Your Magical Aura

Magic is a big thing in the world of RoC and any character born into this story is naturally magically resonant. What this means is that you have an aura and that aura defines a lot about who you are magically and will change your plot and story in the background. Once you have made choices in this final step of character creation the system will keep track of your Aura and inform you of changes to it and what it means when they happen.

The Mechanics of Building our Aura

Each one of these areas has a value that starts at Zero
It can climb as high as Ten (which is really good) and drop as low as -10 (which is really, really bad)
When you create your character you may allocate three points across the five Auras.
You cannot deduct points from one Aura to add to another.
Submit this to the system and we will take note
Your Aura can be affected by such things as being gifted Aura by powerful beings, performing life affirming acts or taking on corruption or similar.
Your Aura may protect you from magic, abomination or make you susceptible to possession depending on what happens to you and its levels.
This information will be held by the system and relevant details passed to you secretly.