The Choice – Group Vision

Episode One

Day One

The first thing you notice about the chamber around you is the noise: For those of you who served on the Fleet during the war the klaxon sound is almost comforting but for others it is a audible weapon attacking every sense and destroying your coherency. The effect is enhanced by the angry red lights that whirl in their sconces along the wall indicating danger and an acrid smell, familiar again to some, that can only be engine oil as it vaporises in the air. Staggering to your feet you look around, first at each other: Mallory De Mandeville: Prime Minister, Honest John Cobb: Weaver, Tessica Spears: Priestess, NAV: Confused Pilot, Malak al’Moalej: Priest of Oethis and Mathius Larkwood: Staunch follower of Bethylak. Your eyes meet, each of you straining to focus as though all of you are hidden from each other behind some gossamer Veil. An eldritch keenness clings briefly to each of you alluding, perhaps, to whatever force pulled you here and as it fades it seems unlikely that you will soon forget its GOLDEN glow. With it gone the veil is lifted and you snap into the reality around you. This IS the Grey Keep, one of the main engine rooms if the sign above the door is anything to go by:

However the extensive patchwork of repairs would indicate that this is a time of war and that the keep has seen a great deal of battle and recently. Whenever you are they are short of supplies with pots and pans having clearly been melted down to be welded over damaged areas. As a group you take in your surroundings and realise that there is something more unusual than just the damage to the keep:

Whilst you are in an engine room for sure much of the area is dominated by a viscous, umbral mess of grey matter, clearly magical in origin, that forms a barrier against further mobilisation deeper into this chamber. This you decide to label as “Grim Matter” for ease of reference and turn your attention to more real matters.

A huge piece of Artifice dominates, clearly a piece of the direct engine manifold, regulating power flow perhaps and heavily damaged. The control panels are still dripping slag metal onto the floor pooling next to the figure of Dazak North.

The King is dressed in his Black and Gold Uniform but is slumped unceremoniously before the engine, dangerously close to the molten metals and the numerous fires that dance playfully across the engines facia. His hair is brittle, crumbling and his skin barely clings to the jagged outlines of cheek and jaw bones beneath. Even against the black a terrifying stain marking his side makes the cloth sag heavy depositing tiny drops into a growing mere of blood beneath him.

His right hand has found its way beneath his regal coat, perhaps it holds the wound that so clearly ails his side but from there, below the wool, a soft blue glow radiates. At the sound of your movement his head jerks, two empty sockets glare from blood stained face as if seeking you. He whispers words unheard before his head drops and you are unsure if he still breaths.

A battered bench containing tools, paperwork and a handful of spare overalls sits not far away supported by a number of charred and damaged books. A half drunk bottle of engine oil and a clipboard covered in unusual symbols catch your eyes.

The only way from this chamber that does not involve entering Grim Matter seems to be via a sealed blast door although the control panel has blown out and would probably need repair before they would open. The slumped form of a deck officer lies face down by the door, they have been badly burned and seem dead although that could be movement that you see.

Unusual Circumstance

  • You are dressed and carrying equipment but it doesn’t seem or feel real
  • Whilst you can draw swords and the like they are intangible to the world around you
  • Everything is blurred until you enter an area.


  • All Current Rules are in play
  • Remember that until an area is revealed you will not gain Actions for it.
  • If you have Fate Points to spend tomorrow you will need to reveal an area today!


 Action  Type  Fate Points
Examine the Grim Matter Interact  2
Magically examine your situation Threat 10
Aid the King Interact  2
Investigate the engines Interact  4
Go through the table Interact  2
Aid the deck officer Interact 2
Repair the door Threat Approximately 5
Go through the door alone Interact 3
Go through the door as a group Interact 4

Day One Outcomes

Magically Examine the Situation:

Tess and Mathias stand gathering themselves through prayer they reach out to the divine for guidance, insight on the magics that hold them here. The gods can be felt but but their intent is not present in the power that holds them here.

Honest John calls upon the story of the world, of his experience traversing the weave in past days of sobriety, again a great story can be felt, One of the fleet and it’s struggles, but again the narative flow of story did not bring them to this moment.

Feeling out with the powers of focus and weave, this is what you can fathom.

Around you the lines of Fate are in chaos: You can make out Fate lines that have been present for decades, centuries and all are in flux as if trying to regain purchase in the world to which they belong. Meanwhile Fate lines, equally as old but not at home here seek to fill the same space, some kind of battle takes place and Dazak is at the core of it. He is why you are here.

Fate Points allocated – 11.
Original Estimate For Fate points required – 9.

Fate points spent – 8.
Current Fate tally spent – 8.

Aid the King

Malak is the first to rush to the kings side, the other swiftly following behind. As you reach the King you realise that you are already too late, his death is rattling in his chest, his skin slides from his bones and his hair breaks, brittle like old leaves. His left hand grips your arm tightly and he speaks:

“It is the End, but the moment has been prepared for. The Keep must survive, the engines need to be repaired and you must get to the bridge. The co-ordinates…you must get us away from here. Take this:”
“Take my life, keep it safe. With this you can talk to the others and perhaps bring me back: You must find my other self. Trust Archibald.”

And then the King is gone. Ash and dust blows away on the gentle drafts coming from the engines leaving behind only am ancient blade, covered in blood.

Open Action Available:
Tell the system you are looting the Kings Sword: 0 Fate Points
Adds 2 Fate to any Combat Threat
Fate Points Spent – 2.
Current Fate Tally Spent – 10.

