Kit is a longstanding member of team RoC in all of its iterations and has been a part of the standing, sitting and laying furniture for many years. He is highly valued for the many strings that he adds to the bow of RoC along with his sparkling company and high levels of keen for everything that he does! Kit started larping in RoC back in the early 20teens but has been out and about in fields for a few more years than that. Legend states that he was held aloft by a Fae Queen from a strange lake and collected by the King of the Britons with a heavy duty to all of Geekdom!

Kit studied visual arts, cinema and all sorts at the Library of Alexandria before there was an accident related to his old smoking days that we don’t talk about and it is these abilities that highlight a predominant role both in the Rising of Chaos and Chicanery. The powers that be have been relying on Kit to whistle up posters, handouts and various other artworks for years  now and he has been an able egg at bringing to life what they have been asking for in one form or another.

A lot of the artwork that you will encounter on the website is Kit orientated with core and iconic pieces such as mapwork for the Six Duchies and the continental maps of Daer Akmir being among them. He is also a skilled photographer and one of the camera wonderworkers behind the RoC photo department; coupled with his knowledge of image editing software The Rising is now armed with some truly epic images due to the hardwork and effort of Kit Kit Bo Bit, Bananafanafofit, Me Mi Mo Mot: Kit!

Alongside all of this Kit has always been a massive fan of gaming in the form of books, video games, roleplay games and larp! He is often found running Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness, Monster Hearts, as well as a few homebrewed games based on television shows and other genres. This passion is married up with his twitch streaming and you can find him, as the Goblin Dad, guesting on the Chicanery streams or on his own channel with great frequency!

The Rising stands for a great many things which attracted Kit to this permahome in the first place along with the rest of the delicious crowd that stand alongside him: He is an activist for Trans Rights, Mental Health Support, Young Carers and for unseen illnesses to be taken more seriously. These issues are very close to his heart as a Transitioning bean himself who suffers from Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder as well as Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension also known as pseudotumor cerebri.

Kit is a wonderful parent to a tremendous son who follows in his footsteps as a gamer and young carer to his father.