Guild Leaders

Lord Defender of Yarrianne – Ker Gentz


Ker Gentz was born in 1984 in a town called Lilton which takes up land on the Western side of the Valisian Woods. After being bought up on the legends that surround that woodland, of Fae and creatures of myth he grew into a bright and enthusiastic lad who would spend many of the afternoons of his youth in the deep forest, watching, taking notes and getting to know the beauty and serenity of life. By the year 2000 however he had been conscripted into the militia of Baron Alexander Shadowmane to serve as a runner and assist with the putting down of the assembly of several large bandit groups. He served well enough until his first combat where he learned two simple lessons. The first was that he had an innate talent with the surgeon’s knife and the second was that he could not take a life. At the end of the campaign, sometime in the Sunrise of 2001 he handed in his commission in the militia and joined the faith of Yarrianne in nearby Strabain where he was accepted and began an unremarkable career as a cleric.

His life in the Priesthood was unexciting but he served well and true to the faith, then after years of adequacy he was sent home, in 2006 to Lilton to serve, once more for the Baron Alexander Shadowmane. However all of this was to change rather swiftly and radically during the following four years as the cataclysm came and the forests around Lilton transformed with the emergence of the Unrelenting Kingdom. The histories of the Cataclysm are well documented but the role of Ker Gentz was not; his actions were a far cry from the heroics that many others undertook in defence of the realm, indeed the majority of his work took place in the Unrelenting Kingdom. From here he assisted the restoration of the Fae land to its place in Eidelos saving thousands of lives and eventually battling the followers of the infamous House of the Moon. Despite his Yarrianite training and the previous decisions that had led him to leave the militia the actions of the Fae Court known as Gloaming were so abhorrent to him that by the end of it several had died at his hands. These actions, despite the forgiveness of his superiors, led him to resign as a clergyman in the year 2011.

Gentz spent the years between early 2011 and late 2013 in a great turmoil over the taking of the lives of other living creatures. In all good faith the killing had been undertaken to save the lives of the innocent from the hands of cruel and wicked folk who would have seen them in torment. Ker could not see the truth of this in his heart, he could not see a justification to his actions and at his core he could not forgive himself for those deaths and nor could he allow his Lady to grant him grace. Exchanging his fine vestments with the robes of beggar he took up the bowl and walked into the wilderness of the Royal Basin to seek Redemption. For those intervening years he traipsed across the land, watching the horrors that war brings and the witnessing the coming of daemons and hoardings alike. He lay his hands to charitable tasks; healing the sick, laying the mortar for new homes, repairing damage to farms and hostels and hearing the confessions of the sorrowful but in no place and in no action did he find the absolution that he sought.

In the Frostfall of 2013 he found himself at the gates of Haven, he had not intended to travel there and wondered, as night fell, what had led him to the gates. As dusk gathered the last vestiges of light under its cloak he joined a queue of beggar men and scoundrels seeking protection from the night. Allowing others to take his place in the line that they may receive sustenance more swiftly he offered the prayers of light and life for them. When his supplication drew to an end a great blue flame lit up the sky above the College of Controlling power whilst the lights of that ancient edifice grew dim. From the gates of the city came a plague of lizards which, as they rolled forward, grew in size and form until they were great and powerful men that wore the skins of lacertids. A great battle took place that night on the streets of Haven as well as in the Skies above, it is known that the Guardians of Power took place in that battle against the power of the Blue Fire Prophets and that at its end the High King, Mazarek as he is known to the Azure Order, drew breath for the first time and brought the battle to an end.

During the fighting Gentz defended the poor folk and eventually the wounded militia and other fighters that were attempting to protect the city. The chaos of war raged around him; dirigibles exploding in the sky far above as washer women took to the street alongside Silver Saints to keep their city safe. Ker fell repeatedly under heavy wounds inflicted by his enemy but rose each time to continue defending the wounded townsfolk. As the moment of victory drew near so did the end of Gentz life, his belly opened, his life blood slipping away he sank to his knees and prepared for the afterlife but there was no answer to his call and in his final moments he knew that he would face damnation. Then the High King awoke and let out his breath and all folk of the Royal Basin spoke the word the he spoke – Enough. When that word spilled from his lips it was not, as it was for all others, alone; “Enough Ker Gentz, though my time with the Azure Order is over yours is just beginning; you may kill but you are not a killer, you may end life but you are not a murderer, you may follow but you are a leader. You are needed, your faith is needed, you protect the faith, you protect the clergy.” When he told this tale to the Lord Defenders it was known to be true, he took the seat of power and he has never looked back.

