National Choices

Our first step is to define where you are from. To do that we ask that you familiarise yourself with the currently available playable nations. The Rising of Chaos currently only has nations available from the Continent of Daer Akmir. Each of these Nations has a short one page description which gives you an overview of what it is like to live there if you are a light reader should give you enough to make a basic choice. However, there is a huge amount of background for most areas of RoC and you should feel free to go as far down the rabbit hole as you would like.

The Royal Basin

Freedom, Ambition, Pride, Integrity

The Royal Basin is a Monarchy, ruled by Queens and Kings who are supported by great noble houses. Their power is built on the back of the loyal common folk who toil in the fields, support their industries and take up arms when war is declared. The people of this nation are proud of their heritage and their achievements, determined in action and impossible to break. Even in defeat, they are always rising.

When submitting your character to the system please indicate the following:
– Royal Basin and your Duchy of Choice.
– City or other location of birth
– Societal Class