The fizz and whistle of the ailing engines made Tess flinch, the noise momentarily drowning out the howl of claxons and the clutter of voices that intruded on her thoughts. The Grey Keep shook herself slightly as she dusted off another volley of cannon fire that sought to tear her from the skies. It had been a difficult morning, she reflected: The Keep had lurched from one battle with Ministerial forces straight into a rescue effort to bring more refugees from the ground below. Control station seven had been hammered last night and they needed it up and running now! Tess unrolled her tools and ran a critical eye over the unnatural mesh of the fire burned cogs and levers. “I need a second set of hands over here, a Mayhem Spanner and a nice cup of tea,” she smiled at a startled deckhand, “and do be a dear and shut off that bloody alarm.” The deckhand saluted the Chief Engineer and scurried away.

Engineers deal with the world of moving parts and machinery they are designers and tinkerers who have natural aptitude and excellent training, usually from the Universities of Great Strabain in Basanic terms. Engineers have been responsible for some of the greatest advances in the Sciences” and are behind the Dirigibles and Submersibles that are seen in today’s Modern Vaklam. They arm our military, they enhance our mines and production, they ensure that our dreams are matched by the endeavour of invention rather than the power of magic and they legitimise the passion that their scholars have in them through the advancement of the culture and society of the various nations of our glorious coalition.

Engineering Expertise

The following specialist skills are available to an Engineer:

Craft and Repair Vehicles and Engines: The speciality of crafting all those devices which move people and objects through the world.

Craft and Repair Structures and Machinery: The speciality of crafting and repairing buildings and static devices.

Craft and Repair Mechanical Automata: The speciality of crafting and repairing Mechanical Automata – engineered creations which move and act under their own power.

Craft and Mechanical Paraphernalia and Equipment: The speciality of crafting and repairing all those strange devices which do not fit under any other category.