So… what exactly is LARP?.

According to Wikipedia A Live Action Role-Playing game (LARP) is a form of role-playing game where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world, while interacting with each other in character. The outcome of player actions may be mediated by game rules, or determined by consensus among players.

RoC is a LARP that is similar in many ways to acting on stage or in the theatre. It requires costume, in some cases make-up and the ability to take on the role and persona of the character that you are attempting to portray. A major difference is that the character you are playing has no set script from which to work, instead all of the actions and decisions that are made by the character are yours, influenced as you are by the actions of those around you and the direction that the stories and plot are taking.

Put simply, we are normal people with a fascination for history and story telling. We dress as heroes and villains and experience exciting adventure, tragic tales of woe and mystery.

Why? Easy. Because it’s FUN!


The Most valuable part of any Live Role-Playing system is the roleplaying aspect. Any game is made enjoyable by the elements that are blended into it to make it that specific game. The better you can immerse yourself into the role that you wish to play the more fun you and the people around you will have when playing the game. Finding that character within yourself can often be difficult but if you really want to have a good time its well worth the look.

Quite frequently I have found that newer LARPers find it difficult and in fact intimidating when they begin to roleplay in a group, often over-whelmed by stronger more experienced personalities. It can be a difficult thing to do at first, but you are probably just as good as those people around you, you just haven’t got the feel for it yet. You’ll know when the character surfaces properly.


LARPing with Rising of Chaos

When you first start coming to events at RoC you will create a character to play; this character helps you to define the attitudes, beliefs, appearance and abilities you have during a game.

Each character is defined by it’s race, which you select from the list of intelligent creatures found in the world of Vaklam. Next you select a guild for your character, your guild gives you a list of skills and powers you can use and learn. Finally you might want to read the guide to Vaklam and invent a history for your character which gives you some ideas of the personality and goals your character might start with.

You can find much more information to help you in The Great Library section of the Forums, as well as by joining our Facebook Page.

Your Character

A lot of people enter into the world of LARPing with a firm idea of the character that they want to play. They may have just watched a film, read a book or they may want to transfer a favourite character over from an existing tabletop campaign. Whatever the case that character will generally already belong to a certain race, have a chosen profession and be able to do certain things.

You should find that all these things are catered for within RoC; however you may not be able to start your character with all of the abilities possessed by your ideal character. Also you may find that the character class that you thought was most suitable would be better replaced by another choice to play.

Creating a character is usually the first step that a player will take when they enter a system, in the case of Rising of Chaos you will find that the system is set into several basics steps that will allow you to spend the points to make the character you desire. If you are having trouble with a concept spend your time reading books, watching films or even writing a few lines, or pages if you prefer, that describe the kind of character that you are looking for – and of course the Ref Team are always on hand to give you a few pointers.