Since the death of King North the magic of this world has been at war, as if, with the power of another world and the reality that we cling to has been tearing itself apart. Moments of truth that we were sure of yesterday as fact have changed in a moment as a new existence manifests.

The Royal Basin stands alone as never before: The way to lands such as Rhygahrea, Iskarani, The Drayal Vork, The Dragon Empire and even The Ancestral Lands have shifted or somehow been forgotten and no breech to those places can be found.

For months the Parliament of the Six Duchies have been on the brink of War with the Aristocracy. It has been suspected that something has been operating behind the scenes, pulling the strings of the puppets at play and guiding the land into anarchy. 

A peace was almost brokered between Prime Minister Gench Jonas and The Regent Edmond Lionsgold but at a remote estate Jonas was murdered and Edmonds essence was ripped from his body. Fingers pointed unwaveringly at the involvement of the Golden Council and forces, mustered in The Bittervale, began to clash.

Many events led to a joint effort by both parties to reclaim the essence of the would be King and the hand of the enemy was revealed at Tharinos. Olebid Ironmark has been revealed to be collaborating with the power of a Fae Court described as the Court of Stolen Tales and together the forces of the Six Duchies reclaimed Edmond Lionsgold and drove back their enemy.

A broken Kingdom with a fallen King are painted against the backdrop of a lost world that has already fallen through the darkest stories and now plummets towards its final tale. One ending has been avoided and a chance to begin a new chapter, written by the victors, with brighter horizons is at hand.

The Golden Council and the Electors stand together to bring about peace but given the resistance to their unity since the fall of the King by their enemies has been incredible. Politics and Powerplay await those that come to support their corners and no doubt the blades of opposition. 

A chance for peace and the coming together of the forces of the Duchies plays the part of backdrop to CODA’s Christmas Event as we present: Armistice; a Christmas Banquet:

Sunday December 12th at Plaitford Village Hall

  • This event will be run at Plaitford Village Hall, SO51 6EE
  • There are 30 player slots available and 10 crew slots
  • The event will begin at midday on Sunday the 12th of December and finish at midnight
  • Booking will close on Sunday the 5th of December at midnight
  • Light Lunch and full banquet meal will be provided
  • Attendees will be e-mailed full plot updates and timings before the event.


  • Car Parking is available
  • There are toilets for all on site


  • £30 Standard ticket
  • £25 standard one day ticket to Patreons/Shining Stars
  • Concessions for Shining Stars on top of that range from £2.50 to £5 to whole free days off.
  • For full shining star reductions look here
  • First time players play at half price
  • For reduction codes and any other information contact


ROC runs strict policies for conduct:

Plastic Water bottles are not allowed at RoC events – The system provides all players with metal water bottles for the duration of the event as part of our sustainability policy.