You have chosen to become an Elestrom
Gain the following Core Word – Divination and Vigourousness
Your first Combat word is – Salvation
You also gain access to the following predetermined Rites

Name: Blessing of Kethlan
Word: Divination
The blessing of Kethlan through the teachings of the Broken Lady grants a measure of the Gillieabad’s ineffable foresight to the blessed individual. In the instant before a challenging decision is made, the individual may be granted some sudden insight as to how to bring about a future successful to their endeavour.
Effect: The blessed individual gains +1 suit to one check per scene for the remainder of the day.

Name: Foresit’s Sanction
The judgement of an Ele Strom is a terrible thing, and the punishments laden rarely anything so mundane as jail time or fines. Through use of Foresit’s Sanction, following a proper judgement in which the Ele Strom has heard and witnessed evidence of the crimes to be punished, an Ele Strom may strip a criminal of their vitality; removing the strength within their limbs and leaving them frail and weakened, for those who would abuse strength do not deserve to have it.
The individual is weakened for a length of time commensurate with the crime.

Step Two – Oath to the Gillieabad –

Now you have selected an Altar you get to choose an Oath to the Wyld that represents your commitment and dedication to the Tao

Dreff – Add the Support Word – Duty
Spirits – Add the Support Word – Names
Azilir – Add the Support Word – Service
Altar -Add the Support Word – Language