Aid the Deck Officer

As the group recoils from the shock of the king’s visage, and his haunting words, Honest John steps back, looking over at the Deck Officer in the corner, he beckons the group to join him as he moves to the man.
Rolling him over you discover that he is passing already and is beyond any position to help, he grasps your top pulling you close to his burnt face:
“Tell the King: I saw them, our own ships being torn apart and rebuilt into something different, the sky is on fire. The Red Keep……The Red Keep…….”

Fate Points Spent – 2
Current Tally Spent – 12.

Go through the Table

Nav walks to the table, there has to be something, anything, that would make sense in all this, clutching at the table she begins her frantic search.
A lot of work has taken place here and reports indicate that a lot of Shadow Damage is being repaired across the fleet. However the clipboard contains the following: (see Handout)

Open Action Available:
Translate the Code: Approximate Fate Points 8

Stepping back to show Tess and Mathias the clipboard, Nav enables Tess to look past her at the table itself. from under a pile of hastily written papers a familiar glint of artifice shines out at her. As Mathias takes the clipboard from Nav’s hand, Tess motions for her to help clear the papers, revealing a tool, that as survivors of the fleet both Tess and Mathias recognise. The Cog Wrench 420, designed and made exclusively during the war to aid in the construction of CEED’s.

Open Action Available:
Take CogWrench 420: 0 Fate Points
Adds 1 Fate point to an engineering action. 2/4 uses remaining
Fate Points Spent – 2
Current Tally spent – 14
14/17 fate point’s spent
3 Fate points carried over to tomorrow’s actions

Day Two


Mallory sits slumped next to the spot where the King once lay, watching as his contemporaries busied themselves around the small area available to them, as if to distract themselves from what they were just told by both the king and the Deck Officer, his gaze moving from one to the other before falling back to the Grim Matter opposite him, blocking entry into the rest of the room. Honest John slumped down next to him, staring absently across them room, lost in thought. With one last sweep of the room; the broken engine, the closed blast door, the sword by his feet, a strange cog shaped device upon the table, and the nod from Tess, Mallory motioned the others to rejoin him to discuss and try and collate what they had discovered thus far.

Unusual Circumstance

  • You are dressed and carrying equipment but it doesn’t seem or feel real
  • Whilst you can draw swords and the like they are intangible to the world around you
  • Everything is blurred until you enter an area.


  • All Current Rules are in play
  • Remember that until an area is revealed you will not gain Actions for it
  • If you have Fate Points to spend tomorrow you will need to reveal an area today!


 Action  Type  Fate Points
Examine the Grim Matter Interact  2
Look at the King’s sword Interact 0
Take the CogWrench 420 Interact  0
Translate the Clipboard Code Interact Approximately 8
Investigate the engines Interact  4
Repair the door Threat Approximately 5
Go through the door alone Interact 3
Go through the door as a group Interact 4

Day Two Outcomes

Examine the Grim Matter

Walking close to the ooze, you all cast you magics towards it, careful not to touch it yourselves, You feel your sights end where the ooze starts, but you can get a sense of what it is.
Whatever this matter is its magic is extremely powerful and covers all of the realms of magic. It is active and working and contains the magic of change and oblivion. Walking into this nightmare would mean the end of you for sure. Given that your own tools seem useless you would need to find something that would act as a container, take samples and get it to some kind of lab? For now though best to steer clear of this stuff.

Fate Points Spent – 2 Current Fate Point Tally – 2 

Open Action Available:
Take Grim Matter Safely: 200 Fate Points

Investigate the Engines

Mallory, Mathias, Nav and Tess gather around the engines, searching through the parts they have access to.
Tess’s hands were still shaking, though she had managed to translate the clipboard into something vaguely legible, she was now struggling to hold herself together, the grief of seeing Dazak turn to less than ash washing over her between bursts of adrenaline.
Nav could see her struggling, and silently motioned for aid from the two Eolf’s standing behind them watching. Honest John was still sat, staring at the ancient blade on the floor, and Malak was walking over to collect the Cog-thingy that both Tess and Mathias had been so nostalgic in seeing. With Mallory and Mathias, using their insight and revelations gandered from their realms, they help to guide Nav’s and Tess’s hands, which through their experiences was not only keeping pace, but also spotting parts and wires damaged or fused that the other two failed to divine.
The engine here is extremely badly damaged you could jury rig it with what you have here although it would take a lot of time and a lot of skill. However there is a reacquisition order for parts that would make this job remarkably easy which have been assembled in Hangar Bay Nine. They could be collected and this would make the job faster.

Fate Points allocated – 4.
Original Estimate For Fate points required – 12.
Fate points spent – 1.
Current Fate tally spent – 3.
Open Action Available:
Fix the Engines without parts: Approximately 60 Fate Points

Loot the King’s Sword

Honest John Scoops up the sword, carefully, well as carefully as he could, considering his current state, he rolled the blade in his hand, before sliding it into his belt. Looking up, he walked towards the door, letting out a slow rhythmic growl, which began to build at the back of his throat, weave rising through the shackles of his matted dreads.

– Adds 2 Fate to any Combat Threat Fate points spent – 0.
Current Fate tally spent – 3.

