of these creatures. There were many of them but they were flimsy, still capable of inflicting powerful wounds but Shadow Wolf was regenerating swiftly. Around the circle the battle was proceeding well although alarmingly: Anghast had slain many but understood that these numbers were endless and had chosen to preserve the resources of his life; his arms were outstretched and his mouth was open, the mist of the Kraken pouring from it. That barrier prevented the approach of the creatures confusing them or consuming them and consigning them to the burden of the Deep. His Faith burned deep in his chest, illuminating itself through his skin, denying the power of the beasts that came forward in number.

Dirk and Harrison were alarmed them as the watched: Both were swollen in size, fierce and brutal, Dirk covered in the markings that they had seen before and Harrison in the strange tattooed bands from the saving of Dirk a few hours ago. They fought with sublime skill and grace, better even than the Shadow Wolf themselves, there was no wasted energy, no misplaced blows and certainly no sign of any damage. Well, not damage that was being inflicted by the enemies they were fighting but by the power running through them, they had seen ity and experienced it themselves. This was like the power of the Gillieabad, like being possessed by them, being worn by them. Whatever this was they could not survive much longer. Shadow Wolf reeled slightly as Dirk unleashed a Spearsesque roll of fire that incenerated a number of them and shook their head at the sight of it.

Before they could make a move to aid the two Living Oaths however Mohandis completed the ritual and the fire truly ripped out of him burning up to the spiritual sky above, seeking out the nearest most powerful Gillieabad that might aid them. Through the ice above it flew until at some great height it split in twain and thundered back down to the ground that they stood upon circling them and burning the Ice below them. Swiftly the Ice heated, turning itself to the water that it had been untold years ago but the ritual power sustained them lowering them into the cavern below them where the great beast had been seen. As if in response to the fire from Mohandis a circle of blue light flared up below them within the ice, waiting for them.

In the final moments of the ritual they came to rest in the unseen chamber below, shedding light on what remained for them there. The fire had settled in the great opening of another arch and the monster that remained there had been revealed.

Exactly what is in this image is what you can see. Apologies for lack of descriptive work, I am all but out of time.

  • All are going string
  • Dirk and Harrison can talk and are feeling powerful (Try something and see if it works)
  • Suggest actions!

Day Nine

Greetings loved ones! Thank you for your patience: Life is, if anything, even more fraught this week
so from now on I am just going to play it by ear. I am taking Shadow’s work and just going at it as
best I can, it’s all a little go get ‘m I guess. Anyway!


With the strange vista looming before them the group re-orientated from their slow decent and
concentrated on the colossal being that rose before them coveting the arch way that marvelled
before them.

Actions Available

Scout an Area: Challenge X (ask first)

A Grand Adventure

We’ll call it 38 FP

The chamber was cold, a dewy sheen forming on the skin of those present and slowly crystallising
where it settled. A faint light emanated from the large portal in front of them, its reach only covering
just beyond where they were standing and gently illuminating the ice covered rock and the top of
the mirror….the fact it looked like a mirror incited a deep fear within herself, but she was aware that
was not her fear. Yet the surface showed them more than the chamber that they stood in, it seemed
to hold within it the shadows or after images of people that moved with a glacial stillness, almost
imperceptible to the eyes of a mortal but not to the sublime supernatural senses of the Lycans. The
“mirror” seemed to hold some view of the past or the present trapped beneath the seeming glass,
Anghast raised a hand and allowed the glow of his power to encompass the reflections, his eyes
ablaze with power:
“Whispered words, stolen, by those that speak them,” he said, quietly, his thick accent had the others
straining as they worked to hear him, “they call out to a sleeping being, they call out to a stolen
power, they seek a reunion of its strength.”
He shuddered as the power faded: “These things hidden
beyond the mirror but revealed by the Krakens grace,”
he said, continuing; “but I cannot tell when
these occurrences took place, there is certainly something temporal there, a shift.”
Harrison stepped

forward and spoke a word whose structure and sound was snatched away by some greedy power
before the mark of another band appeared with a ‘snap’ around his forearm. His power blazed out
from the recesses of his mind and he stood for a moment before speaking: “It is a moment of the past
that is trapped or projected into our future.”
He said, his deep voice resonant and booming, the

