Skill Squares are 3D printed puzzle squares made of up of empty square spaces.

Each square is 5 Squares by five Squares like this

Each player is allocated 10 of these squares at the start of the game along with a prop to contain them which is called a “Cerebration Device”

Each square represents 1 level of difficulty and are slotted together to increase the level of challenge that the ref calls for.

A player with a crafting skill such as engineering is issued at the start of the event with a pouch, called “A Crafters Bag” which contains 3D Printed Shapes like this

Each Pouch can be used for any of the Crafting Skills and seperate bags for separate skills are not necessary.

To make use of one the following sequence is observed

Your character declares that they are attempting to plan a schematic for a design and your ref issues you a target number for that schematic.

Place that many Skill Squares in “Cerebration Device” in any order that you wish so long as they are all connected one edge to another in a continuous shape.

Play one Resource Material and draw the appropriate amount of shapes from your crafters Bag.

Each Resource allows you to pull two shapes from your bag however skills in different areas will allow specialists to pull slightly more.

Attempt to fill in all the tiles of the player Skill Squares with the shapes without any overlap of the shapes

Repeat the play Resource Material followed by the fill action as often as you wish or until you run out of resources.

You must roleplay this action for a minimum amount of time equal to the number of Skill Squares that you have been asked to draw in minutes.

When you are ready Make a Crafting check with your Omni Deck where the difficulty is Diamonds with a penalty equal to the largest number of consecutive unfilled tiles on your “Cerebration Device”

For example in this situation the largest consecutive unfilled tiles is four which is much greater than the one. Your check penalty is -4 making your check Negative One Suits.

If you have a full board you have succeeded in making your design which means that your skill check is for a different reason.

If you succeed the design was not only successful but it was good enough that you can make a permanent schematic of it, allowing you to make the device again in future events more easily. Inform a ref of this and you’ll have a schematic with the details in your pack at the next event!

If successful you will be able to make these new items in downtime, teach other people how to and use them on event.