You have chosen to become a Vormearn
Gain the following Core Word -Messages and Vigourousness
Your first combat word is – Damaging
You also gain access to the following predetermined Rites

Name: Hunter’s Marks
Word: Messages
The first secret taught to every Vormean is the ability to leave and perceive messages within the wilderness. Through these means, subtle marks, scents and signs may be left along a trail that the Vormean walks in the forest. These will last for a day and a night, and impart a short sentence to any other Vormean who follows the trail.
Effect: Each use of this ritual allows a sentence of no more than 14 words to be left in the trail to be read by any other Vormean. More powerful rituals can allow these marks to stay in place for longer periods of time.

Name: The Tireless Hunter
The stamina of the Vormean is legendary. Through use of this rite, a Vormean can daub themselves with woad and be sustained by the Wyld alone. Every twelve hours or so the Vormean must stop to reassert the rite and explain the necessity of their travel to the spirits, but so long as this is repeated the Vormean will not need to rest, eat, or otherwise pause in their journey.
The Vormean may immediately counteract any penalties associated with hunger, fatigue or similar physiological conditions. In addition, the first three effects which would institute such debilitating effects are ignored.

Step Two – Oath to the Gillieabad –

Now you have selected an Altar you get to choose an Oath to the Wyld that represents your commitment and dedication to the Tao

Dreff – Add the Support Word – Duty
Spirits – Add the Support Word – Names
Azilir – Add the Support Word – Service
Altar -Add the Support Word – Language