Weekly Message – 8th Jan

Morning all,

As ever I hope that this message finds you in fine form, fetlock and fettle and that you had a fantastic weekend wherever you were and whatever you were doing. My thanks to all of you who relaxed your RoC muscles and gave me the weekend off; it’s been a while and I very much did not waste my opportunities :-) 

So not much to report on this week – Obviously the Prestiges are out , people are pointing out a few typo’s etc and I will repost them with those updates. Anything that needs pointing out will be mentioned somewhere. We also kicked off the first version of the Basanic Handbook Update, so that’s nice and made some other beginnings. This week we’ll start off the downtimes for January and get those out to you. This weeks thanks are mainly going to Mike Roberts, Anthony Gunfield and Pete Walls for their continued behind the scene’s work :-)

This weekend we kick off the year with a double header of excitement
Saturday sees the Primus taking on the Synod again – Crew always helpful

Sunday brings us the follow up with the Shield leading the way – Again Crew a bonus.

We are looking forward to 2018 and hoping to smash more records this year and getting back into the woods at the weekend!!

So if you need us at all let us know and if there is anything that can be done we’ll do it.

In the meantime: Have a Foxes and Crows week people, I look forward, very much, to seeing a whole load of you at the weekend and bumping into even more of you between now and then.

Take Care of Each Other


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