Weekly Message – 2nd Jan

Hello all!

Happy New Year and all that noise from the system! Sorry for the delays of a day the excitement of tidying up beckoned after a season of festivity but now at least Base Command is clean. So the spectre of 2017 skulks in the darkness behind us whilst the newly created Homunculus of 2018 eyes us eagerly from ahead. The 20 year anniversary over and what a year it was! It felt like the old days but full of new ideas and direction, the plot doesn’t seem to get old and the keen is just as high as ever it was across Vaklam!

We may have seen some old friends depart but after that we had a lot of old people come back and a lot more new people join in. Last year was the busiest year we have ever had with a whole plethora of achievements in it: We added a third again to our highest player base of recurring attendees for a year hitting over 150. We set up and ran the kids events section of RoC. We ran a ten day fort Event AND the Tharinos that Tharinos has always tried to be. We made a proper tent town with street lights and blackjack……Prestige manuals flourished and the countries around the Basin developed hugely, new currencies and everything. We ran the battle system smoothly and efficiently. We landed the fleet. We saw new life into the world. We used LARPtronics props to own talking chessboards, Knock Knock Boxes and magic pillars. A Costume Department. A Weapons department. We simplified aspects of the game to make it more accessible and continue its transformation and progression. The return of the Christmas Quiz!

Most importantly though we ran a whole load of great stories, some of the best the system has ever seen and we watched the players develop their own massively. Watching our lack of need for refs at forts and players just doing their own refless things was a joy to behold. And. We came through a lot of real life stuff with flying colours: There were some bad times, a lot of which came from physical or mental illness that we pulled through: Watching people travel so far to visit the sick and bring them through the darkest of times together was tremendous. Ignoring the toxic and embracing the kind; these things, that all seemed to pick up after May, were amazing to be involved in.

So for me, this year and particularly the latter half, RoC has summed up the reasons that I enjoy this career/hobby/curse: The wonder of living plot and passion that it brings into peoples lives, the ideals of community and the principals of kindness that come with those aspects of responsibility to each other, family and complete social respect, the acceptance and the tolerance and the willingness to stand up to the negativity that comes with and aggressive and dystopian world around us. yeah. It was amazing. Plus twenty years and well over four thousand days of eventing in that time feels like a massive achievement. Did you know we once ran 50 odd events in a February? Multiple games in a game, every day of Feb. Wow.

Of course none of this would happen without the dedication of the people that you know and love as your backroom staff and your front room refs. So I’d like to spend a few moments saying thank you’s to each and every one of them and if you can comment and pass on your thanks to them at the end as well I know that your words mean an awful lot to them.

Everyone that has crewed or driven people or given them a place to rest their heads, I really can’t thank you all here but I know that I have after every event and with every Monday Morning Message. Like I say guys pass on your love to all and more than anything RoCers: Thank you for being my friends and my family.

So that was last year and this is next:

The many changes to the system for 2017 are up and readable on the forum if you haven’t already – The Price changes, booking changes, Fort stuff for the year that kind of thing.

As to events, I have my first weekend off this weekend but after that we are looking at the following Saturday and Sunday as follows.


And get yourself booked in for the First weekender and my birthday

I should probably stop now.

If you need me, for whatever reason, as ever, you know where I am.

Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a whole load of you next weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Always Take Care of Each Other.


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