The following reports relate to a mission that took place on day 50 after the Fall of the Grey Keep and the tremendous alterations to the world around us. It has been Mission Coded as “The Abyss” for all Iron Table Records.

Despite fearsome resistance on both sides a small group of guilds folk and aristocracy spearheaded by Mallory de Mandeville and Duke in waiting Jack Winter aka Archmagus Jack Spears, were pushing for peace. Lauding the need for the guilds folk and the aristocracy to protect the interests of the small folk they managed to arrange for a meeting between the Duke Edmund Lionsgold who had been nominated for the position of Monarch and Archmage Gench Jonas who was leading the Golden Council.

Both agreed to meet at an estate that was provided by Mallory: A small estate close to the lands of the Eleven and along the edge of the Razorback mountains. Mallory had made the invitation to attend talks for peace on his land and that seemed to have been accepted well enough. Minehome was the chosen destination in a beautiful estate through which a minor tributary of the Scourge ran through a small area of land. A minor mansion dominated the area overlooking a small woodland and area of open ground. 

Both were allowed fifty guards and they arrived together with the intention of setting up a small tented area in case the talks lasted for several days. The arrangements were made for the pair to speak together in a specially arranged area of the gardens. The meeting did not go as planned and what is known is recorded here.

The Iron Protector’s Article about the Peace Meeting:

Mister Twixt reports about Urgen Flametower:

Missing Briefing for ‘Fallen’ from the Iron Table:

A Quick Out of Character Note!

There are ongoing reports being uploaded by those present on the event on Discord – Please let the Core Team know if you need access.

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