The World of Vaklam

Rising of Chaos is set in a world called Vaklam, a huge globe ravaged by wars and magics where Gods grant powers and Sourcerers control the souls of Daemons. It is a High fantasy setting in a world populated by mythical creatures and strange and exotic races. Most of the stories are set in the Kingdom of the Royal Basin, a great depression of Earth in the land, on the South Eastern corner of the continent of Daer-Akmir where Dukes and Guilds vie for power and the King barely retains his throne. The land is constantly periled by various threats from the known planes and the neighbouring lands: The Rice Empire, The Ancestral Lands, Rhygahrea and the Egarian Empire.

Each nation has its own level of development – exploration and advancement are two of the greatest elements of Rising of Chaos. New lands across the great seas, new races and ancient civilisations are often discovered. The history of Vaklam is divided into ages and many of those ages contain lost secrets abandoned, buried or destroyed in the pursuit of power.

Themes and Direction

The Rising of Chaos is a system that is steered towards personal character development, whilst we spend a lot of time writing overall story and plot we try to let the players drive them in whatever direction that they want to. We also like them to recommend what they want to do and when they would like to do it. Rather then a fest style system with hundreds of players The Rising of Chaos operates on a week to week basis with groups of 6-12 on average being involved in different areas of the plot. Over the course of a year a number of larger events are run that will involve most of the ROC player base.

Characters themselves are largely independent and able to do, practically, whatever the law will allow. However many characters will find themselves sponsored by guilds, merchant houses, the military, nobility, churches or colleges in the pursuit of just about anything really. These relationships can be built on, or characters can find themselves advancing in fame, notoriety, rank and power. However any number of wrong moves or making the wrong friends and the right enemies and the character may find themselves with some serious problems…