From the Magic of The Source was born the power of the Focus which draws its name from the method in which the its magic is drawn and changed. At a time of great need Sourcerers rose to prominence who pushed the convictions of people and instilled in them the power of belief. This belief focussed their power into what is now called Grace or Focus and through actions involving the peoples known as Fae, practitioners of the Source were drawn into a state of Divinity. Concepts of Heavens and afterlives, Deities and Hells were discussed among their followers and the ideals of Clergies and Synods were born in the Royal Basin and soon spreading into neighbouring provinces. As their power grew the Abomination found its way into the Faith as Heresy or Apostasy which gave birth to creatures seeking faith as a power feed itself for dark and blasphemous purposes.

From this point onwards mortals began to understand that faith, true belief in the Divine, had gained power and had become like a commodity that could be traded to these new beings of power, these Deities. The most faithful that acted as Focuses for the lesser became like brokers passing on that power for the Divine and in return were granted the right to perform miracle for their followers. Those deities with more followers had more faith and grew more powerful, others rose and fell but were governed by their followers by the belief of what they thought they were until they had become little more than concepts. Now their worship is universal, religion is organised and a power within most countries.

Divinity across Daer Akmir