others looked at the power of the man and were cowed.
Shadow Wolf pricked her ears to listen for any indication of movement, her eyes scanning the
darkness, just in case all was quiet save a distant but audible rustle came from high above. Slowly
she raised her head to see the outlined form of something colossal; its long pallid fingers grasping
the top of the mirror, a dull ray of light eeking out from its cowled face. Unmoving. She moved
carefully to watch for any reaction from the creature, but it stayed perfectly still, frozen. The power
of a Gillieabad could be sensed here, she turned to Mohandis and saw that he too stood, transfixed,
gazing at it, the whites of his eyes showing. “You can see it?” She asked him and he replied. “Da, it is
there, is like a Gillieabad inside the creature, but it is very weak, I am not sure if it is dead or barely
alive. It is very old and all of its power is being held creating the mirror. I have no idea what the beast
that it sits within is but it is not from this world, I can sense its unnaturalness,”
Shadow Wolf nodded

her agreement, she had sensed it too, feeling the aggression of the world that it brought forward,
“but the ‘Gillieabad’ within is granting it permission to remain.” His eyes narrowed, beads of sweat
appearing at his brow: “The world rejects this creature strongly, it is an ongoing struggle to keep it
His eyes rolled back to normal and he turned his attentions back to his companions.

Satisfied it would not react, she moved quietly back to the group, purposefully towards the changed
forms of Harrison and Dirk. They stood, tall, defined and powerful. Their skin rippling with the magic
causing such a change and covered in markings. “Reminiscent of things seen before.” She thought to
herself. Indeed the familiarity with the Skagriagaard Warp Spasm was uncanny and she suddenly
came to a concerning idea, scanning her eyes over their physicality to check for damage that they
may not be feeling yet she closely examined the markings. The Skagriagaard usually favoured wodes
which would hold powers given to them by the power of the Blood Druids, which now would have
been taught, potentially, by the Mora Mari. Where they supposed to be, instead, these Oath Markers
that the Living Oaths now wore? Where the Gillieabad not supposed to possess the people of the
world and where the whinekky holes, so spoken of by Jack Spears, supposed to be filled with the
collective Oaths of the people? The one in many?
She looked over to mohandis and the cocky corvid, signalling for him to come over. He looks tired,
drained and a little whiter than usual. “Can you check them for a present or residual Spirit? This kind
of physical change is implicative of a Spirit possession, from what we have seen previously. Usually
resulting in a Warp Spasm but its not quite the same”
She scrunched her snout in thought, “The way
the markings lay also brings to mind such beings of the Sire Raven, following the pattern of her
thoughts regarding the Oaths: He had taken them from the guilds and used their powers, drawing on
the power of each Oathtaker perhaps…”
Mohandis watched as the hackles raised on her neck as she

voiced that thought. She looked back towards her Brother Bear, blatantly ignoring the sardonic stare
from the Raven and indicates she will shift to Shadow Wolf’s true form as that will be more
beneficial to the current situation.
Kalaklak cocked his head towards mohandis’ ear and caws softly, “’Ere, Posh Paws, whatsa Grumpy
Wolf natterin about? ‘Snot a Gumblebad is it?”
The Great Bear tilts his head towards the Raven, “She
is indicating that she will transform into the physicality which is truer to her natural Being.”

shakes his head. “I really av to teach you ow to speak propa, innit. Youse could just said she is
changing into a bigga grumpia wolf!”
Mohandis, stifling a hint of a smirk and turns his attention to

Dirk and Harrison. They exuded a palpable aura of strength, the smell and splatters of the shuffling
spirit creatures ichor very evident. “How do you feel? Do you know what caused this? Is it still within
Dirk looks at his arms and hands with astonishment. Harrison is much the same, examining the

bands of tattoo marks that have appeared across his skin. His eyes, the signature white, indicating
his vision is currently in the realm of the Astral. He looks up briefly and speaks with a voice tinted by
something that is not his.
They tried to explain as best they could, pointing to the power that they felt inside them, listening to
a hundred suggestions in their heads, a thousand, a hundred thousand but at the same time knowing
that they were in control, they were the ones that held the reins of that power. That they did not
know the true extent of what they could achieve until they wanted to achieve it, that when they
needed to bring death then fire and bloodshed would be theirs, that when they needed to repair the
bones of the injured then they would knit at their command. In Dirk there was a freshness and a
sorrow and in Harrison an inflexibility and…. a sorrow. Harrison, though, spoke of marks upon the
Astral self that was within him, a cracking and a blackness of his skin that showed with some
distinction as perhaps wounds, similar to that which the Oath Wounded bore upon themselves.
“I need to heal Dirk and Shadow Wolf.” The Bear shakes his head softly.
“Niet, only once we have ascertained that whatever has happened to you, is not damaging, da?”
Mohandis checks them over with the gifts of a Great White Bear, for any damage or strain to their
human form caused by transformation, scanning over the marks present on dirk. Shortly after
explaining that the presence of the power within them seemed to be properly contained but that the
bodies of those that changed were weakened each time they used the power at their disposal. “I
would imagine, and this based upon our experiences of the past, that there is a number of times that
one form may use the power at its disposal.”
As he paused so Dirk chimed in: “3? 5? 7? Or a 21
Mohandis looked at him, a sadness upon him.

