You have chosen to become an an Ulmagarn
Gain the following Core Words – Leadership and Empathy
Your first Combat word is – Mimicry
You also gain the following predetermined Rites

Name: Blessing of Kethlan
Word: Leadership
The blessing of Kethlan through the teachings of the Twelve Trees is a constant reminder that we are all Children of Kethlan and that it is through His guidance that we may all find our proper place in the world. The Blessing provides a faint echo of the Gillieabad’s wisdom, subtle guidance which allows the blessed to fulfil their role with greater ease than might otherwise be possible.
The blessed individual gains +1 suit to one check per scene for the remainder of the day.

Name: The Breaking of Bread
A ritual which is traditionally shared with any new group that the Ulmagarn encounters for the first time. The Breaking of Bread invites all those present to partake of food and water, regale each other with recent stories of their travels, and share their hopes for the future. An empty place is always left for the Gillieabad, whose plate is always empty by the end of the meal. All those who participate in the ritual gain supernatural insight into the motivations of those others present.
After the meal is concluded, each character present shares their motivations with the rest – so long as they are not protected by a magical effect of magnitude 3 or greater this can be assumed to be true.

Step Two – Oath to the Gillieabad –

Now you have selected an Altar you get to choose an Oath to the Wyld that represents your commitment and dedication to the Tao

Dreff – Add the Support Word – Duty
Spirits – Add the Support Word – Names
Azilir – Add the Support Word – Service
Altar -Add the Support Word – Language