Take CogWrench 420

Malak looked at the strange device in his hands, it looked like a crude child’s toy to him, which was ironic considering the temporary glee that he had seen on the bethalakians faces when they had seen it. They had said it was important though, and he turned to bring it to them, as they were already beginning to dig themselves out of the engines, clearly finished in their pursuits.

– Adds 1 Fate point to an engineering action. 2/4 uses remaining.

Fate points spent – 0. 

Current Fate tally spent – 3.

Repair The Door

As the group reached the door to join Honest John, they found him growling out an angry melody, his coarse voice sending vibrating through it’s internal mechanisms, loosing jammed boltsand ceased up gears. Tess and Nav move in, his tune had made their work fair easier than they initially would have done, though looking at it the believe it wasn’t beyond their expertise. A fact that neither decided to share with John.
You swiftly repair the door allowing anyone that wishes to pass through the ability to do so.

Fate Points allocated – 11
Original Estimate For Fate points required – 5. 

Fate points spent – 1.

Current Fate tally spent – 4.

Send One Person Through the Door

With the door now unlocked, Mallory waves the group to the other side of the room. crouching, and murmuring an incantation, he slides through the shadow of the door, as he silently opens and closes it with a swiftness that sends a slight breeze to his compatriots. (if the group wishes to do any actions with Mallory in the next area, they will have to add the action to join him on the other side of the door at the top of tomorrows orders before then interacting with anything on that side of the door.) (Mallory, the description of what you find will come in with tomorrows possible actions)

Fate points spent – 3. 

Current Fate tally spent – 6.

6/20 Fate Points Spent.
14 Fate Points Carry Over To Tomorrows Tally.

Day Three


The Group stand staring at the now closed door Mallory slipped through, nothing but silence returns. They wait, longer than many would like, until finally a slip of paper slides back through under the door, Mallory’s signature at it’s top. Looking down at it, they read the description of the corridor ahead, and the warnings of quiet discretion.

Mallory slips through the door, not a single sound can be heard as he does so, any that might have been easily drowned out by the sound of the keep’s klaxons. Leaving the Engine Room you step into a large and largely deserted corridor, battle damaged and broken. Grim Matter dominates some areas but there are two clear exits through already open doors:

Through this doorway you can see a large open area the borders of which are surrounded by Grim Matter. Archibald examines the Grim Matter, tutting and fussing away across the bay from you, not far from him is a crate labelled as spare parts. Across the bay from Archibald is something that stirs a fear in you: A beleaguered Dirigible Captain sits in front of her ship, two armed guards protecting the boarding ramp but the ship!

The cargo bay entrance is strongly Basanic, something that you are used to but beyond that another shape of vessel is married, physically, to it replacing the smooth lines of the once proud Merchant Man. A violent warship has replaced the majority of the trading vessel the name Storm Scourge burned into the hull. Chains and blood are the heavy motive of its design and it speaks to you of blood and death. The entrance to the ship is open but guarded.

It is obvious that those within remain where they are due to the presence of Shadows who seem trapped directly in a circle of power in the doorway. They would have to be defeated to pass unless you can find some other way to pass them.

The door to the Infirmary is open and within you can see a small ward operated by a strange man in a long white apron and green cloak. A few bees lazily roam around his head whilst he works on a soldier, clearly the victim of a recent shadow attack. He is not alone in the infirmary with the other bed being the home of an injured engineer. He is not what you would expect, his uniform looks different, more ordered than the slightly ramshackle look of the keep.

The infirmary is awash with supplies and other equipment that seems to have been gathered from all corners of the world. You can see medical supplies, an unusual mace and a jar of bees hovering about. At the far end of the chamber a door is angled into the wall closed at this time.

Quietly, you scrawl the description onto a scrap of paper you spy wafting down the corridor, slipping back to you comrades on the other side of the door, you believe you’ll need them before moving further forward through the corridor and the rooms.

Unusual Circumstance

  • You are dressed and carrying equipment but it doesn’t seem or feel real
  • Whilst you can draw swords and the like they are intangible to the world around you
  • Everything is blurred until you enter an area.


  • All Current Rules are in play
  • Remember that until an area is revealed you will not gain Actions for it
  • If you have Fate Points to spend tomorrow you will need to reveal an area today!


 Action  Type  Fate Points
Fight the Shadows Threat Approximately 12
Magically pass the shadows Threat Approximately 10
Go through a Door Alone Interact 3
Go through a Door as a Group Interact 4
Talk to Archibald Interact 2
Fight Archibald Threat Approximately 100
Talk to the Captain Interact 2
Attempt to pass the guards Threat Approximately 8
Check out the crate Interact 2
Just take the crate Interact 2
Talk to Dr Bees Interact 2
Help the soldier Interact 2
Examine the supplies Interact 2
Examine the engineer Interact 2
Talk to the engineer Interact 2
Open the door out of the infirmary Interact 2
Take Grim Matter safely Interact Approximately 200

Actions in the Engine Room

Action Type Fate Points
Repair Engine Interact Approximately 60
Take Grim Matter Safely Interact 200


King’s Sword: Adds 2 Fate to any Combat Threat CogWrench 420: Adds 1 Fate point to an engineering action. 2/4 uses remaining

Day Three Outcomes


Opening up the door cautiously, the group spill out into the hallway to join Mallory, looking round to confirm the Analysis Mallory had previous provided on the area. Stepping out of his incantation, Mallory quietly waves the others over, pointing towards the infirmary. Slipping down the corridor away from the shadows, they move towards the infirmary’s welcoming glow.