Lord Defender of Tiberius – Torokan V’ilens


Torokan was born in 1931 to the V’ilens family of the Golden Lands; the family are an old family that have supported both the Church of Tiberius and the baled Dragon for almost two thousand years. Torokan is named after the Holy Warrior who was knighted by Dieron the Blessed during the first Gabrak Wars, truly the V’ilens family are touched by the Legend that Walked. Indeed this namesake of the original was a personal pupil of Dieron the Blessed in his youth, the popular view of the Church was that Dieron honoured the family as a duty but we of the order, we believe that this is the second coming of the Torokan of that first age. It is safe to say that he shouldered the responsibility well, the sword that he carries has sent the souls of the sinful to their afterlife in every crusade that he has fought in and as each falls to the ground so his voice sends prayers for their spirits to the heavens.

Torokan is a Crusading Defender of later years who excels in sword play and displays the virtues that define a hero of the Council. Torokan committed literally hundreds of deeds in the name of his God until in the year 1973 Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar came upon his usual pilgrimage and chose Torokan to champion Tiberius within the Order. Torokan has served well; anyone that has learnt the art of the blade has learnt it from him or one of his pupils. His inspirational words and deeds are at the very heart of the fighting core of the Order. Those that choose to follow Tiberius follow Torokan as their exemplar for he, like his mentor Dieron, has taken the words of his Lord and lived his life by them with the caveat that unlike so many others he has evolved with them. Those words do not define the man, the man defines the words; they are tools of his faith, weapons like his blade, armour like his shield. The Lord Defender can put these tools down and be a man but he knows that even without them he is a man of ideals, belief, faith and of the Order. So too are the men and women that have come to follow him, those that cannot follow his ideals are not fit to wear the Azure.

Lord Defender of Naed – Argones


Argones was born in the village of Delve in the Western Marches in 1966 and when he speaks of his early life he remembers fondly the idle life of a farmer’s son who would wile away the summer afternoons with cheap wine and a pretty face. These languid memories bring a smile to his lips and a warmth to his eyes but he also remembers travelling to watch the great games that took place bi-yearly in Haven. These, he tells us, were the focus point, the inspiration that pulled him out of the life that lay before him and gave him a different perspective. The games, he says, are somewhere that all can go to watch and to take part no matter what walk of life they come from, a place where all men are equal. If you let him he will then go on to tell you, probably for many hours how he became an athlete representing the Western Marches and that during his time he became a devout follower of Naed, excelling in his skills and donating virtually all of his winnings to worthy causes.

He eventually retired in the mid-eighties, joining the Church of Naed as a physical instructor where he toiled tirelessly until 1992 when he completed his vows and became a Priest. Argones is not a man to shirk physical toil but despite his piety he found the tasks of preaching and deep prayer to be difficult without the same athletic direction. However in the same year Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar spoke at the church of the Azure Order and the dedication to physicality that dedication at the Temple brought. He returned with Argones in tow and installed him as the Lord Protector of Naed. Within a few months new techniques for training were introduced and fitness levels within the fighting order soared. Many learnt that whilst to the majority Naed represents freedom and hope these are only cornerstones of his faith; “Zeal, bravery, individuality and risks these are the strength in his divinity because without the protection of self you cannot protect the freedom of the people that you stand for.” That is how the once famous wrestler is likely to finish any conversation that he has with you and usually once he has finished his time with you, you follow.

Lord Defender of Ekimelahw – Heliak Got


The Lord Defender of Ekimelahw is a terrifying entity whose past has been quite literally wiped away by our founder Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar. During the first coming of the Devourite child K’Kegnihothe, whose history and relevance can be found in many texts, Heliak was part of those followers of Ekimelahw that were infected by the Xectros, a corrupting philtre that leaves the body open to the corruption of the Hanged Men who are the spirits of criminals not destined to be returned to life. Many of the Halls of Justice were controlled by these dark powers but via the will of heavens and the power of the Church the records of that happening were sealed. The Church seemed doomed until the intervention of the Azure Order whose eternal vigilance led to the revelations that bought the Ekimelahwian malady to the attention of the Clergy. Through the wisdom of the Lord Protectors under the guidance of the Clergy many of the Ekimelahwian faith were purged but all were killed. Despite his best efforts none had ever been able to fully cleanse the corruption of Xectros from the body but Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar finally bought about the full return of one.

