July 30th – July 31st 2021

The story of RoC has been told over twenty four years of intricately told and widely supported story and has a tremendous background behind it. The backdrop of this event can be discovered here.

The battle lines have been drawn and the armies of the Aristocracy and the handful of guildsfolk that support them have amassed in the Eastern Territories whilst the Golden Council have seized control of the West. Casualties have been reported, a war unlike any other seen in the Basin holds its powder keg to the fire begging for the flame’s embrace.

Meanwhile nothing has truly changed in the lands of the smallfolk, nor it would seem for some of the guildsfolk: Reports of Daemons, abominations and other stirrings in the South prompt fears of something working against a reunion of the powers and taking advantage of the brewing war.

Spurred on by the Archmagus Jack Spears, secret talks between Archmagus Gench Jonas and Edmund Lionsgold at an outpost along the border of the Razorback Mountains to the North were arranged. Reports of what occurred are directly unclear but a strange mist is known to have risen up around the gardens where the peace talks were being held and it is believed that both leaders were murdered within these barriers.

Rumour is rife

Tales of Fae and Eidelosian interference are everywhere, some hold that Gench betrayed Edmund or Edmund did for Gench and were murdered in retaliation. Most commonly, though, many believe that a handful of guildsfolk who were within the mists were responsible for whatever happened there. Along with the bodies they have been swiftly spirited away and hidden from public view.

This event begins on the estate of Urgen Flametower, whose family are the ancestral Priests of the Lionsgold name. Edmund’s form rests there and the mystery that surrounds it could decide the fate of the Six Duchies and perhaps the lands beyond. Those attending are called not only to prevent this disaster but also to act as guilds folk and attend the call of the small folk of the Royal Basin before it is touched by the Rising of Chaos. 

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The Details

  • This event will be run at the Blackwell Bushcraft Site and will be set up with a tented camp area and surrounding woodland for skits. 
  • There are 20 player slots available and a minimum of 10 crew slots that need to be filled
  • More tickets may become available should crew numbers reach 15
  • The event will begin on Friday Evening and run until Saturday night
  • Booking will close on Sunday the 25th of July at midnight
  • Attendees will be e-mailed full plot updates and timings before the event.

We are also offering 4 DPC slots to accompany the crew – If you are up for being a DPC PLEASE contact the system and we’ll sort you out with a role BEFORE you book onto the event in any capacity.


  • Car Parking is available a short walk from the site
  • There are toilets on site
  • The system will provide you with water and a small lunch if needed (but please let us know in advance) 
  • There will also be cool boxes and IC seating available 
  • Crew will be provided with a full lunch and dinner including a breakfast if they are on site overnight on Friday.
  • Limited camping is available, please contact the system for information.


  • £30 standard one day ticket
  • £25 standard one day ticket to Patreons/Shining Stars
  • Concessions for Shining Stars on top of that range from £2.50 to £5 to whole free days off.
  • For full shining star reductions look here

For reduction codes and any other information contact info@risingofchaos.com


ROC runs strict policies for conduct:

Plastic Water bottles are not allowed at RoC events – The system provides all players with metal water bottles for the duration of the event as part of our sustainability policy.

For everything else find us here: https://discord.gg/G5Q9z2b