Weekly Message – 17th Feb

Hello folks,

Welcome to week long wait till RoC starts again and the message that I always hope fins you in fine form, fetlock and fettle. I for one am certainly feeling the rigours of the weekend but I am pretty sure that was all worth it. Before I begin being proud of myself I’d like to kick off the message with another big RoC welcome to our new heroes and crewfolk who came in to help out at the weekend, it was certainly a joy to have you along and I am glad, John, that we have restored some keen for larp in you, it was really good to hear you talking so positively last night!

So yeah, where to start in brief overview:

Saturday took us to the crime filled streets of Norfell after an old College friend reached out for help, to seek a person two years missing. What followed was a piece of priceless art painted onto the canvas of the day; the crew portrayed their roles peerlessly as the VGC in the Bright Rooms or the Oathsmen seeking their truths. Whilst the players pieced it all together, watching them grasping for the final pieces of the puzzle was edge of the seat stuff as the clock ticked down and then missing out on Baron Gifford only to discover that earlier action had delivered him into the hands of allies. All in it was a tremendous day, my best reffing piece, possibly ever, as a “generic” although the players will point to all the plot and what will happen next, I will leave them to wax lyrical and make reports. Stop talking Stephen!

Sunday brought us to Malierunne and Zeeyada continuations which saw the players infiltrating a city rife with intrigue and uncertainty to seek a Codex Eaölf who will one day become their enemy. Which may sound confusing. The streets were fraught with danger but they persevered and found hidden secrets: Prophecy speaking hucksters, a dusty Salt Druid awoken from long slumber to plunder the sacred gifts of the Kraken, shadowed action by Devourites and a surprising Outrider at just the right time. A finale (that lasted ages) of Privateers, ship to ship boarding against the dead, the deaths of Dirk and Shiir, Anghasts gift of life, the Crown, the portal to the great temple, sunken beneath Maryat, being prophets one and all, the Kraken taking the Widowmaker and all souls aboard, the gift of coin and finally the first Azure Ship.

So all in a quiet weekend.

MASSIVE thanks to the relatively small crew that braved the freezing winds (although it was weirdly toasty in the sunshine!) to make the weekend so, so good. You deserved all the plaudits and all the drinks you were purchased. I am so very proud of all of you! Throughout the weekend you guys were totally aces and breathed life into every aspect of the story – Huge Hurrahs to all of you involved over the weekend.

It’s not over – I want to make one final nod to the crew for their diligence in continuing the job into the debrief and keeping the story going long into the night. No-One realised, I think , how late it was when we finally left to go home. It’s a great way of doing the new debriefs and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

As ever the game wouldn’t run without the diligence of the behind the scenes team who worked very hard this week so that I could be as ahead of the game as I am.

So that was last week. I should probably retire whilst I am ahead but we have to try and top what we did at the weekend so this is next:

Saturday The Zeeyada Continues, if you have been any part of it you do not want to miss this one and it is open to anyone who wants to save the happy few! Crew a must – Apply within.

Sunday takes us along the path of some personal plot, the last one was pretty good and we seem to be on a roll so miss it at your peril! Crew needed – Handsum paymant for eezy wurk!

And the Fort is still coming up – Pay me if you haven’t

As ever people, if you need me, for whatever reason I am here.

So that’s me: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a whole load of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


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