RoC allows players to start with any equipment that they can phys rep that does not require an item tag. However any item that requires training to be used cannot be used to its full advantage until they have purchased the ability to do so with endeavour.

What does Trained or Untrained mean?

Items in ROC fall into two categories – Simple or Complex

Simple items can just be used by a character without complication with examples being Simple Weapons and Potions.

Complex items can still be used by all characters but to a greater effect by trained characters

Items will be issued with a double sided tag that explains the effects of trained and untrained so that you know how effective the object that you are using is.

For example anyone can wield a Long Sword but only those that are trained with it can use skills such as Mighty or anyone can apply a bandage to give back One HIT over a few minutes but a trained medic can restore Three in One Minute.

How does that work?

RoC operates a strong one to ten system for rating, capping and so forth to keep things in line. All complex items fall into that ranking with one being a straight forward object and ten being a deeply complicated and powerful item.

Items and Schematics

Items and their properties can be found on the website and purchased IC from vendors and the like on event.

Shematics are used to make items in downtimes, their tags will be placed in your character packs for use on event.

Schematics do not appear on the website but will be forwarded to you on purchase, their cost is listed with the equipment. As a starting crafter you begin with two schematics from the list provided to you when you purchase the skill