Heliak was reborn into the world by the will of Ekimelahw as the Lord Protector divined but she was cast out by her Church with no memory of her previous life and left only filled with faith. She was taken in by the Order and assumed the role of Lord Protector of Ekimelahw when Vortigan Rone stood down after feeling the reverence and power that she held. The world seems to revolve around this primal force of balance and perception and as she moves through the great Temple she instils the presence of the Goddess in all that see her. She has been the Orders secondary war marshal and sits in judgement on any matters that require her attention. Heliak is cold, clinical and without prejudice, despite this she is unexpectedly approachable should you need spiritual advice and inspires any who worship the Incorruptible with her dogma. The fear she inspires come from the lack of humanity that she displays towards everyday life, the followers of the Azure Order know no fear when she is on the field of battle beside them.

Lord Defender of Bethylak – Chianan Mahoon

(Granite Heart Kuldisar)

Chianan is a born talker whose distinctive Razor Back accent can be heard long before you encounter her cheerful face and the physical energy that comes with her speaking. She says she was born in 1887 and certainly appears to be around that age. Hailing from the deeps of the mountains her stories tell us that she was a member of the Hall of the Low King where she worked as an archivist and advisor on the world beyond the lands of the Granite Hearts. That role is surprising as she herself had never travelled beyond the confines of her home and her actual knowledge was based from her self-teachings and the stories of travellers. It was from these travellers that she gathered knowledge of Bethylak and began to supplicate to his divinity becoming one of the few, if not only, members of the faith that became a follower of a deity outside of their own pantheon without the formal training of a Priest. It was whilst in this position that she first read of the Azure Order and the work of its disciples under their great Lord Protector, all the writings told her that he travelled on pilgrimage to the places where those worthy to become members of the Temple could be found and recruited them on merit but after thirty years of waiting she decided to test those rules and in 1955 she left the Razorbacks for good.

She travelled for five years in search of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar, trying to follow in the footsteps of his pilgrimage. Five years of effort would have deterred, perhaps, even the most ardent followers of a goal but it found Chianan in the Homespun Inn along the Folding Way planning her next move and it was here that Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar found her. He spoke of a priestess of Bethylak that had called to him when he was addressing a crowd, she was dying of old age; she told him that her Lord had come to her in a vision and told her of the wandering Kuldisar that sought the Tao of the Azure Order, that her faith was pure and her convictions unwavering. That the Priestess had pressed the hourglass of her life into his hands and bade him hand it to this wanderer and tell her that her journey was over. As a member of the clergy bid so did he obey. She is jovial and always pleased to assist and help those members that come to her for training. As the guilds resident Lore Master she is often found in the vast libraries pouring over the ancient and indecipherable tomes that belong to this ancient Zoranethi edifice, truly the Lord Defender of Bethylak.

Lord Defender of Terref – Jo Jo Reruth

(Tzi Tzain)

It would be a fair question of the general populace and one that the press often press in conversations with the Temple, where does the Priesthood of Terref fit into such a militant organisation? When one looks at the portfolio of the Goddess one sees a faith that is full of the brightness and wonder of life in all ways from capitalist to free spirit. If one looks deeper one will see that the truth behind the façade, the mask that the Priests wear and that is of a Church that values organisation, intelligence and wealth to achieve their ends. Jo Jo Reruth is a man that personifies the individual tenets and the whole – Reruth, as he prefers to be called has suffered for his faith in Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar. He travelled to the Basin with the Velikiy Knyaz of Dralkosh Olas as a subservient member of the group and operation. When the order came he heard the calling and made his case to the Velikiy Knyaz but for his affront to the Shard in wanting to leave he was allowed to leave but minus his right hand.

Reruth’s background and age is unknown, what is known is that Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar trusted him and that he has never failed the Order since he became Lord Defender of Terref in 1802. He is tasked with the gathering of knowledge, the placement of members of the Temple around the clergy and dealing with their reports. Whilst he is active in any crusade that is followed his Terrefian followers spend much of their time moving through the villages and towns of the world like ghosts keeping their eyes and ears open for any enemies of the Clergy or any dangers that the Churches or the Azure Order may need to respond to. Many may not consider this to be the way of Terref but his pupils follow both her teachings and his interpretations of them as canon. Reruth has suffered, refusing to have his hand returned, but made an exemplary teacher in philosophies and the Focus arts and many take his example of the ordeal and made it their own for the order.

