As of November 2022 the Chicanery Team have decided to take the show on a monthly road trip to Plaitford Village Hall just outside Southampton in Hampshire. 

We will be opening the doors at 9.30 am and closing them at 10pm that evening offering as many activities as we can.


Doors open at 9.30

10am – 1pm the following formats are available :

  • CCG’s – Our folks will be bringing MTG and Yugioh decks for all manner of formats and are happy to play/teach games. 
  • Simple 1-3 hour board games – Chicanery owns well over 150 games and that number is only growing. We’ll be offering a selection on a monthly basis with our peeps happy to teach/play them as they go. Sign ups will be available via booking in advance.
  • Simple 1-3 hour non league Tabletop Games like Necromunda or Kill Team – Chicanery can provide miniatures and teams to play and teach a wide number of games.


1 – 1.30 there will be a break to clear away the morning’s games and reset

1.30 – 5pm the following formats are available

  • League Games – Bloodbowl will be our flagship to kick off the project with our team happy to teach the game but we will be running a league. A wide array of teams will be available to borrow.
  • Simple 1-3 hour board games – As with the Morning
  • Simple 1-3 hour non-league Tabletop Games – As with the Morning
  • CCG’s – As with the Morning

Board Games that the club are taking for the day will be polled ahead of the weekend and up to ten will be available.

Board Games that the attendees are bringing in will be posted ahead of time so that you can choose what you want to play.

Sign ups done in advance where possible over on our Discord Server or Facebook Group via the following links


5-6pm there will be a break to clear and reset

6 -10pm the following formats are available:

  • Ongoing Campaign Board Games – Such as Scythe, Death may Die, Charterstone etc
  • RPG’s – You can come along and campaign to get people to come and play at your table, in which case you count as staff, or you can select from one of the tables provided by the teams
  • One or Two tables for casual boards and CCG’s

Campaign Games that the club are providing will be posted and signed up for ahead of time.

RPG’s that the club are providing will be produced and signed up for ahead of time

Games provided by attendees will be posted and signed up for ahead of time.

If you are intending to run a RPG table or similar please contact us AHEAD of buying a ticket

Food and Drinks

Tuck Shop will be available through the hatch. If you would like to bring your own food, you will need to contact the organisers to discuss the kitchen arrangements. The kitchen itself will be off limits otherwise.


We currently operate out of the South Coast of Hampshire (in the UK) and are based in the sleepy village of Plaitford just outside of Southampton. It boasts a massive carpark and bus stop right outside with the nearest train station being Romsey which is a ten minute drive from the Hall with members of our team happy to scoop people up.


The whole thing or any part of it will be £10 with a £5 concession if you are a £10 a month patreon (ask us for your code) and a 100% concession if you are staff – You will know if you are

As with all things “The Rising” your first day is always free!