Weekly Message – 12th Feb

Hello Wonderful People,

Wow! Thanks everyone that participated for such an excellent weekend. I hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had an excellent time wherever you were and whatever you were doing. RoC was an amazing place to be; the bookings were immense; so many people booked in, filling our slots and then some which is a testament to how good the game has been in the last nine to twelve months.

It was cold, it snowed, it hailed, people were ill, there was tonnes to do, we were on event in the woods for 10 hours at a time but still you came. I don’t think I could have been prouder of the people that stood up to ref/co ref over the weekend who really, really worked their socks off to make it all happen – If you played send out the message of how awesome these people are. I’d also like to welcome on board out new heroic crew types. Welcome to RoC.

Saturday we went out with such confidence to take the battle to the enemy; march on the Frozen North, kill the enemy generals and be back in time for tea and medals. How wrong we were. I may have written the events and made the plot but I got to play alongside the heroes of the land and we soon went off piste. All day we were hammered down buy our enemy, was there any point when we weren’t on the ropes? Emotionally, physically, mentally? When making what should be good choices leave you with the taste of defeat in you rmouth.

But we survived Saturday and we planned and we filled the pub with larpers. We talked and we debriefed and the event carried. The Chase and the Spears, the Shadow Wolf and the Sargant. Thaddeus of the Kaytarr and his promise. Sarkith in the City of Staves! Penny Chenet marching on the Rice Empire. The Orphans, Kren Daer, The Baroness, “Aggies Dad”. Then it was time for bed at late o’clock and we were up bright and early for the finale.

Retaliation was attempted and to some degree succeeded. This was an emotional one that was based off of the previous nights work as we tried the plans we had come up with. The Kren Daer thing was utterly dark and very difficult for all of us. I’ll echo Toms words for the scene; there were no “special moments” it was all just intense. On Saturday Morning we all laughing at the “Big Damn Hero” names the newspapers had given us but through Saturday evening and Sunday none of us could justify them, it just felt wrong. The finale and the debrief, once again really finished the day off well.

Over this weekend I saw more RoCers in one place and on one event than I think I have seen anywhere shy of the really big Forts. I can’t reiterate enough how proud I am of our story and our events that have been filling up so much recently with so many players. Equally our dedicated some of whom I have already mentioned but across the weeks Matt Hussey and Matt Warwick stand out as people that crew consistently and make the games work along with the up and coming Dave Dulieu. It’s been absolutely amazing.

So on the note of wonderful crew folk lets point at them all and raise a cheer to all who made the weekend go so well: To my wonderful Ref Squad, To the squad of bods –  The fighting was much and the roleplaying amazing and the stepping up was good. Thank you all, on behalf of the players, for making their weekend excellent.

Of course behind the scenes there is equally as much work and it is to the following people that we offer up sacrifices to the gods of praise for all that they do: Your work does not go unnoticed and you deserve more praise for all of your endeavours than you receive.

So that was last week and this is next:

Saturday sees the House of the Last Word and their allies travel to Hexorthy to investigate claims of curses and travelling fatetellers in and around their recently purchased castle. A fine tale of mystery awaits – Crew apply within.

Sunday brings us to a unusual mystery of the sea – Looks lite on all fronts atm so we’ll see what happens but with everything happening in real life cancellation may be useful.

Wow, still blown away by the weekend but now I have to get on with packing the weekend away but: If you need me, for any reason give me a prod.

So that’s us: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a whole load of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


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