Wyld Magic

Tradition, Rite, Spirituality

The rebirth of the Wyld found the traditions of the once free Gillieabad lost and forgotten to a time called the Age of Ignorance. They were given names which fettered them to the world in sacred places and given purpose which took away their universal powers and bound them to a specific cause. This was called the fettering and from it where born the abominations of the Wyld that walk the wyld ways and answer the call of Ritualists who seek to emulate he Earth Tribes of old. From those traditions new Rites and have been form and a new Tao of Fettered Spirits have risen led, not by the Blood Druids of old, through Altars governed by diplomats, ritualists, warriors and hunters who now protect the people from the fetid Cleffydau. These were the groves of old, built in those sacred places to the Gillieabad that have now been capped into Altars and form part of the Guildic community of the Royal Basin.

The world of the Wyld is now ruled by The Ulmagarn, politicians who are versed in ritual and make up the voice for Basanic Ritual Magic. They are supported by the true ritualists; The Melkarr, the Law Makers of the Tao; The Elestrom and the soldiers of the people; The Vormearn. Despite their original glory the way of the Wyld has fallen in the Basin: Ancient Altars have been destroyed and powerful rituals forgotten or not sustained. The power of the Abomination is strong in the Six Duchies with few dwelling there that are strong enough to summon forth the mighty Aberrundy Spirits that could restore its strength. The Tao protect those that are loyal to its ways but many Duchies have fallen to civilisation and progress with little left to be done to restore them.

What The Wyld is

  • An ancient form of magic that calls on the glory and beauty of the world that protects us that has been forgotten, bastardised and turned into a twisted reflection of itself.
  • A Magic that is understood in other places but that shares its connections to the world with Gillieabad who are a dwindling resource that the world needs to thrive.
  • Driven by the Spirit which is the deeply rooted connection between a person and the world around them.
  • Powerful in its own right when being called on by an individual but one that can be enhanced and boosted through the gathering of many Ritualists.
  • Sacrificial Magic: The fettered Gillieabad require payment, which many consider a feeding, to provide their magic and those that renege suffer.
  • Ritualistic: The forms of Magic that can be called on utilise a fettered Gillieabad that has been trained to respond to certain callings. These are the core of most of the rituals used to call on that Gillieabad power.
  • Insular: Whilst the Tao of the Wyld sits within the boundaries of the Royal Basin it serves those communities that pay respect and sacrifice to its ways and rites. Whilst it follows the Basins rules in generic terms it has its own stringent code.

What The Wyld isn’t

  • Dancing around the woods: The Wyld extends into every aspect of the Basins life including the heart of Cities where Gillieabad inhabit ancient statues and cause buildings to walk!
  • Blood Sacrifice: This can be done but the Gillieabad accept songs, dancing, a well worked tool and many other things before you need to chop off a limb.
  • Everyone wearing green: There are, again, city ritualists and not everyone lives in a bag, under a tree in the middle of a cave under a lake.

Choosing The Wyld

What follows are the core elements that go into choosing the idea of The Wyld as your magical form, regardless of your choice the idea of MAGNITUDES remain the same and constant throughout the game.

Are there many types of Ritualist?

  • A Ritualist can call upon a myriad of spirits all of whom grant a different selection of aspects to their casting.
  • However at their core the Tao of the Royal Basin identify as one of the four following “types” of Wyldling.
    • Ulmagarn – A Politician operating as a leader of the Tao and go between for that aspect of the world and the Royal Basin with some understanding of Ritual.
    • Melkarr – A keeper of the lore and legends of the peoples of the Basanic Tao and a powerful Ritualist.
    • Elestrom – A lawmaker, judge, jury and executioner of the law of the Tao operating alongside Basanic lawmakers. They are skilled ritualists in their field.
    • Vormearn – A hunter, warrior and doctor/veterinarian all rolled into one: These hard people are blessed with a Baserak spirit and serve all aspects of Taofic life.

Can the Gillieabad be described?

