Now that you either have an in depth understanding or a shallow understanding of what The Wyld is and what it does you have some choices to make that will direct which words you start with as a caster. These will need to be relayed to the system after character creation and will be how you cast from now on.

Are there many types of Ritualist?

At their core the Tao of the Royal Basin identify as one of the four following “types” of Wyldling

Ulmagarn (The Altar of The Creeping Vine)
A Politician operating as a leader of the Tao and go between for that aspect of the world and the Royal Basin with some understanding of Ritual

Melkarr (The Altar of The Emerald Willow & The Altar of the Gorgon)
A Keeper of Lore and Legends of the peoples of the Basanic Tao and a powerful RItualist

Elestrom (The Altar of The Broken Lady)
A lawmaker, judge, jury and executioner of the law of the Tao operating alongside Basanic Lawmakers. They are skilled ritualists in their field.

Vormearn (The Altar of The Stone Circle)
A hunter, warrior and doctor/vetinarian all rolled into one. These hard people are often blessed with a Baserak spirit and serve all aspects of Taoific life.

Altar or Independent 

Were you trained with the Altars?
Were you trained with The Oath or the University?
Once you have this choice you may follow the next few choices specifically along the path of Either Altar or Independent as follows

Step One – Altar Choice

Step One – Independent –

You have chosen to be an Independent Ritualist.
Your first CORE word is: Wisdom
Your first Combat word is: Debilitation

Step Two – Independent –

Now gain the following support words with either the University or the Oath:

The University

Understanding, Knowledge, Sagacity, Research, Repair, Crafting, Lore and Rules

Choose a Specialisation Support Word from – Whispers, Silence, Energy and Being.

The Oath

Daemons, Corruption, Wardings, Mists, Unseen, Tinkering, Bravery and Accuracy.

Choose a Specialisation Support Word from – Whispers, Silence, Energy and Being.