RoC allows the principal that players can craft objects on and off event. These objects range from mundane smithing through brewed potions, shifting alchemy, mechanical engineering and mystical artificing.
Crafting is achieved by using established schematics to turn resources into usable objects.

Players may use a system called Skill Squares to develop their own schematics during games. They are also crucial for repairing, tinkering and dismantling all manner of mundane and magnificent machinery!

Crafting is a skill area that has a life of its own and brings a unique aspect of the system strongly to life on events. Makers in RoC are dynamic characters that work in a manner that is called reactive crafting and carries on a long tradition of Engineering, Artificing and the like that has been a mainstay of the system for a very long time.

Crafters form a core and substantial backbone of the communities of Daer Akmir, providing new and innovative designs and wonders. With most specialisations such as Hunter or Soldier the title you give yourself reflects the line of work that you have chosen to pursue with the core training that you have received. With Crafters, however, that training is far more intense and specialised leading to four clear areas of development that are followed.

Key Areas of Crafting

The following sections take you through the concepts and mechanics of Crafting in an order layers the process in the most direct manner.

Crafting Principles – Cover the basics of what a Crafter can do on event and beyond
Skill Squares – How they work, what they look like and what they mean to you
Crafting Mechanics – the mechanics which support the Skill Square System for crafting and schematic designs
Equipment and Schematics – How they work, what you can make and when you can make things
Resource Materials – The building blocks of crafting, how they work and how much they cost.