  • The Gillieabad (link for full and very long Wikki link) are ancient spirits that were once “worshipped” by the people of the Earth Tribes.
  • They were free beings who existed in and saw all times and all places and on whom the worlds survival was pivotal as they were the habitat for the Wyld.
  • When the world changed with the Nexus they were bound and fettered and were no longer free.
  • When this happened they formed a hierarchy of beings who were aligned to specific purposes such as storms or mountains.
  • At the head of this Hierarchy is the Gillieabad Kethlan who is believed to be the Gillieabad of the world and slumbers and is not called upon to perform rites and rituals.
  • Below them are spirits which can be called upon and given sacrifice too whose size and purpose descends in the following order:
    • Gillieabad (Modern parlance, old Gillieabad are different (Gill – E – A – Bahd)): These unique spirits are probably ancient Gillieabad and are second only in power to Kethlan itself. They are served by any number of Abberundy and have their own realms within the Spirit world. They are extremely free willed but see to the wellbeing of their servants.
    • Abberundy (Abba –Rune – D): These singular spirits are served by a small number (4-8) of Myrrigun who assist in governing the demesne of their power base. They have a great number of functions that are delineated down to their Myrrigun and are rarely called upon by ritualist unless a great ritual is needed. They are very powerful and report only to a Gillieabad.
    • Myrrigun (Merry – Gun): These spirits are singular spirits that are served by myriad types of Galafeli and Falakiq. They have specific function and are the spirits most often called on to support Melkarr and other ritualists. They have specific associate powers and in turn serve an Abberundy.
    • Galafeli (Gal – A – Fail – e): These spirits number in their thousands per type and perform as specific function for a parent spirit.
    • Falakiq (Fal- A – Keeki): These types of spirits are numbered in the thousand per type and perform a general function for their parent spirits that assist their overall agenda.
  • As a ritualist you will call upon the spirits that are associated with your Grove, Altar or guild. Kethlan is the “Over Spirit” to whom all of the Tao hold reverence but it slumbers for the majority of the aeons and to wake them is often devastating for the world.
  • Instead their world is governed by Lesser Spirits who are associated with various aspects of the Tao, each ritual calls upon aspects of these spirits dependent on the desired outcome of the ritual.

Which Gillieabad will grant me power

  • Gillieabad are bound to specific Altars
  • A character will choose an Abberundy to follow and select their power from there.
Quinrath – The Maker, Shaper of words, the Guardian. Quinrath is a watcher and creative power, their hand is seen in teaching others and showing them how to tool and to make, they guard the ways of the Wyld.  
      The Abberundy that serve them        
Omukuru – Guardian of the Deserts

Combat: Healing, debilitation, Armouring and Mimicry

Ditaolane – Guardian of the Seas

Combat: Armouring, Healing, Damaging and Debilitation

Kaka Guie – Guardian of the Mountains

Combat: Armouring, Armouring II, Healing and Mimicry

Mwuetsi – Guardian of Shaping & Growth

Combat: Tacticus, Tacticus II, Mimicry and Mimicry II

The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve  
Musso Coroni – Hardiness, Oasis, Shadows cast by things, Lions and Tigers Lemanja – Beasts that swim, tears and kindness. Chiuta – Eternity, Strength, Deep Roots and family. Nasani – Crafting, spiders, webs and ensnarement  
Jakuta – Shapeless Evil, Solitude, meditation, calmness Ozain – The Drowned, Tides, calm water and water spirits. Nana – Boulders, stones and rocks, caves and bears. Cuwu Obi – Agriculture, growth, fertility and trade  
Uhlanga – Messengers, Crossroads, caravans and hot sands Babalua Iye – Disease, pestilence, waves and navigation. Agayua – Clouds, snow, ice and valleys. Nil Orihubo – Tools, cities, roads and civilisation  
Oshun – Sandstorms, Visions, Life and madness. Ga Garub – Erosion, relentless nature, time and energy. Oxossi – Volcanoes, anger, patience and height. Heiletsi Abib – Buildings, forges, mining and islands.  
Avannah – The plague bringer, the lover, the nurturing hand. Avannah is a whimsical power both cruel and caring at the flip of a coin. They are resourceful and in their grace many have found fear.  
      The Abberundy that serve them        
Congal Claen – The Custodian of the Moon

