Weekly Message – 5th Feb

Good Morning RoC!

Welcome to the long five days before the next weekends events or as I prefer to call it: The bit where my body decides that it might be able to walk again. As ever I hope that this message finds you in fine fetlock and fettle and that you had an amazing weekend wherever you were and whatever you were doing. I’ll kick off again this week by welcoming EVEN MORE new folks in to the fold in the shape of Jack and Alice – First time larpers and you were both excellent! I am glad I got to spend time with you on event and sorry that I was so busy in the debrief that I did not get a lot of time to answer your questions. Thanks however to both my ref team of Matt’s and Elizabeth that gave you so much of their time trying to help.

So Saturday saw us bring the Zeeyada to the end of its story arc and what a day that was! We did stop for an epic snowball war and to build a snow Nyral Council member (all of this was very cool) but this took nothing away from the day: Zoranethi in Rhygahrea made an excellent start to the day and I have to say the Rice Empire diplomats made a great foil to that scene. Boy did I chuckle. I can’t encapsulate the gamut of feelings that we went through or the sheer power of the event in one paragraph. The whole thing with the Who Chow: From being framed, to clearing their names and all the way on being pressured by the Barking Dog himself, it was all incredible.

The brief interplay with the Priests of Bessatta, knowing that they were right but having to defend the Zeeyada. I was expecting diplomacy but no! Bringing the Widowmaker into play and then destroying not only their vessel but the very hierarchy of their faith. I did not see that coming. Then to the Zeeyada and the scarred man, screaming blood and thunder at the players who had no idea who he was and the epic battle across the deck of the ship. I could not have been happier with the crew, the day or the outcome. A fitting end to a massively fun story arc. Wow – Two whole paragraphs, can we keep it down to one for Sunday?

And then there was Sunday. When we got the player background for this personal plot there wasn’t a lot to go on but it has developed into a corker. This event flowed seemlessly together and seemed to form a perfect blend with both players, DPC’s and crew. It really built up: Kicking off in Koren and general investigation seemed to get everyone in the right mood and the first encounters with the Shittzahn really put the fear into the group as they fell over each other to escape the unknown force of the oncoming threat. Rolling straight into the Garalanis Merchants and helping them out seemed to be a breeze but then, as they moved into Rhygahrea the savage Claw happened.

Watching the choices that led them into an uneasy alliance with the Savage Claw and then the realisation that merchants were the Double O was great. The pursuit of the Double O, the assault on fellow guildsfolk and what came from that. Outsatnding! THEN they make it to the place of Mercy,w which is where they have been heading the whole time. Then the Felakiq and the Galafeli and the blended shrine of Family and Past Lives, the imprisoned Djinn and the great ritual. Did they save Shiir’s family? Who knows. Becoming Dawn, Day and Dusk Fathers, the tale of Zorantheyal, secrets of the Djinn, the Great gate…..I really think that one had it all.

Ok – I don’t think I can praise the crew enough for this weekend every week there are new hands that are really pulling their weight and old hands that keep on just getting better and better and better. They were tremendous, set dressing, story telling, giving the players their freedoms and really lapping up their roles. And fighting. There was also fighting. So without further blushes I offer my undiluted praise and thanks to the heroes of the weekend.

To what I can only call my dedicated crew, a dream team of folks that crew week in week out and love the roles and challenges that are put in front of them: You are the heroes of this game, you work tirelessly and bring a level of game that makes this such a wonderful place for the players:  Thank you my dedicated crew.

Alongside these three worthies were a fighting team of newcomers or relative newcomers to the game and what an outstanding addition they made to the weekend. Some of you, perhaps all of you felt you weren’t doing the best job that you could but let me assure you that you were. For the absolute new guys it’s a lot to take in but you grew in strength and confidence through the day and pretty soon you were bossing it. We could not have done it without you and you made a tremendous impact on the game. Thank you all very, very much.

I’m not done yet because I would also like to take the time to thank the backroom staff: The paperwork guys, the drivers, the ghost writers, the ref meeters, the Fort Planners and the Website and Forum people: . Thanks you so very much for your behind the scenes help and tremendous amount of hard work. Every week the system is growing and receiving more and more plaudits and a lot of that is down to your ceaseless efforts.

So that was last week and this is next:

Saturday see’s us take on the Lionsgold story once again – Cew and players always welcomed

Sunday brings us to another crew legend trying to get some personal plot done – Crew and players, again, welcomed.

And the Forts – Come and play the forts

I’d like to wrap up by saying that I think the new debrief policy is going down extremely well and that we are really adding to the experience with the whole affair. Today is downtime deadline day. IF you are still waiting for stuff to come back I apologise, especially if you are waiting for some of the new stuff like Army moves and the like. I will reiterate once more that many bereavements are affecting the time available to move these things forward and to keep two events going out each week of the same level.

As ever however: If you need me I am here.

So that’s the longest message I have written for a while! Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward to seeing a whole bunch of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


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