Weekly Message – 15th Jan

Morning Superb People,

I hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had an excellent weekend wherever you were and whatever you were doing. The first weekend offering from RoC in 2018 was wicked! From Friday night all the way through to Sunday night I had a great time with the people of RoC. It was great being able to relax with people before the events and shoot the breeze whilst bringing home the plot and also just chilling

So Saturday took us to the Frozen North in pursuit of Lothar and the enemies of the Faiths; along the way we took in parts of Rhygahrea, Kern and the Ancestral Lands and they were not without trial. Thanks to the players for being on board with the twisting nature of the plot and the trappiness of it all. It was a great event with a huge amount of people on it – Twenty? which I thought would slow it down but that didn’t prove to be the case. Loved the Countess moments at the end, actually I just loved all the penny dropping moments.

Sunday followed the same path as our military unit took in the same course but with very different goals in mind. Recovering the Hivatlean Tribe from the Corrigun was just the tip of the Iceberg as the players dared the jaws of the camp of the Hardbacks and the Golden Lion before taking to the Frozen North once more. Rejoice for Woderick Dasmamcass is dead but fear that Penny Chenet is not. Blimey a lot happened and again, there were an awful lot of you. Great, great day; great weekend and absolutely wonderful people.

As ever the games won’t run unless there are the crew and this weekends chest bumps and high fives got to the absolute host of folk that turned up to be outstanding: First up Dave Dulieu and Elizabeth Kefford for both days of endeavour; thank you so much guys. You crewed your cotton socks off, wonderful characters, excellent combat and thanks for hanging about in the cold waiting for stuff to happen. 

Alongside my stalwart crew are, as ever, my backroom staff of wonderworkers who keep everything tickety boo, ship shape and Bristol fashion and listen to plot ideas, rules thoughts and system development. So to them go the fist bumps and hearty handshakes: Mike Roberts, as ever, Jon Wickenden, Simone Hibbert, Elizabeth Kefford, Gary Llewellyn, Craig Beadnall, Tom Knight, Rachel Carter, Sam Blincoe, Matt Hussey, Pete Walls, Holly Goodall and so many, many more! This was a week where everyone seemed to pitch in and a hell of a lot was achieved, especially in the downtime area.

So that was last week and this is next! 

Saturday takes in another round of Holly and Stephen specials although realistically they are just Holly events. I mainly stand around and watch while she does her thang. They have been really well received and were one of last years highlights. If you want to step away from plot, have a slap up meal of a day and go eventing with one of our best story tellers this one is for you!

Sunday brings us back to the land of plot with a bump as the CoCP make their way deeper into the Shadows. This one is going to be another toughy and I am sure the CoCP would be welcoming of any support that it can get!

And please book into the Fort if you are coming people at least on the event pages so that we know what we are writing for

To keep you apprised and up to date on the projects pacing we have started the Basanic Handout upgrade as well as the Guilds and what not to reflect current plot. We are also all about last years fort write ups and are pacing through the Bulceephar work. The Rhygahrean Nation, Low Kingdom Nation and the Ancestral Nation books are also underway and we have some website development meetings this week. So it’s all go doncha know?

Ok that’s me with the stuff being done.


If you need me or us for whatever reason; you know where to find whoever you need so feel free to get in contact. We’re here.

So: Have a Foxes and Crows week people. I look forward to seeing a whole load of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care Of Each Other


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