Welcome to the RoC Community page! Here you can find the activities that the RoCommunity will be providing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. All of our online activity takes place through our Discord servers. For an invite to the server, please email info@risingofchaos.com

Week Day Regulars

Stephen’s Office – Every Day Stephen will be working in his office channel and streaming something whilst he does so. You are all welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat. You can even pop in if he isn’t there and surprise him when he rocks up!

The HOP – As in let’s go to the….. The Hour of Power is a daily occurrence between 5pm and 6pm in which Stephen cooks dinner and people wander around his kitchen. For those of you who are at work this is the perfect cool down from a busy day.

Week Day Specials

Streaming Channels – People frequently pop in and grab a game streaming channel – Join them, watch them, have people in game named after you!

Matt’s Manufactorium – Join Matt Hussey, professional miniatures painter, as he whiles away the days doing beautiful things with toy soldiers and dolling out advice, tips and guidance. He’ll announce when he is around and streaming.

Evening Regulars

RoC Online – The Recreant Voice is an online RoC story that runs Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights between 6 and 8 alongside Saturday afternoons between 12 and 2. You can see the details for that here with deadlines to join the game being midnight on Sunday the 31st of January.

Weekly Specials

Open Channels

Every week we will be running games of the roleplaying, video and board variety and we will update this page and the calendar with forthcoming ventures. The weekly specials begin this Sunday (the 24th January) with a board game and the sign ups for our leagues, RPG campaigns and the like.

The RoC discord is full of open channels for the streaming of video games, board games and the like. If there aren’t any free we can always make one for you.