The King Lays Dead.

The Royal Basin is torn asunder. With his dying act, King Dazak North slew their greatest enemy, but from the shadow of her corpse rose countless new threats, without the shield of The King to hold them back.

During the funeral the Keep that hosted it vanished from the world in a shroud of golden light and with it many dignitaries and heroes. The Prime Minister Mallory de Mandeville, the General Jacqueline Gunnarson, Archmaguses Kincaid Blackstaff and Jack Spears with his wife Thessaly, Mohandis, Arthas Leighton, Dirk Lionsgold, Silvana Helgathsdothier, Serbasel, Honest John Cobb and many others. The Royal Basin was left leaderless, without direction and the Coalition’s validity hung in the balance.

A handful of days later the Grey Keep appeared once more, high in the sky above its once harbour of Shriekspire, listing and damaged. Dirigibles were launched by order of the Golden Table but none could land, massportations and other travelling magics were attempted but none could find their way to the Keep. Eventually these efforts were abandoned as the land, without a King, began to descend into chaos. All across the six Duchies chaos rose and the order that had been instilled by the man of the North began to collapse. In those moments leaders have risen from the ashes and the Basin has been given a chance again.

The Lionsgold rose to once again be elected as the Monarch Family but late controversy saw House Winter thrust onto the Throne. Anger swept the nation and rumours that the missing dignitaries and heroes had murdered the King on behalf of the Countess stirred the pot of chaos. Amidst an arms race to the throne, and following the death of General Kryst, Penny Chenet was returned as a General of the Armies but one of her people murdered the “King”: Mark Winter. His family was supported by the Guilds and the Lionsgolds by the nobles and many of the armed forces. The Coalition had vanished and worse still the power of the Five Realms was failing, magic was changing, the world was changing.

Whilst the world was fighting, Dazak North’s shadowed replacement within the Timeless Order of Lores and Fates was seeking answers to the disappearance of his King and his companions. Galak Unverthe reached into the lines of Fate and Time and plucked some of the missing from their moments of fate and into this arena.

The very nature of magic itself has evolved. New actors strut across the stage, seeking to fill the void left by that great man. The world of Daer Akmir finds itself thrust into a new and desperate conflict; one in which the enemy trying to kill you may be less dangerous than the one whose motives you cannot even begin to guess at.

The Coalition of Nations, a tenuous bond between old enemies, finds itself sorely tested. King Dazak and Earl Lionsgold had been the heart and soul of it, but now both lay dead within just three short years. The Royal Basin is cut off from the outside world, and all wonder whether the people of the other nations will hold true to the principles of unity or return to their old antagonisms.

Will the forest-dwelling folk of Rhygahrea embrace their fellows in the name of community, or meet the hand of friendship with fang and claw?

Will the new Dragon Emperor hold fast against the corruption in His Hells, or will the Yama Lords sit upon the Throne?

Will the traders and Pharaohs of the Iskarani stay sovereign in their land, or will there now only be one City of Blood Tears, soaking the desert sands?

Will the Kuldisar in their Low Kingdoms reclaim the honour and speak the ancient oaths once more, or will they remain degraded in darkness?

Will the Ancestral Lands open to speak in wisdom and peace to the rest of the world, or is the renewed barrier over their territory a border that will never again be breached?

And will the Royal Basin survive to answer these questions, when no monarch sits upon the throne; nobility and guildsfolk turned inward towards vicious politics, unwise bravado and displays of impotent power?

Now is the time for heroes to step forward and prove that the Royal Basin is stronger than any one man; that the death of the King is not the death of the Throne; that the People will always endure no matter the grief piled upon them.

Come forward and stake your claim. Reforge the bonds of community and spirit which tie the world together, and set right the many wrongs which even now threaten to overwhelm us all. Though the situation is dire, and the land is divided, it is through your effort that the sun will rise once again on the Royal Basin and the enemies that seek to drag it down shall be cast back from whence they came.

These are calls which only you can answer. Step forward into our tale as one of the Guildsfolk, sworn to defend a land that has been through so much – perhaps you can stem the tide, as you join

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