Holly Goodall is a construct from the Posh dimension who was dispatched by the Queen of High Class Opulence to bring style and chic to the struggling upper class of our Capital. The powers that created her intended to deliver Holly to the demesne of Belgravia in London but were confused by poor lighting and badly written road signs and instead delivered her to the Bellemore Tavern in Southampton, Highfield where she picked up work as a barmaid with the ability to speak and interpret the language of the La Di Dah and also French. It was in this dingey palace that Larpers would seek refuge after blustery events and here that we encountered the world’s only Poshlemental.

Holly, like so many of the Core Team, has wandered through a number of epithets over the years and a few of them have stuck. For a long time she was simply Hollister but  as she has risen to giddying new heights in the Rising community so her sobriquet has also risen to…….Beans. Unlike most of us Holly’s passion was not in roleplaying or larping and we might never have connected if it had not been for her absolute love of books, books and more books. When we sat and spoke with the beans about literature we found that she could talk all night and the more we talked the more common ground we found.

Comics, obscure films and Kate Bush! All of these things found commonalities with us and it was not long before Holly found herself at a Fort event fighting in the tunnels, dancing in the crewroom and telling stories to the players. Roll on a few years and after an excellent playing career, Holly was writing and telling her own stories within the system. Occasional patrols from the Posh Dimension would sweep through looking for their lost charge and eventually we would go to and remain at war with the demesne of Belgravia but we have managed to keep her out of their jewel laden hands.

Holly is an intelligent, passionate and kind human and that is incredibly apparent in her story telling style and the way that she conducts herself in the system itself. Lockdown brought a number of changes to the Rising and for Holly it was a time to shine, not for her to shine but typically for her to help other people to shine. After playing briefly in the online game she took to writing the responses and helping to facilitate the writing of the other refs with her incredible talent for descriptive work and brilliant ability with creative writing. We all believe, very firmly, that these talents should be extended out to physically writing works of her own for future Holly’s to read and be inspired by.

Since then The Beans has not looked back but she has taken to wearing an unlimited number of hats: In the 2020-2022 iteration of The Rising of Chaos she took up the role of System Head dealing with Storytelling and Character Development until Jon picked up the mantle in 2022. Le Beans has moved on to be head of Discordant Symphony, Website Development, The Lady of Rising of Creativity and many, many other things. She is, without a doubt among the MVP’s at the upper echelons of the Rising developments that are taking place and there just is not enough room here to list all of the things that this remarkable lady is involved with.

Most recently she has leaned into the Streaming side of Chicanery and is running a Kids on Brooms game and lends her beautiful (posh) voice to live readings of some amazing pieces of classical and modern literature! By her own admittance RoC has been good for the geek in her and she is now the proud owner of a wall of board games, a Star Wars lego display and a love of Hera Syndulla she never thought she needed. She still maintains a passion for all things Disney, especially beauty and the beast, Wuthering Heights, crocheting and her belief that she WILL grow up to be Kate Bush.

Beyond the Roleplaying Holly is a decent human who, like the rest of her Core Team companions fights the good fight against oppression, bigotry and greed. She is a long standing Vegan, champion of sustainability and one of the best cooks that we have had the pleasure of being fed by. Holly remains an inspiration to us, to the people that hang off of her words in Discord and to the many folk that she touches through her events, written work and her real world job writing for a sustainable foods company. We know that with her trusty hamster, Ghost, by her side, Princess Complain will soon bring the world to its knees.