An artisan is a craftsman, a skilled manual worker whose area of expertise lies in the crafting of items that may be of great functionality or simply for decorative purposes. The wares that an artisan can produce range from furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewellery, household items and tools all the way to potions, poisons, bandages and exotic items. They are the dominant producers for most of the mercantile factors in the Royal Basin and throughout any of the civilised lands and often take on highly lucrative contracts to provide their service directly to one faction.

The guilds of the lands of the Royal Basin represent the individuals that have been taught from an early age the skills and powers that will see them through life. It is here that many artisans begin their lives, they are not the unskilled labourers that are found throughout the peasantry of Basanic cities, instead they command skills that bring influence and prestige from all quarters. They often rise meteorically through the ranks of merchant families to rule the roost over their own selection of workshops and ensuring that their names are remembered for generations via the makers mark that sits on their greatest creations.

Artisan Expertise

The following specialist skills are available to an Artisan:

Craft and Repair Weapons: The speciality of crafting weapons with the proper weight and resilience to be utilised by trained warriors.

Craft and Repair Armour: The speciality of crafting and repairing clothing and shields to withstand the impact of attacks.