Having chosen the patron that will guide your actions in the coming days your final step is to associate yourself to an order of the Church. All churches follow the same format and have similar orders locked into them. It is to this order that you will report and through their duties that you will serve and build the power of your Church and your deity.

Clergy Choice

The Order of Battle

Here the members of the Church that will serve as warriors of their deity are prepared for that duty. These soldiers are expected to serve their deity in the field, acting to defend the faithful and protect the priests and those that travel with them. They are also expected to guard the temples in their times of garrison and of course to take arms and do battle when those that oppose the will of the divine strike against the land.
Bonus Support Word – Proficiency 

The Order of Politicians

Here the members of the Church will train to do battle of a different sort, in the political arena. To strengthen the ties between the churches and to gain favour in court so that they may call upon the power of the nobility to assist their agenda and the agenda of the Church itself. 
Bonus Support Word – Reasoning

The Order of Pilgrims

Here the members of the Church are prepared for their journeys and sojourns across the world. The order of pilgrims find their duties being to spread the word of the divine across the land and to perform the duties that their God has given them. The order of pilgrims fulfils the largest section of the Church and is the backbone of the organisation. Without the order of Pilgrims the Church would falter and they are made welcome in all towns, villages and homesteads.
Bonus Support Word – Journeys

The Order of Scribes and Alchemists

Here the members of the clergy that are skilled in the arts of potion brewing, the scribing of scrolls and indeed, who hope to become skilled in the arts of artificery one day, train and work. Whenever potions and scrolls are collected from a church it is gathered from these brave individuals who spend much of their time locked away in laboratories.
Bonus Support Word – Crafting

Independent Choice

If you are an Oathsmen select:
Oath of the Dawn – To guide the young and bring forth Joy: Add the Transcendental word: Teaching
Oath of the Day – To aid those that seek to bring stability to the world: Add the Transcendental word: Arbitration
Oath of the Dusk– To bring the wisdom of the old to the young and keep their wisdom alive: Add the Transcendental word: Remembrance

If you are a Professor of Magic from the University select Professor of The Focus and add the Transcendental word: Study