The Weave

Story, Echoes, Remembrance

Echoes of the Great song find their way through the weave from the time of its creation to a span that has yet to come to pass. It is believed that its origins are known to the Gillieabad and that it’s secrets were given to the Earth Tribe called the Skagriagaard. That the origin of their songs and stories are the origin of ours and that they carry the remembered power of the deeds of days gone by and inspire. A mark upon the face of a warrior that battled at the Void is repeated through history, remade on the faces of other warriors and the story of that great battle told. The strength of that day, the courage and the family of that day is shared down through the ages of  those that hear that tale and bear the mark and the Weave strengthens them. Their stories merge and across the gulf of centuries their tales combine to be as one: The legend grows. Weavers have remembered these tales and grown in strength with the tales of the past and now pass them on, tying more stories to the world and growing its power. Few, if any understand where this power comes from or where it goes but still it is used.

Yet from the worlds before or perhaps the world after there are stories that yearn to be told, stories of beings that have barely existed or perhaps have never existed hovering at the edge of our world. They seek gaps in the Weave, the myriad cracks and fissures left over in the world from the wars and the visitors and invaders from other places. The things from elsewhere, the Strange, exist in pockets of semi life and when a Weaver calls upon the Great Web the Strange hear them and call to them, feeding off their energy and seeking a place in the world. Like so many things the Weave is not a safe power to draw upon but many tap into the strength of ages past despite the warnings of their peers. Many theorise that a strange that makes its way into one of the great stories is likely to find their way back to its beginning and reach out to all those that have and will touch it in days to come.

What the Weave is

  • Weavers are odd folk, often conceived under the power of a song, story or compulsion when the Weave is strong with mother.
  • They are gifted not disciplined, they call out to the Weave and it dances with them not for them.
  • The Weave is focussed on the power and purity of an individual’s story and how they are enveloped by the world
  • The age of the story that the weaver is calling upon gives it power, the older it is the more likely it is to have been called upon, used again and then returned strengthened to the Web.
  • A magic of choirs, of soloists, storytellers, jugglers and other performers working as one or together to achieve huge tapestries of ever growing power and splendour.
  • Emotional: The magic of the weave is fuelled by the exploits and deeds of the past, present and future. They are the encouragement and focussed forms of passions and desires giving strength and power to those around them.
  • Inspirational: The weave brings change through insipartion to people, to powers to magic.
  • Old and New: The Weave is sitting around campfires and telling stories and feeling the first tales of the world, awakening the primal nature of the world itself. The Weave is new and being fashioned every day with the words of the politic and the songs of tavern goers alike.
  • Alive: The weave is….alive.

What The Weave isn’t

  • Bards being silly all the time
  • Just singing.

Choosing The Weave

What follows are the core elements that go into choosing the idea of The Weave as your magical form, regardless of your choice the idea of MAGNITUDES remain the same and constant throughout the game.

Are there many types of Weaver?

  • As an identifier the term: Weaver is generally given to a User of the Weave and covers their definition as a user of magic’s.
  • However a Weaver learns the paths of the Great Tales back and forth through the Weave and how best to call on them.

What are The Paths of the Great Tales?