Lord Defender of Notelexus – Opilance Lionsgold


Opilance Lionsgold was born in the bosom of wealth and high society amongst the most powerful family in the Royal Basin. During his youth however he spent much of his time with one of the Lionsgold vassal households, the Flametowers and heard the call of the church in dreams and visions and was soon firmly ensconced within the skeletal clutches of Notelexus. It was as though he was born to be amongst the dead, the fire and passion of those touched by their patron burned like a torch within him and for many years he fought, as a warrior should, long and hard in the name of his God. During the year of 1997, his thirtieth, he was selected for the pilgrimage to the Minaret of Fire where the hammer fell but his column was attacked and destroyed by his enemies. He was left for dead in the sands encircled by artefacts of unholy power in an act of vengeance by his foes, power that would prevent him finding his Gods side upon his death. Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar had visions of his own and found Opilance bringing him back to the Order.

It took Opilance only a few weeks to recover from such a rigorous assault not only on his person but also on his soul and at first was less than keen on a role within the Order. When our leader revealed that those visions had come from the previous Lord Defender of Notelexus who had died some three years earlier. Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar had yet to replace the great and most holy Sarah Watts, none had been found who could replicate her greatness and yet that night when the Lionsgold lay dying his old friend had visited him in his meditations. She had led him to the desert and told him that here was the man to lead the warriors in battle and bring the gift of death in the name of the clergy. When Opilance was told of this truth he accepted not only the role of Lord Defender but also of War Marshal. Opilance is a leader but in truth he is not a teacher, he leaves the majority of such work to chosen underlings spending most of his time planning the potentials of new campaigns and military manoeuvres to better trim the skills of the Order. He is well respected but few like the dark haired man with the furrowed brow who clearly has not forgotten the actions of enemies that left him near death and unsouled all those years ago. Vengeance would clearly be appreciated.

Lord Defender of The Kraken – Falakar Kezek Tar


A recent addition to the Order, no-one is overly sure where Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar found Falakar but many suspect that he was gathered up from the Tharinos of 2010 that he attended. Falakar is an obviously excellent addition to the Orders powers. There are many secret areas of the Zoranethi temple that even Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar has yet to uncover and Falakar has been doing everything in his power to reveal the mysteries of the power that lies here. At the Tharinos of 2013 his deity revoked the right of the Zoranethi people to receive his power even through the deepest of prayer. Whilst this horrified Falakar he was surprised to discover that he was still able to call upon the divine power of the Kraken. He is now unique amongst his people as a Seer and many believe that he is pondering leaving the Order so that he might better be able to assist the Zoranethi rather than watch them suffer a crisis of faith his battle brothers however know that he will handle this burden as any follower of the Kraken should and that he will remain.

The days to come will be the real test for Falakar; the Royal Basin went so far as to make his race exterminable on sight during much of 2012 and 2013 and this move was supported by the clergy that he is pledged to protect. Whilst the Churches clearly made an exception in his case that may not be good enough for a being that has served not only the Kraken but his races objectives for well over two thousand years. However his diligence and duty to the Temple is very clear and his reverence of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar was absolute, he has openly stated that despite his mentors change in position he is happy to continue serving the duties that were laid before him and also the idea of the High King should it become what is required. Despite his Undead nature Falakar is friendly, open and popular amongst those that serve him and a constant source of questioning by historians and loremasters that seek his firsthand experience of affairs that are shrouded in the mysteries of time; a role that he is happy to fulfil.

Lord Defender of Rayvahn – Ti Por


According to the stories of her people Ti Por was born in Rhygahrea in the province of the Camp of the White Leopard in the year 1197. She was born, according to her people, under a bad moon and with strange signs and portents although what they might be are unclear. She struggled in her early years to assimilate into the ranks of her people and found the Tao of Kethlan alien to her. These problems continued into her later life but she soon found a solace in her life; a rarity amongst her people Ti Por is not only an incredibly devout Priestess, from Rhygahrea, who has more or less forsaken the Tao of Kethlan but she is also a Rayvahnite who is a consistently reviled Goddess amongst their people. She operated in secret for the hidden people amongst her camp but her work was often snuffed out. When she heard of the Order she made her way here to give the wisdom of her 800 years to those that wished to learn. When she was bought into the presence of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar such was the strength of her faith that he fell to his knees and wept at the purity of her spirit.

She is ardent and stringent in her teachings and has truly embraced the way of all Gods. Whilst she holds to the teachings of Rayvahn she has become a font for all of the ways and beliefs that hold sway here. This made her the exemplar of the Order and effectively the second in command behind Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar although she never wished for the responsibilities of such leadership. Since the arrival and ascendance of Ker Gentz she has handled much of the bureaucracy that he has yet to become familiar with but the processes of handing over such responsibilities are well underway. It seems likely that she will remain as a deputy for the Lord of the Order and maintain the steady hand that keeps the faiths united. Her followers are myriad and many, even her role as a warrior within the Temple does not prevent Rayvahnites across Daer Akmir acknowledging her example as the inspiration behind the faith that they carry.

