Code of the Order of the Battered Shield

We must never stand against the rightful King of the Royal Basin, to do so will incur immediate expulsion from the Guild.
Always do your best to assist a brother of the Order who sides with you on the field of battle.
Never flee alone from the field of battle or be the first to fall back in a routed situation.
Always preserve and maintain your body, armour and weapons, no member of the order shall walk in inadequacy.

Guild Words

Loyalty, Bravery, Reward

Uniform and Guild Colours

Members of the Order of the Battered Shield wear a Black Square with two white lines diagonally from left top to right bottom, somewhere, visibly about their person.

Guild Buildings

As each of the original adventuring groups that were formed or led by the Battered Shield settled into Duchies so the Guild houses sprung up. Each Major City contains the Duchy or County Guild building in which the majority of the training for the Guild members take place. The Guild house Contains the coats or arms, badges and words of any groups that are operating in that Duchy or County which have been formed by or contain any members of the Battered Shield. It also contains the Charters under which that group is given operational rights and remits by the Battered Shield.

Regional buildings are temporary and give smaller groups access to places of residence, equipment, sustenance and communication with their guild when the groups are on deployment. These are usually public houses that are part of the payment for the group being hired by local land owners and the like, more and more frequently these are being provided by the Mentry line of Inns. If they are not taverns then they are buildings provided by wealthy merchants who are desperate for problems to be solved on their lands. Whilst in residence it is Guildic lore for any banner, badge or similar to be displayed in the building used for operations.