“’E dunno duz ‘E sunshine? If ‘E did ‘E wouldn’t look so glum, innit? Bollocks to a beak you’ll be dead
next wot youse duz it! Maybe not you dress man!”
Said the Raven looking at Harrison last, “Cuz, like,
youse got your magics later then Birk over ear. No wots going to definitgely kills youse is mmph,
blmph gmph…”
Mohandis had stifled the Raven with a large paw before moving to check magically.

He slowed his breathing, allowing the frosty air to envelop his lungs, his shoulders dropping down,
becoming immobile. He closes his eyes and reaches out with his Spirit to connect with similar beings
nearby…. *peck peck peck* His face crumpled with frustration, suppressing a grumble and looks up
to the Raven on his shoulder.
“I woz jus pekkin’ you coz you grabbed me beak innit? Buuuuut I wouldn’t do that lookin’ at ‘em in
the spirit world cuz of how powerful they iz innit? Sum big ritual, wot I can see already like, an’ you
can’ty coz I farts better cheez then your bum can ever manage! S’not safe.”

Mohandis looked the Raven squarte in the eyes and it pecked him on the nose again. He had been
warned of danger by things a lot weirder than a talking Raven. Best give this one a miss.
Tess and Jack shift nervously in the gloom of the cavern with Anghast nearby, spear at the ready. Her
skin issuing forth a faint blue glow through the cracks previously caused by the Fate damage. Her
eyes locked upwards, taking in the enormity of the cavern. Jack, not taking his eyes off his wife,
shivers slightly and pulls her in a little closer.
“Brave Heart love, we’ve come through worse.” He completed this with a kiss and smiled at his wife.
Tess, nodded absent minded, still looking upward. She turned her gaze to her Jack and smiled
warmly at her husband, returning the kiss.
“I know we have, we’ll be fine”
Silently, behind them, Shadow Wolf emerges from the darkness and sits on their hind legs behind
Tess, Jack and Anghast, watching the scene in front. She sighs, startling the couple, Anghast spinning
his spear around to face them. Once realising it is Shadow Wolf he sighs with relief. Jack spins round
on the spot, pointing his finger at the colossal Ebon Wolf, a clear look of suppressed anger upon his
“Upset my wife again and we’ll be calling you ‘On fire, looking fucking stupid and deeply regretting
their actions’ Wolf”
Jack barked through gritted teeth at her. She cocked their head slightly as if

amused, causing a lock of purple fur to fall over their eye patch. Shadow Wolf looks toward Anghast
and communicates.
“Anghast, check over their souls for any change, links, connections. Also use the Dream Sight to view
their story. We will view the Flow and see what other magics are present.”
Anghast, bows his head

slightly, fingering the seahorse pendant around his neck. Approaching to a closer distance towards
Jack and Tess, he sets down his spear. “I am going to use my connection to the Kraken to check you
over. This ok, da?”
Tess gives a positive affirmation, looking towards Jack to make sure he does the

same. Once again he summoned the prayers of the ages, long whispered by the Seers and the
Reapers to summon the Kraken into his heart and opening his soul and his faith sent the weight of
his deities might forwards.
The first thing that he could feel was the Oath that surround the two of them, the vows that bound
them, he could hear those words echoing out from them and out into eternity. As his prayer reached
them the Juramentum that surrounded them became alive and raw, rising up to shield them
repulsing the power and driving it back toward Anghast. But then that power was rushing into his
prayer from his deity, the same power of the Juramentum, from his time and all times and from
everywhere. It was all magics and all things and all places and it new that they were safe, Anghast
trusted his God and he let the prayer go but he looked down on his companions with a new found
interest. The connections were strong here.