Ducking through the doorway of the infirmary you sway to avoid some inquisitive bees and nod at the Doctor who goads a cucumber curiously. “uuuhhhrrrr Squints the frog” he replies to your initial “hellos” before returning to his work. He is tending to a man in a Blood Crimson uniform, almost identical to that worn by Mrs Tessica Squeers during the fleet days save for colour and the strange pyramidical insignia, again blood red although this time on a black background. He seems like an engineer.

The soldier is clearly drugged and only seems vaguely with it now that you have approached and you can see something moving beneath his skin. “Sqirtas Viggzzjsa” he seems to say. “Norks a Rama” replies Dr Bees. It seems surreal.

Fate points spent – 4.
Current Fate tally spent – 4

Talk to Dr. Bees

Dr Bees eyes you like a furtive gopher eyes a fart and raises his glove puppetted hand, it smiles at you obscenely. You make some inquiries about various subjects until Bees focuses on you slightly more and begins to speak:

“Oh this man? He’s the chief poker player to the Crab Lord of Hootenanny winkle men. However! He keeps saying that he is an Engineer serving the Great Saviour aboard the Storm Scourge. My endeavours to understand his wounds have been largely unsuccessful because I can see nothing medically wrong with him. The ship he came in on, I understand, was one of ours but had been changed by pottage or perhaps magic. They tell me the engine had been replaced with a sacrificial altar and that this man had to be dragged away from the slaves on board.

“I mean do not get me wrong he tastes a little unusual, he is definitely human but he doesn’t taste finished. Like he doesn’t belong here. Also that fellow over there. Beaten up by Goal Keepers. I have sedated the poker player a little but he seems to be infused with moose spoons and a collection of gibbering tycoons. I’d be careful there are more goalkeepers out there so if you need patching up come and find me and I’ll help. Also SUPPLIES.”

Open Action Available:
Get 1 Permanent Fate Point Restored by Dr Bees: 2 Fate Points
Open Action Available if Honest John talks on his own:
Get 1 dose of Rubbing alcohol – Free Action
If drunk becomes a suitable container for Grim Matter
If Drunk Honest John adds 6 Fate Points to the pool for that day but removes 3 on the following day.

Fate points spent – 2.
Current Fate tally spent – 6.

Help the Soldier

The man looks up at Malak as he approaches, the others still trying to decipher the words of Dr Bees, His pupils have dilated, but around the edges of the milky black of his iris, a crimson red greets you gaze. Running your fingers round the back of his head, through his sweat drenched hair, you can feel the expert stitching of the doctor, you’ve seen this damage before, likely struck whilst falling from other wounds. Chanting your prayers to Yarriane you permeate her soothing miracle into his body, watching as his muscles relax, and a satisfied sigh slips from his mouth.
Before falling into a drug riddled sleep, he pulls an amulet. Struggling to raise it aloft to you hands, he manages to push it into your chest. Catching the amulet, you gently lower his arm with your free hand, before then inspecting the amulet he passed you.
You can feel the power of the Dawn from it, a shield shaped into it’s centre, Three key’s encircling it.

Open action available:
Take the Amulet of Dawn 0 Fate Points
Adds 2 Fate Points to any Threat Magical in nature 3/3 uses.
Fate points spent – 2.
Current Fate tally spent – 8.

Examine the Supplies

Moving to towards the crates, Dr Bee’s indicated, you begin to poor through them. Searching through them, you find an appropriately large amount of bandages. Taking only the amount you believe the infirmary can spare, several bee’s swarm above you, but with a slight whistle from the Doctor, they disperse again.

Open Action available:
Collect Laudanum soaked Bandages 0 Fate Points
restores 1 Personal Fate Point 2/2
Fate points spent – 2.
Current Fate tally spent – 10.

Examine Engineer

Mallory is the first to approach the engineer, the others still searching the crates. The engineer seems unwounded and wears a bright crimson uniform, crisp and well starched. His beard is neatly trimmed and at your approach he attempts to salute although not in a way that you are familiar with. You think the words “praise the saviour” spill from his lips and you take note of the red pyramid that glares at you like an eye from his breast, even as an emblem it feels sinister. As you study him, you quickly notice his discomfort at your quizzical eye, it would seem he is trying to hide something within his uniform, a note, or letter maybe, throwing your eyes up, you make clear motions to sell him on your interest in his emblem. An attempt, successful you suspect, to convince

him you didn’t notice his own subterfuge. Judging what you can see, you reckon that he is merely acting high on the doctor’s drugs, hard to tell though, impressive.

Open Action Available:
Take the Concealed note: Threat at approximately 4 Fate Points

As the others move over and preform their sights, clearly alarming the man, you all take a step back out of ear shot to discuss, a veteran guildsman’s tac.
“Fuckin’ ‘ell,” whispered Honest John, sweat sliding down his face, “he’s in two places at once, not just ‘is story but-”
“Everything about him,” Mathias chimed in, “His fate line is struggling to survive in this world, his fate’s trying to fit here, but someone else’s fate is here, he’s trying to replace it, but their alive so it isn’t working properly.”
Tess nods, she is pale, struggling to stand, “I pushed further, to try and follow that other person’s location. They’re in the same place, physically I mean, but else where as well. I didn’t understand, I still don’t.”
“I don’t either, but I tried the whole pushing further thingy too, don’t kno’ his eye colour, but managed to see through ’em anyways. All I saw is that fucking Archmagus, Kincaid…”

Open Action Available:
Attempt to see more: Approximately Threat: 10 Fate Points

Fate points spent – 2.
Current Fate tally spent – 12.

