RoC operates a Magic system that blends freeform casting with set, cast, effects that allows magic in combat to flow freely. Following is an overview of the basic Background of Magic although the full flavour of each realm and the direction that it will take your character is detailed elsewhere.

Is being able to cast Magic essential to my character?

RoC is designed to be a group orientated, heroic and High Fantasy experience.
Every effort is put into tailoring the events that you play on to the skills and abilities of the characters that attend.
In short you play what you want to play and we will make sure that you have a good time.

What are the basics?

The theory of ic magic is hugely powerful and continuosly evolving as the game progresses so the first thing to appreciate is that Magic is a huge draw for fluff and story.

Magic has developed into five forms which you may select one of when you are generating your characters.


Was the first form of magic to come from the Nexus, it is directed at the purity of body and is intolerant of corruption, it is a Discipline of Magic that requires rigidity to resist the powers that speak from the void to the Sourcerer continuously tempting them to their side. Sourcery is synonymous with the idea of power and control with many pursuing it for personal gain.


Was the second form of magic to come from the Nexus and is reffered to as the Focus of the Source. When mortals learned to focus power into specific individuals this was called faith and is believed to have created the soul in many people. Those focussed people ascended to become Divinites and many are still worshipped in different places and in different ways whilst many mortals seek to become a Focus themselves. Heresy is Rife.


There are legends amongst the enlightened that tell us that Psionic Power manifested before the Nexus arrived. Psionics focusses the mind through meditation and the use of crystals. In many lands and nations Pisonicists have been persecuted for perceived heresy. The truth of the hatred directed at them is still misconstrued but the answers lie in the deadly White of the Astral.

The Weave

Either the Fae or the Gillieabad, depending on tale, introduced the Weave into the world; the power of story. If you do not have a tale you have no place on Vaklam. Weavers call upon the echoes of the Great Song that wove the world to alter a persons fate or bring inspiration to an army. Each time the Weave is summoned, so to may be the Strange which lives in the cracks between the worlds of now, then and never.

The Wyld

Long ago the Gillieabad gave life to the world and were free spirits that gave power to the people they had made in return for gifts of song or story. They they were torn apart by the coming of the Nexus and shift in power of magic. Not long after mortal kind took away their creators freedom and fettered them to their will. Now they are given sacrifice in return from strength which risks the accidental creating of abomination

Strange? White? Abomination? What are those?

Using power risks the chance of being contacted by beings that dwell on the edge of the world or in the cracks bewtween them. Each realm of power runs the chance of gathering an abandonment whenever a realm is called upon, should this contact occur a User of power faces the chance of these beings taking possession of them. These abandonments are: Source – Corruption; Divine – Heresy; Psionic – The White; Weave – The Strange; Wyld – Abominations

Is it just Combat Magic or is there more?

No, Magic falls into two Camps.

Combat Casting – This is broken down into distinct types such as healing, protection and offensive. The spells for combat casting are defined and have predetrmined outcomes.

Transcendental Casting – This is a freeform style of magic that operates under straightforward parameters of form but allow the caster to achieve anything that they can think of within those parameters and the narrative of the story.

Reading the following pages in the order for Combat and Transcendental Casting will give you a complete overview of the Mechanics of Magic in RoC: