These are the currently proposed dates for 2022! They may be subject to change, but hopefully give an indication of the frequency of games we are looking to run.

Venues TBC.

All Plot Events begin at 12pm on the Friday, and Time Out at 12pm (ish) on the Sunday. Jack’s Jobs begin at 12pm on the Saturday and run for as long as it takes the players to do the Skits they’ve chosen!

  • Plot Events: Events which focus on the main story arc of RoC.
  • Jack’s Jobs: A selection of Skits or Missions which players can pick in advance to further the main plot or their own plot.
MonthPlot EventJack’s JobsOther Events!
January31st Dec & 1st Jan29th & 30th
February5th & 6th
MarchTBC12th & 13th
April2nd & 3rd23rd & 24th
May14th & 15th
June25th & 26th4th & 5th
July16th & 17th
August6th & 7th27th & 28th
September17th & 18th
October29th & 30th8th & 9th
November19th & 20th
December10th & 11th