  • The Paths represent specific great tales of old (detailed here via link (to come as these will take a while)) that have been developed by their interaction with various Weavers throughout the Centuries
  • Path of the Meistersinger whose related tales have power with:
    • The written word and understanding
    • Passing Messages unseen
    • Drawing on Lore or Knowledge
    • Healing in Combat
  • Path of the Bard whose related tales have power with:
    • Extension of Life when near death
    • Seeing and passage through mirrored surfaces
    • Glimpsing moments of the past that would be linked to Weave around you
    • Speaking without language
  • Path of the Skald whose related tales have power with:
    • Abilities to speak with and see through the eyes of animals with ease of time with dogs.
    • Being able to resist effects that damage the emotion
    • Calling upon magics that give power below the earth
    • Mimicry in combat
  • Path of the Skop whose related tales have power with:
    • Calling upon the knowledge of the Fae
    • Calling on the ability to travel the dangerous Trods of the Weave
    • Granting Wisdom of the laws of the Wyld
    • Debilitation in combat
  • Path of the Minstrel whose related tales have power with:
    • Dealing with the opening and sealing of locks and doors
    • Seeing through the eyes of people in the local area particularly those with green eyes
    • Heard truths
    • Tacticus in combat
  • Path of the Rhapsody whose related tales have power with:
    • Death and the passing of great heroes or people
    • Soldiers and heroic battle
    • The power of the twin Moons
    • Peace in clam places and movement through forests
  • Path of the Poet
    • Time and moments forgotten
    • Protections and defences
    • Valuable minerals
    • Armouring in Combat
  • Path of the Fili whose related tales have power with:
    • Travel and paths
    • Shallow waters and coves
    • Gentle winds and trees
    • Obfuscation and misdirection through costume and gesture
  • Path of the Brehon whose related tales have power with:
    • Standing guard and watching
    • Forgotten things and remembering
    • Lores of the Dragon Empire
    • Cats
  • Path of the Troubadour whose related tales have power with:
    • Lores of the Frozen North
    • Crafting and Making
    • The Mountains and deep places
    • Armouring in Combat
  • Path of the Jester whose related tales have power with:
    • Games and legends of feats of greatness in them
    • Souls and their passage through tale and story
    • Sliding through the night unseen and unheard
    • Tacticus in combat
  • Path of the Author whose related tales have power with:
    • Nobility, Royalty and Lineage
    • The power of light before the dark comes
    • Vorokian knowledge and power
    • Healing in combat
  • Path of the Wordsmith whose related tales have power with:
    • Shape shifting and creatures that do so
    • Imprisonment and tales of those that have been such.
    • Shadows and what lurks in them
    • Debilitation in combat
  • Path of the Kobzar whose related tales have power with:
    • Hunting, seeking and the endless chase.
    • Gaming and dancing
    • Sagacity and the knowledge of Law
    • Healing in Combat
  • Path of the Shaper whose related tales have power with:
    • Heroic protection of those in need and the inspiration of others to do so
    • Geographical and special places
    • Forbidden knowledge of the vaults of ages past
    • Plants, their powers and specifically fruit.

Can I just learn all of those?

  • No
  • A weaver may take four paths

Do I just use them?

  • Each time a weave is attempted one of the marks of the ancient story must be applied to a person, object or area involved in the Weave.

The Unseen Path

Guide to the Dry Safe Places

Burgeoning Refuge

Sight of the Long walker

Burial for the Fallen

Distant Messages

What are the Goals of Basanic Weavers?

  • At a basic level to keep the stories of the Royal Basin Strong and to seek out the weakening tales and stories and enhance their connection to the web.
  • To examine the stories of the past and present them as evidence to the political, magical, guildic and so forth peoples as evidence of the foolish actions that are being taken in the present.
  • To unearth heroic endeavour or terrible tragedy, whatever reverberates the web and introducing it to the Weave.
  • Protecting the Weave from the Strange
  • Ensuring that the power of the Weave is kept clear of politics as that is the ultimate of the Strange Corruption.
  • The Mockingbird Lords restoration needs to be completed for the Weavers to take conrol back of the Weave in their region.

What are the Attitudes of Basanic Weavers?

  • The Weave is a form of magic that is like no other and defies the ability of others to understand and to that end it is not for the unenlightened to defile.
  • It is an ageless magic and whilst others believe that their magic is oldest or best nothing can survive in this world without a story.
  • The Weave cannot be controlled only experienced, it is different in each telling and different for each Weaver that calls on it.
  • Stories of the world are what hold it together, they are like a great web protecting it and preventing it from being invaded.

Casting Brief

  • Casting is through action or word – Song, recitation of poetry, juggling – A Performance
  • This should be impressive
  • You need to draw your chosen marker at the end or during
  • Wait for applause