In Memorium
Lord Defender of Yarrianne – Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar

(Fire Eaolf)

In the darkness of the Frostfall of 1745 the great and powerful Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar came from the desert as the blessed one, the father of all purity and defender of all faiths. With him came a great fundamental of stone whose form bore the symbols of the nine Gods that ruled in the heavens at that time. They travelled to the great clergy buildings of Haven and there addressed the assembled followers of the faith. When they heard his great words of becoming the glue that would independently and without arbitration hold the clergy together and of the coming threat he gained many followers such was the power of his inspiration.

Upon leading his followers back to the Holy Temple of the Azure Order in the Southern wastes of the Great Desert he assumed control of the order and began his teachings. He joined the power of the Fundamental House of Catsari with the followers of the might of the heavens and the Azure Order was born. Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar, the blessed one, the father of purity was wise, strong and full of courage. His words were tempered with the wisdom of his years and instilled a sense of pride in all that come to him for guidance. He was fervent to his cause but not foolish enough to turn a deaf ear to those that offer him their own advice in the running of his order. He was beloved of almost all who met him and through his own humility was an unassuming hero. He shall be missed.

Guild Buildings

Whilst the Azure Order operate out of practically every Basanic Clergy based building across Daer Akmir their home and only Guildic Facility can be found in the Great Desert and is the site of the victory of their first crusade.

The Holy Temple of the Azure Order

According to the words of Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar the Holy Temple was built long ago by the Zoranethi around the time of the first Codex Wars. Situated on the Ley Lines of power that criss-cross the world it is blessed with not only with primal power but with the brilliance of Zoranethi artifice. Although it was once dedicated to the purpose of Zoranethi Empire building and spreading their influence across the world that power is now being dedicated to the defence of the Gods and Goddesses that guide us through the darkness of our lives and to the final line of protection that will save our world from the coming of that which unifies all power.

Originally located along the Southern coastline of Egaria, this mighty edifice, was moved during a magical calamity presumably during one of the various cataclysms of the past. It centres around a main building some twelve stories high and spanning over one hundred and fifty rooms, that have been discovered so far. Around the main temple are training grounds, brewing and scribing facilities and various smithies, carpenters workshops alongside other points that are used to supplement the strength of the Order. Here the finest steels, woods and ores are imported to create the finest weapons and armours for the followers of the Order who are barracked in what was once an old building that held huge warriors that must have towered twenty to twenty five feet tall.

The Order is supported by a large number of equally fanatical civilians, many of them family members of the Order warriors. They have taken several of the larger buildings and areas of the temple to be their own, constructing solid buildings provided by masons, skilled architects and hard labour. Bakers, butchers, stables, these buildings and many more are safe within the protective walls of the compound and plans abound to expand the temple into a citadel that give greater strength to the surrounding areas and the many Zumatakan tribes that have come to the Order to ask for their protection. At this time Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar is considering the expansion of the Order but is concerned that it will compromise the ethics of the Order and the basic principles that it stands for.

During the final parts of 2013 our Lord Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar was reportedly slain of mortal form to be reborn as the High King of all of Daer Akmir. When this great calamity of the Order occurred there was a shift in the power that was here, very few remember the exact happenings but according to half remembered reports the House of Catsari became as one with the walls as a mighty force shook the very roots of the building. Throughout the halls of the Order ancient voices screamed out and some remember the chanting of the name of the Lord of Battle Skaggrid again and again. Whatever happened on that fate filled day the Temple still stands and though it was heavily damaged at the end of that year its rebuilding is certain.

The House of Castria

Where Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar found them and how they came to be allied to us is largely unknown but living amongst the Order were thirty five fundamentals of obsidian. They functioned as guardians and also instructors in some of their ancient ways. The alliance between the Order and the House was born of a joint need to protect the worlds against the coming darkness. It is whispered that the House were once banished from their Vorokian home for crimes committed against their people others say that Milan Al Zanen En Renik Al Kar rescued them from imprisonment when they were betrayed by their own Kings. Whatever the reason for their alliance they served faithfully and there has always been a power of faith within them which flies in the face of the tenets and beliefs of the other Vorokians. Despite their supposed disappearance into the very walls of the Temple those that were attuned to their ways claim that they can hear them deep within the stone still.