Talk to the Engineer

Stepping back towards the man, you try to speak to him, the engineer shies away from you at every question, their eyes glare at you seemingly trying to burn your own from head. You shudder at the thought of the dying Dazak.
“Arno Rill, Service Number 8347r1-89421736, For the Saviour.”
It seems clear to you, this man is unwilling to say more, and he will most definitely not aid you.

Fate points spent – 2.
Current Fate tally spent – 14.

Fight Shadows

Moving away from the Engineer, pulling away a pissed off Honest John, mid rant at the “sheer fuckin’ arrogance” of the man, you move towards the shadows. Mallory is first through the boundary of the circle, followed closely behind by Nav and Honest John, holding the King’s Sword high. The battle itself was disjointed, the combat wasn’t fluid, you catch images of your blades slicing across the shadows forms, bricks flying towards their forms, Mallorys orders ringing out in your heads. The Blade though, that centred through the battle, as did the wait of the items you have picked up since arriving here. The shadows fell, and those of you whom have battled shadows in the past, feel the same exhilarating rush as you had before. as Malak busied himself amongst the injured, Honest John looks at the blade in his hand, through out, it felt like it guided his hand, the control and skill it’s own, and not his.

Fate Points allocated – 12, +2 Kings sword.
Original Estimate For Fate points required – 18.
Fate points spent – 10
Current Fate tally spent – 24.

Talk with Archibald

Moving through the now clear doorway, you enter the hanger bay, and make your way to the Captain sitting on the floor. it’s takes a good couple glances your way to notice you, but notice you he does, and Archie rushes over to intercept, his face beaming. Clasping Tess’s hand into an enthusiastic hand shake, he looks at all of you. “Fascinating stuff!” he gestured to the Grim Matter, he had just been studying.
“I have no idea how you managed to carry it here, what with it’s volatile nature when touched, but you must thing this is awfully funny and clever.” He looks at Tess, as he then grips Nav’s hand in another overbearing shake, “Tessica! it’s been far too long far too long, how are you holding up, You!” Now turning to Nav, “you, I don’t know you, but it’s a pleasure I must say, what is it you do?” He stops shaking her hand, “No, no this situation, you didn’t cause it, did you?” his attention shifts again to Mathias and Mallory, crossing his arms to grip both of their hands in yet another set of greetings, “You’re in the middle of this though, part of it? separate?” Letting go, he then looks to Honest John, “Oh John, it is always good to see you standing up right, but none of you are from now, or at least you are now, i’m unsure. This would be the past for you?” He looks to Malak for acknowledgement. Again pulling him into a handshake before he could reply. Looking almost past all of you, you see an eyebrow raise.
“That’s, that Daza-, life, or fate. That Can’t be good.” He looks at you and glances back at the Grim Matter behind him. “This must be a fated moment then. Maybe?” He looks back at you, “Well i’m sure you have questions, so do I! John, i’m sure you’re thinking this, but you arn’t asleep in a gutter, and this is not inside the weave, it’s here, it’s present, but it’s not…”
“This is a point of fate, for the big man, fated to happen for him, and it’s changing to another’s.” Right! with a clap of his hand’s he looks at you all in the eye. “I can’t make head’s and tails of this, not yet. I’m coming with you, i’m certain I should, and this is certainly an adventure, always wanted to go on one of those.” He steps in behind you, and points to the captain over by the ramp to the Dirigible.
“I believe you were going, no, We are going to speak to this poor women.”
Confused, but always happy to listen to Archie, you move forward together to the captain.

Archie Joins Your Group! – Archie will be available sporadically through out your days RP to answer questions and interact with you free of fate points.
New action available:
Archie can carry out two of the following tasks each day for a cost of 3 Fate Points
Examines mundane or magical that cost no higher than 2 Fate Points
Collection of items no higher than 2 Fate Points

Fate points spent – 2
Current Fate tally spent – 26.

Talk To Captain

To say that the Captain is exhausted would be an understatement. You can see the wear on her, the woman is the very picture of fatigue. That feeling, too, is something that most of you remember – and NAV has seen it plenty of times aboard ship. This is what a person who has been keeping their ship afloat with everything they have looks like.

She runs her fingers through matted hair as you approach, and she forces herself up to her feet, offers her best approximation of a salute. “Guildsfolk.” She says, with a respectful nod, “I’ve been wondering how long it’d be afore you got here. Weirdest damned thing I’ve ever seen, and these days, we’ve all seen more’n our fair share of that.”
She smiles, though it is a weak thing, and gestures to the half-horror dirigible behind her. “This’ the Storm Scourge, she’s my vessel an’ one I know every inch of. Or did. We were coming back from a scouting run and next thing I know I’m plummeting out of the skies. Had to give it everything I had just to make it back to the Keep, and Gods only know how I managed that.”
She sighs, and shakes her head, “Half the ship is… wrong. There’s stuff in there that’ll haunt me ‘til the day I die. Swear to the Gods, if you can figure out how to undo what’s been done I’ll owe you drinks for the rest of your life.”
“Oh and to answer you question,” She says while a sigh, “Name’s Capt Yana Foredeck.” “If you can really call me captain, not much of my ship left really.”

Fate points spent – 2
Current Fate tally spent – 28.

