A Crafter makes items on events that they or other characters can use to achieve specific actions or grant benefit in specific action.

Through the use of Skill Squares they can design new and unique items and objects that can then be built.

They can repair items within the field of their expertise.

They may also interact with Feat Sheets and System Skill Squares to operate machines and tools on event.


Each flavour of crafting has a specialisation and although any crafter may attempt to delve into another area they will not have the same skill as someone that concentrates on that area.

A key aspect of crafting is designing something that solves an immediate problem on event or long term in downtime.

Any crafter can, within the portfolio of their specialisation (artifice or brewing for example) imagine a worked product of that specialisation and then explain that to an Event Referee.

That Referee will then place a difficulty on that design which allows a character to utilise a corresponding Skill Square to make said design.

This procedure is described in Crafting Mechanics.

Schematics and Materials

Any successful Design action may generate a schematic for a new item and current schematics can learned or purchased by a Crafter

Anyone with a Schematic and the appropriate materials may craft an item on event or in downtime following the appropriate procedures

The system carries generic props for things that crafters make on event to be phys repped.

Repair Action

Broken items can easily be repaired if you have the correct materials and schematics to do so.

They may still be repaired without the materials and schematics by Crafting characters but that is more difficult.

Again Repair actions are achieved through the use of a Skill Square.

Dismantling Actions

On any given event the players will run across awful artifice or maleficent machinery that needs to be destroyed

The crafter will discover skill squares attached to these pieces of artifice and feat sheets that allow for them to tamper with them.

They may disable, dismantle or divert the items that they find through the successful implementation for their skills.