When you pull a backlash card it looks, in part, like this

In the following example you are a Sourcerer who has cast a three magnitude effect and drawn this card.

The MAG 3 effect tells you that “Wolf takes you and you depart for a hunt”

This is a heavy roleplaying effect from a Wyld card and involves the spirit of a wolf felakiq possessing you.

Your character would then roleplay this possession and head off into the woods on some imaginary hunt for as long as they thought would be appropriate.

To avoid this eventuality you would need to make a backlash check which involves the skill Backlash Enhancement.

Draw a card from your omni deck and compare it to the suits success box. If you have matched or bettered the difficulty you can overcome the effect and continue.

This check obeys all the standard skill rules. If you have more than 1 level of Backlash Enhancement you may add suits to your draw. If you have a Redraw for the scene you may use it here. You may not Refocus a backlash card as it is not a feat sheet.

If you fail you have to take the effect regardless of any other factors.

If you are casting from a different realm, in this case a Sourcerer with Wyld you lose 2 suits from your success box.

Rather than making the Backlash check you may choose to spend a point of defiance to ignore the effect of the card. You must make this decision before making a backlash check.

Defiance is purchased with endeavour and once spent does not replenish until the end of the day.