Check Crate

Examining the crate, Tess and Nav indeed find the parts that were order for the engines, the crate is slightly cumbersome, but they believe one person could carry it without issue.

Open action available:
Pick up crate of engine parts 0 Fate Points
Players can put down or pick up the Crate as many times as they like during their day order at the cost of 1 Fate Point.
Whilst the crate is being carried, that player cannot contribute skills to a task during the day. (fate points are not affect by this)
Crate add’s 40 Fate Points to an engineering action, 1/ever!
Fate points spent – 2
Current Fate tally spent – 30.

30/31 Fate Points Spent.
1 Fate Points Carry Over To Tomorrows Tally.

Day Four


Standing next to Captain Yana, the group look around the hangerbay on more, spying another entrance nearer to the dirigible than the one they had travelled through, within is a short corridor, a metal track run through, and several empty trolley beds sit next to the entrance to the corridor, a small sign hangs above it’s door arch, labelled infirmary, with an arrow pointing in, and you can see the closed door at the corridor end, it’s panels matching the panels of the closed infirmary door at the back of the infirmary you had seen earlier on.
The guards to the dirigible step aside, allowing entry should you choose, and Archier bumbles about behind you excitedly, occasionally vanishing and repairing. The crate of engine supplies sit next to the group. Where to next? Tess wonders.

Unusual Circumstance

  • You are dressed and carrying equipment but it doesn’t seem or feel real
  • Whilst you can draw swords and the like they are intangible to the world around you
  • Everything is blurred until you enter an area.


  • All Current Rules are in play
  • Remember that until an area is revealed you will not gain Actions for it.
  • If you have Fate Points to spend tomorrow you will need to reveal an area today!


 Action  Type  Fate Points
Take Amulet of Dawn (Soldier) Interact 0
Collect Laudinum soaked bandages Interact 0
Go through a Door Alone Interact 3
Go through a Door as a Group Interact 4
Take the concealed note (engineer) Threat Approximately 4
Attempt to see more (engineer) Threat Approximately 100
Fight Archibald Threat Approximately 100
Fight the Captain Threat Approximately 5
Attempt to pass the guards as a group Interact 4
Attempt to pass the guards alone Interact 3
Put down engine parts Interact 1
Talk to Dr Bees Interact 2
Get 1 permanent Fate Point restored (Dr Bees) Interact 2
Get 1 dose of Rubbing Alcohol – Honest John only (Dr Bees) Interact 0
Archie carries out 2 interacts (examines or collects with FP no higher than 2 each) Interact 3
Open the door out of the infirmary Interact 2
Take Grim Matter safely Interact Approximately 200


  • King’s Sword: Adds 2 Fate to any Combat Threat
  • CogWrench 420: Adds 1 Fate point to an engineering action. 2/4 uses remaining

Day Four Outcomes

Grab Laudanum Soaked Bandages

Trying to Thank Dr Bee’s, who seems far more interested in a twin-headed snake emerging from a cadaver, Mathias collects the Bandages from the medical supplies, stowing it in a satchel, moving carefully to avoid the jar of bee’s which drift past him with an unnatural speed.

Item gained!
Laudanum Soaked Bandages
restores 1 Personal Fate Point 2/2, 1 FP to use.
Fate points spent – 0. Current Fate tally spent – 0.

Receive the Amulet

Malak collects the amulet from the soldier weighing it in his hand: With it’s shield of yarriane, the symbology of Naed and the exclusion of Tiberious’s gauntlet he believes it is most likely used in self defence. He offers a word of thanks to the unconscious soldier, and moves to rejoin the group.

Item gained!
Amulet of Dawn
adds 2 Fate Points to any Threat Magical in nature 3/3 uses.
Fate points spent – 0.
Current Fate tally spent – 0.

Frisk Engineer

Mallory moves quickly to pin the engineer down, who snaps alert whilst Tess attempts to pull the note from out of his uniform. He stops, suddenly, falling to his knees.
“Saviour, I did not know they were working for you!” He Blurts, not taking his eyes off the floor, “This place is wrong, it is not your keep, but you must know this, please, I would not hide this note from you, I had planned to bring the traitor’s writings to you or your Lady at the earliest chance.” He holds the note aloft to you all, and as you collect it form him he moves to a standing position and salutes.
“I shall wait here my Saviour, until you deem me worthy of your attention.” True to his word he remains to attention, a single bead of sweat sliding down his face.

Item Gained!
Coded Note (see handout)

Open action available:
Translate Coded Note, Approximately 8 FP

Fate Points allocated – 4.
Original Estimate For Fate points required – 5.
Fate points spent – 1

Current Fate tally spent – 1.

Attempt to see more (engineer)

Confused by the actions of the engineer, Mallory and Honest John move in close to see if they can divine more, and gain a glimpse of Kincaid. Focusing in and aided with Mallory’s guidance, Honest John looks past the fog of fate, and a strange sight unfolds infront of him. He now sees Philip staring at him, several guildsmen standing behind him; Kincaid, Ingies, Silvana and Thaddius.
They are standing in what looks like the keep’s Hanger Bay, but there are slaves and a Dirigible labelled the Storm Surge is docked close to the group. An oblivion mage stands surveying the scene, and several of your comrades are talking to Dazak, clothed in a long plain Black Coat.

Fate Points allocated – 10
Original Estimate For Fate points required – 12.
Fate points spent – 8
Current Fate tally spent – 9.

