Matthias laid down his quill and beckoned his apprentice to mop his brow as he returned to the reducing liquids at his workbench. “It is important,” he raised the  index finger of his right hand to point at the bubbling metallic liquid in a glass vial, “to remember that Colverik is an extremely impure metal and that it must undergo Elaboration before it is mixed with Arramor.” The class followed his finger as it descended to rest on the surface of a reflective tin casket and began its usual, rhythmic tapping. “When added to the arramor, after its calcincation, the Incorporation should, with the correct addition of catalysts, provide us with an amount of Sheymar that we can then provide to an Engineer to core, say, a resonation calibration unit.” He smiled, reclining in his teaching chair: “Now turn to page 76 as we examine rectification!”

Too many people consider Alchemists to be basic potion peddlers and elixir sellers which is a view that has been grafted onto them by charlatans across the Basin and beyond. Alchemists are a vital branch of the sciences of the guilds and have mastered many amazing and wondrous arts. Brewing is certainly a part of their portfolio but they have also learned to transmute metals from one form to another turning the gentler purple of Sheymar into the purest green of Truvent. The merging of one liquid with another to create the appropriate reaction to melt locks or turn water to ice immediately. Concotting antidotes to poisons and making the same should the need arise: All of these are a part of the Alchemists skill.

Alchemical Expertise

The following specialist skills are available to an Alchemist:

Alchemise Potion: The speciality of brewing Potions where a Potion is quantified as a liquid, especially one that is medicinal, poisonous, or magical.

Alchemise Metal: The speciality of transmutation of metals into other metals for short term or long term periods dependant on metal.

Alchemise Chemical: The speciality of the mixing or alteration of the composition, structure, properties, and reactions of Chemical Substances.