You have chosen to become a Melkarr
Gain the following Core Word – Wisdom and Empathy
Your first Combat word is – Tacticus
You also gain the following predetermined Rites

Name: Blessing of Kethlan
Word: Wisdom
The blessing of Kethlan through the teachings of the Gorgon is a reminder of Kethlan’s compassion and wisdom. She guides all things and all people, sees all and knows all, and it is through knowing her in turn that true understanding and insight into the world might be gained. Those who accept the Melkarr’s blessing have their insights and instincts heightened to guide them through the challenges they face.
The blessed individual gains +1 suit to one check per scene for the remainder of the day.

Name: Pooroba’s Insight
The Altar of the Gorgon
Word: Empathy
The Melkarr may bring any two individuals together into a consecrated space and, through means of this simple rite, force them to see each other as equals. This rite requires a circle be drawn on the ground, and a broken set of chains, rope or other bindings placed in its centre as well as an object symbolising each of the two participants. For as long as they remain in the circle, and as long as those objects remain in there too, they are rendered incapable of seeing each other as anything other than their social equals.
The two target individuals accept one another as equals for the duration that they remain inside the circle.

Step Two – Oath to the Gillieabad –

Now you have selected an Altar you get to choose an Oath to the Wyld that represents your commitment and dedication to the Tao

Dreff – Add the Support Word – Duty
Spirits – Add the Support Word – Names
Azilir – Add the Support Word – Service
Altar -Add the Support Word – Language