Honest John Gets Some Rubbing Alcohol

Confused and very much too sober for all this, John stumbles over to the Doctor, after a few whispers; which Mallory couldn’t understand, clearly it wasn’t in common, Honest John returns with a bottle of Rbbing Alcohol, a pleased expression on his face.

Item Gained!
Rubbing Alcohol 0 Fate Points to use
If Drunk Honest John adds 6 Fate Points to the pool for that day but removes 3 on the following day.

Fate points spent – 0
Current Fate tally spent – 9.

Grab Crate of engineering parts

With a heavy sigh, Nav hoists the crate onto her left hand shoulder and grinning to herself motions to the group to follow her as she heads to the engine room.

Crate of engineering parts
adds 40 Fate Points to an engineering action, 1/ever!
Fate points spent – 0 Current Fate tally spent – 9.

Go through door

Swinging the door open for Nav and the others, Tess looks back to the horrific sight of the Storm Scourge in the distance. As Archie finally enters, she too steps in, letting the door slam shut behind her.

Fate points spent – 4
Current Fate tally spent – 13.

13/18 Fate Points Spent

5 Fate Points carry over to tomorrow.


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Ymuq bccmqsr ebqb wfjj rjmw Efr nqmdqbrr olh nbqeonr auy ur blmude sfkb sm nus Sbqkflur flsm bccbts.

1– Seb Jors Jfaqoqy – HCI / IBJ / FAD
2– Tmlsoflkbls Oqbo AFa – AIH / DCI / HBJ 3 – Oqkfld Rsosfml AI – CII / IIB / AJJ
4– Vbjmtfsy Rotqfcftb Ojsoqr – IIA / JJA / CCI
5– Sqogbtsmqy Rotqfcftb Ojsoqr – IIB / JJB / CCH 6 – Nmwbq Rmuqtb Ojneo – AFB / BBA / IAD

Dmmh juti.

Wb qbkbkabq seb nqmkfrbr kohb.

Day Five


Entering back into the room where all this began, you gather around the kepp’s engine, Nav now hugging the cengine parts as the others begin to pull out the items you have thus far gathered, trepidation ripe in the air, Tess holds yet another coded message in hand, Honest John wields the King’s sword at the ready for another fight; a bottle of rubbing alcohol popping out of his patchwork coat. Mathias toys with the CogWrench 420, the bandages poking out of his satchel. Malak Stands, with an Amulet hanging around his neck.
Archibald darts around the room, inspecting the Grim Matter and the Deck Officer on the floor, muttering to himself excitedly.
Mallory clears his throat, catching everyone’s attention, before anything, he thought, it would be best to talk about what just happened and decide whether their plans remained unchanged.

Unusual Circumstance

  • You are dressed and carrying equipment but it doesn’t seem or feel real
  • Whilst you can draw swords and the like they are intangible to the world around you
  • Everything is blurred until you enter an area.


  • All Current Rules are in play
  • Remember that until an area is revealed you will not gain Actions for it.
  • If you have Fate Points to spend tomorrow you will need to reveal an area today!


 Action Type Fate Points
Go through a Door AloneInteract3
Go through a Door as a GroupInteract4
Fight ArchibaldThreatApproximately 100
Put down engine partsInteract1
Pick up engine partsInteract0
Take Grim Matter SafelyInteractApproximately 200
Use Laudinum-soaked bandagesInteract1
Translate Coded MessageInteractApproximately 8
Honest John drinks Rubbing AlcoholInteract0
Magically Examine the blood on The King’s SwordInteract2
Archie carries out 2 interacts (examines or collects with FP no higher than 2 each)interact3
Fix the EnginesInteractApproximately 60


  • King’s Sword: Adds 2 Fate to any Combat Threat
  • CogWrench 420: Adds 1 Fate point to an engineering action. 2/4 uses remaining
  • Laudinum soaked Bandages: Restores 1 personal Fate Point. 2/2 uses remaining
  • Amulet of Dawn: Adds 2 Fate Points to any Threat magical in nature. 3/3 uses remaining
  • Engine Parts: Adds 40 Fate Points to an Engineering Interact. 1/1 use remaining
  • Rubbing Alcohol: If drunk, Honest John adds 6 Fate Points to the pool for that day but removes 3 on the following day. If drunk becomes a suitable container for Grim Matter

Day Five Outcomes

Fix the Engines.

The group gathers up around the engine, Nav at the front, placing the now heavy crate down before it. Reopening the heavy panels of the exterior, smoke slowly drifted out, the damage was definitely extensive however with the parts and the magical oversights from the rest of the team, Tess and Nav felt that it would be a simple fix. Time consuming, yes, this would be several hours hard work, but simple, satisfying labour.
Mallory watched on, he had sat down to take a break from incanting less he risk an unexpected backlash from the energies he had been channelling. No need to lose his legs to some unexpected chaotic surge, not when it appears that they have it all in hand. From cog’s to wire, to strange lantern shaped power sockets, the parts within the crate dwindled down, until finally, Mathias placed a small screw back into the now empty crate, with a wry chuckle.
“There’s always one screw..” He sighed, as he took a step back to look around the room.
Tess and Nav were still untangling themselves from the mess of oil, metal shavings and dust from the engine, Honest John seemed to be trying to teach Malak a card game of what Mathias could only assume was called “Sticky Jeff?” Mallory was now watching Archie between glancing down at the two translated notes that he had placed out on the table.
“We’re ready,” Tess called out, catching the attention of the room, “Nav if you would do the honours?” With a nod, Nav flicked a switch that had been skilfully patched onto the engine. With a bang, and then a hiss, and yet another screw rolling out from under the engine chassis, it came to life.
A shudder moved across the room, and as various instruments and displays came online, the room becomes filled with a dull blue glow.
“Well, the rooms don’t usually have this hue when powered, but it’s better than having little to no light.” Mathias mused.
“With this we should probably head back to the infirmary.” Malak replied, already moving back towards the door.