Combat: Healing, Armouring Debilitation and Debilitation II

Cyheuraeth – The Custodian of the Skies

Combat: Damaging, Mimicry, Armouring and Debilitation

Dian Cecht – The Custodian of the Sun

Combat: Damaging, Damaging II, Healing and Healing II

Mug Ruith – The Custodian of Mythical Beasts

Combat: Debilitation, Healing, Tacticus and Armouring

The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve  
Taranis – Unseen Ways, The Blind, Tiredness and Poisons Midhir – The Four Winds, Tempests, Stillness and Currents. Waschilt – Death, destruction and endings Dun – Spiritual Contact, swiftness, Fangs and shape shifting  
Cadne – Forgetfulness, Memories, Trauma and Bones. Matedas – Fortune, Avians, Songs and Communication Jurno – Healing, Smiles and increasing strength for competitive reasons Palagon – Fae Contact, Glamour, Lies and Rites of Passage  
Serall – Past Lives, Lineage, Pride and Ancestors. Corelarus – Weather, Prediction, Clouds and rain. Calimar – Prosperity, Energy, Mornings and Fertility Rawarn – Revenge, terror and Strengthening friendships  
Pooroba – Fairness, Mercy, Liberation and Equality Laittel – Harvests, Festivals and Seasonal Rites Guhl – War, Bloodshed, Excellence and Battle Ruilan – The Unnatural, Abominations, Childbirth and Sex  
Ravage – The hunter, the fearsome death, creature of the shadows. Ravage is a dark and powerful power, cunning and full of tricks. They are merciless and hard breaking those that would oppose their children.  
      The Abberundy that serve them        
Borghild Gudrun – Lord of the Forests

Combat: Debilitation, Mimicry, Tacticus and Armouring

Oden Njord – Lord of Beasts that walk and fly

Combat: Damaging, Damaging II, Armouring and Tacticus

Sigurd Verdandi – Lord of the Earth Below

Combat: Damaging, Tacticus, Mimicry and Debilitation

Ing Skuld – Lord of Hunters

Combat: Tacticus, Tacticus II, Armouring and Mimicry

The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve The Myrrigun that serve  
Gerd – Dark Places, Roots and blindness Nori – Forest Beasts, victory and chieftains Kaol – Murder, deceit and deception. Koo’ or – Frenzied attacks, sustained strength and stamina  
Heidrun – Hidden Things, place names and oaths Valyjar – The Raven Lord, Beasts that fly, nobility. Foresit – Justice, Sworn words and binding. Chool – Tracking, Sharp senses cunning and the chase.  
Bil – Great Trees, errands, protection and eternal youth Rorth – Thunder and Lightning, feathers and far seeing. Kalakar – Burrowing, tremors, claws and nuts. Njodor – Blood, rituals, embodiment and the pack  
Nott – Whispers, Night, scuttling things, apples. Kerth – Great strength, Claws and speed. Valil – Silence, loneliness, shields and hardship Beyla – Terrain, Hearing of spoken Oaths and vengeance against broken heard oaths.  

What are the Tao Goals?

  • The Tao in the Royal Basin is a badly damaged affair and the main goal of the Wyld Users is to restore the Gillieabad here and make the land one again.
  • Politically they seek to establish a presence, proper, with the royal Basin so that they can forge embassies with countries stronger with the Tao.
  • From there the concept of Taofically unified Daer Akmir dedicated to the unfettering of the Gillieabad is a strong concept.
  • To protect the interests of those members of the Tao that are represented in the Royal Basin.

What are the Tao Attitudes?

  • The Tao has been in existence since the very beginning of humanity and has learned a great deal of lessons regarding kindness and patience.
  • A determination to repair the Tao’s magic and recast ideals in peoples minds regarding its role in the world.
  • Society is deeply important, people are the life of the Tao and those societies should be ruled in fairness and equality.
  • Development of a direct role for the Tao in Non Taoist societies.

Casting Brief

  • Casting is through ritual and rite and calling on the spirits
  • Words should be big, slow and powerful – you are looking at 4 words per second.
  • Accoutrements of rites should be used and sitting down or dancing/similar
  • Ritualists can cast their mags around a ritual point and then enter combat with them prepped to go although they would expire at the end of the combat so they couldn’t hold them any longer.