The Lord of Fate

RoC Online Group Phantom – Week 3 – Questions Answered

His voice still echoes in your mind as the psionic communication that the Hive had instituted is  shattered and broken. You feel that your presence in this place has been noted, although you are equally certain that He does not know precisely where you are.

And yet He is looking for you, and you can feel that His attention is kicking up a great deal of backlash within the Fate you hold. Kincaid’s Manacles flare and dim in strobing effect several times before slowly settling down into a brighter, consistent sapphire blue burn around his wrists. Something has changed, and you feel that things are much less certain now than they were…

Quickly, you scramble to make use of the crystals before anything else changes.

King Archibald’s Personal History

“King Archibald Urdegrith the First of Daer Akmir, The Saviour, Master of Worlds and the Lord of Fate is the living God to whom all right-thinking peoples of the world have pledged obedience and servitude.  

For time immemorial, King Archibald has wisely led the people of Daer Akmir through the troubles which assail us. Undefeated in battle, superlative in the arts of magic and compassionate beyond measure, King Archibald’s vision has guided and shaped the fate of Daer Akmir for generations and His foresight continues to ensure that we are safe from the countless threats which would seek to destroy all that we are.

Following the rise of the Shadows, which would have destroyed us all, King Archibald travelled to the Nexus and reshaped it into The Keep in which you now stand. This structure represents the pinnacle and final sacrifice required by the people of the world in order to safeguard against the threat of absolute destruction.

In His glorious wisdom, King Archibald has constructed The Keep to act as the locus and insurmountable bastion of all the peoples of the world united as one. The sacrifice He asks us to pay is, in turn, rewarded by the paradise which is nestled at the Heart of the Keep.

King Archibald is married to Queen Esemille, formerly Esemille of the East, better known currently as The Lady of the Keep. They do not have any children.”


“This information is restricted.

Please note that if you have any information regarding the Grimsvoten, this should be reported to your superiors at the earliest possible opportunity.

A note has been made on your file regarding your request for  access to this information, Phillip Longheart.”

“Lady of the Keep?”

Formerly known as Esemille of the East, Queen Esemille is the first and currently only holder of the title Lady of the Keep.

It is her responsibility to ensure the smooth running of the Keep’s day to day operations. She has absolute authority over the operations of the Atonement Office, with only King Archibald Urdegrith the First of Daer Akmir able to overrule her.

The Lady of the Keep’s responsibilities include.

  • Oversight of the Atonement Office and Officers.
  • Assignment of Atonement Periods to Atonement Officers.
  • Enforcement of the Law.
  • Shared responsibility for any Atonement sanctioned by an Atonement Officer.

In order to carry out these duties effectively, the Lady of the Keep is granted full authority to utilise any resources at her disposal as she deems necessary and appropriate.

Status Report: The Nexus Reborn

“All systems are currently functioning within acceptable parameters.

Secondary and Tertiary engines have sustained moderate damage and are undergoing immediate repair.

Hangar Bay 12 underwent an unknown mantic-level disturbance and is being investigated.

The Heart of the Keep is displaying moderate fluctuations within expected tolerances.

The Soul of the Keep is undamaged.

There are currently 10,839 entities of Unknown Origin within The Keep. These are being expunged.”

“The Saviour’s Prophecies?”

“One of the first acts The Saviour undertook upon His ascension as Lord of Fate was to ensure that all prophecies which could have foretold of his coming were expunged from all of Fate and Time so that the enemies of this world could not be prepared for His coming.

Such is the wisdom and glory of The Saviour.

Praise The Saviour for He Keeps Us Safe.”

“Hey Ricky, where are we going and who is going to be there?”

Ricky seems to have more or less dealt with his injury by now. The burned-away patch of cloth and chainmail exposes a fair amount of his side, but he is no longer hobbling around anywhere near as much, and he is grateful to lean up against one of the walls of the chamber and try to catch his breath.

He casts a nervous look towards the Bald Archivist, but the man does not seem to be paying much attention, so he drops his voice low and leans closer to you.

“You have to understand, I’ve sworn an Oath. I can’t tell you much. I can tell you that it is somewhere He can’t see, and nor can She. As to the folks we’ll meet… loyal sorts. More people from back home too, if you get my drift.”

He pulls out the inside of his red uniform and, there, pinned inside it, is a brooch of a leaf.

The Day Begins

The cool, calm and collected voices you are discussing these matters with do not seem to have changed at all following the dramatic psionic communication between yourselves and your fellows elsewhere.

The Bald Archivist is watching you all with some polite interest, especially after Ingenium fixed the Massport Beacon. “That’s really rather impressive, young man.” He says, “I was expecting to have to wait hours for a proper engineer to come by. The Saviour sent you to me I suppose, eh? Ha ha.” He smiles encouragingly and nods his head. “I hope you are all getting the answers you seek, if you need any assistance just let me know.”

A psionic communication suddenly intrudes on your thoughts – familiar, but without the usual politeness of waiting for you to accept. Dazak!

“The Lady is on her way. I am delaying her as best I can. I do not know how long you have there. Please hurry.”


Action Type Approximate Difficulty
Speak with the Archivist Interact 5
Leave the Archives via Massport Move Depends on where you are going – let me know.
Leave the Archives via The Door Move 4+1 per person
Talk to Ricky Interact 4
Ask a Question of the Archives Interact 5
Send a Psionic Communication to Dazak Interact 5
Form a Private Psionic Circle Interact The more you use the safer it will be.


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