Weekly Message – 22nd Jan

Hello folks

Welcome to the week and the five day wait till there is more RoC! I hope that you had a wicked bad weekend and that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle. Because a handful of intrepid crew turned up in the cold and the rain we had a properly tip top weekend; tonnes happened, the plot ramped up another notch and a lot of fun was had. You guys really are wonderful but we will come to that.

So Saturday Holly reffed another of her marvellous events that took us to the city of Strabe as the players danced in the weave. A dark days Church of Notelexus was plundered for its artefacts which led a merry band of rebellious teenagers (the boisterous five) and a prophet responsible for the thefts. They spoke of Missing Orphans (a trend at the moment) which bought them to a mysterious mime and a mildly miffed Kuldisar and powerful curse in the weave. The battle was fought against an ancient enemy of the Academy and from those ashes a new threat rose….the five arrested for heresy, touched by the power of the ancient relics escape in an inquisition dirigible! You’ll have to wait for the write up but what a day it was.

Sunday was a whole different kettle of fish as the CoCP and a wandering Battered Shielder went out to take on the Maellisters. The day was epic, just the Sourcerers and this one Warrior against the world. It deserves a proper description but: Zerith and the Church of Ekimelahw, the oldest Lairdan Gan and the Oath of the Cavaliers! The place of Her (Ekimelahw) ascension, the uncorruptable corrupted yet saved by the Nexartus of old. The first table of Jet, broken, with its oaths undone and the great circle of Her Holy Fire. Reforging the table and the new oath, the power of the world in your hands and Jacks new orb! Onwards and under the mountain, the afterlife of the Shadowed Lands and the great seal: The first Power of Ekimelahw, Velmourne of Justice, more Cavaliers, the Maelisters and their prison and the truth of Sarkith! New plans for the CoCP and targets for the army. Time to go on the offensive.

All of this was brought to you by the power of the willing crew! Many were promised in the booking process and some dropped out leaving only a valiant few to do battle in poor conditions. Despite everything you worked hard to cover the gaps and I know this has made a few of you and me, pretty unwell. So thank you for making up for others, being brilliant, kicking it in the rain and making sure the players had such a good time. Much is the love and the wonder.

Of course all of the thanks also goes to the people that work so hard behind the scenes: Doing your admin, making kit, filling your Character Packs, driving people about, doing your downtime and writing your events. There’s a load of you I probably might forget some of you but you also deserve all the love:

So that was last week and this is next:

Saturday is the next part of the Zeeyada

Sunday is Dafe, Dave! dave! Dafffe’s birthday event – Should be fun

Also if you are playing the March Fort we’d like to know

Next up the new website should go up this week and we will also be doing the bookings for February and putting up March to go go go. More work on the Basanic handout will go forward and we’ll be getting the Tharinos sales actually out – Sorry for the delays. Basically there is a lot still going forward as we rock our way through January, blimey!

If you need me, you know where I am, this week is a difficult one but I will do whatever I can to be there if you need me.

So that’s me.

Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a whole load of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


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