You have chosen to become an Ulmagarn
Gain the following Core Words – Leadership and Destruction
Your first Combat word is: Mimicry
You also gain the following predetermined rites

Name: Blessing of Kethlan
Word: Control
The blessing of Kethlan through the teachings of the Creeping Vine is a binding of power. The magic of the Spirits is imbued directly into the recipient, filling them with power and strength which flows from Kethlan and out into the world. The individual feels invigorated, energetic, and better equipped to handle any situation which they might encounter, blessed as they are with the insurmountable power of the Wyld.
The blessed individual gains +1 suit to one check per scene for the remainder of the day.

Name: Waschilt’s Renewal
Through means of this ritual, in which the Ulmagarn paces three times around the subject whilst invoking Waschilt, a small hut or man-made construction is returned back to its constituent parts. Baked clay softens, stone melds and returns to the earth or into the shape of a boulder, wood sprouts and takes root. This destroys the building, and more powerful versions of this same rite are used to return larger and more elaborate structures to their foundational state.
One small, unprotected structure is destroyed.

Step Two – Oath to the Gillieabad –

Now you have selected an Altar you get to choose an Oath to the Wyld that represents your commitment and dedication to the Tao

Dreff – Add the Support Word – Duty
Spirits – Add the Support Word – Names
Azilir – Add the Support Word – Service
Altar -Add the Support Word – Language