Placing his hand on the handle…..

Fate Points allocated – 19
+ 1 from CogWrench 420 (1 / 4 uses remaining).
+ 40 from Engine Parts
Original Estimate For Fate points required – 57. Fate points spent – 1.
Current Fate tally spent – 1.

Go Through Door as a group

Failure. See Finale Description.

1/22 Fate Points Spent
21 Fate Points carry over.

Vision Episode 1 Finale


As Malak’s hand touches the handle of the door, the engine erupts with golden ribbons, Screeching out and whipping around you. Honest John also shines like a pillar of blue ethereal light, as it shines, it seems to grow in volume solidifying. Before being able to act, all of you are pulled through the door, everything around you has blurred, faded and frozen in movement, you briefly catch a glimpse of the infirmary, as you rocket past, the engineer still standing to attention, past the hanger bay, you catch sight of a figure trying to depart the Storm Scourge, the guards moving to intercept him blades drawn, as you pass this still shot of action, the figures undead head snaps to face you as you pass, eye full of anger, and also curiosity.

Passing up through the levels of the keep, the gale of horrific sound blasting through your ears, you find you self cast across the bridge of the keep. Honest John careens into the Kings throne at the centre, spinning round the chair slumps him down to the floor, the blue pillar of light he had been displaying had shrunk back into him, and he was now pale, and clearly holding back the urge to puke.
Tess and Nav were shortly behind, cast up through the decking with such velocity, they left dents in the bulkheads above the bridge. Collapsing down on the floor with a cry of pain, they try to stand, by any degree of knowledge they should have broken bones at least, but looking themselves over, only light bruises remained.
Mallory was next, along with a table, both of which crashed into one of the side walls, the table shattering, but with a pained smile, Mallory lifted the two notes from the wreckage.
“Nearly lost these,” he began till Mathias flew in knocking him from his feet. They tumbled down the deck till both lay by the actuality scope display screens centred at the front of the bridge.
Finally Malak came soaring in, whether through skill or more likely Terref’s mocking luck thought Honest John, he seemed to be enjoying the whole trip, gliding gracefully, like a feather, into the room, a huge childlike grin spread across his face.

The group tried to gather themselves, as they did Archie appeared into the room with a bemused expression, he moved to join you.
“That was certainly a fast way to reach the bridge,” he began, holding a finger in the air to pause him, Honest John stumbled into a corner, the sound of gagging, following shortly after. “however it seems that it had unfortunate side effects, either way, best collect yourselves.”
Mallory turned to the gang, “Before!” He bellowed, confused by his own outburst, he collected himself, “before we touch anything else, how about we look at what we currently have. I do not want to experience anything like that again, without first knowing what else is going on.”
At those words Archie slowly moved his hand back from the chair, he was about to spin.
“The sword first?” Asked Nav, as she limped to help Honest John back from his corner and away from the smell of spoiled alcohol.
“Yes, then the note’s again, we should definitely reread those.” Tess continued.
Drawing the blade, Honest John starts to sing, like with the door before, he manages to get the blade to resonate, the now dried blood upon it cracking, becoming fluid and pooling into four distinct pools upon the blade.
The largest, thickest, and simmering with hate pooled along the fuller of the sword, almost goading you to search for it’s secrets.
Two of the smallest pools hung like droplets on the either side of the blades cross guard, they both seemed steeped in history, but one looked like it was diminishing.
Finally the last and second largest pulled on the bandages that wrapped it’s hilt. This one was dark, with the smell of salt water.
Honest John chooses to tackle the blood in the fuller, pushing forwards with his song, he looks within. He finds very little, this blood is an abomination to the weave, it’s owner was a women of horror, stealing the stories of other to survive in a world she terrorised, you get very little else,

before pulling back and again struggle with the urge to vomit on the floor.
Tess and Mathias feel drawing to the droplets that balance on the guard, it’s a feeling on kindred, family, the two are related, you can feel that much, not by blood, but through adoption perhaps? One is a being of ancient times, you can feel the thum of drums, old oaths and deep crimson pit. The other is the one you feel the most connection, you are kindred in faith, in hobby, and you feel the urge to kneel, but it is weakening, you can feel it’s power slowly fading.
Finally Mallory and Malak face the blood now upon the bandages, it is powerful in the wyld from what Mallory can tell, but undisciplined in that aspect. Instead you feel faith flowing strongly from it. It was blood shed from wounds gained from defending others, Malak believes, bandaged by a friend. The Bandages, and blood then given in ritual, Mallory concludes. This who blade has been through ritual.

Reeling back form their ventures into the blade’s magic, aided greatly by the tune that still rings in their ears from John, the group try to make sense of their discovery, as they then turn to reread the notes.

Before they even have a chance to look at the note, Honest John starts to glow again with the blue light of the king, a voice ringing out from inside him, ancient and painfully powerful.