Combat Magic follows a set of predetermined spells with effects at each Magnitude of Power. These spells allow combat to flow simply and efficiently with easy calls and swift casting times.

There are rules and mechanics to make that work as follows

Mags, Words and Spells

A Caster that has completed Character Creation can cast one Magnitude spells in the Magical Realm that they have selected i.e. Focus.

A Caster gains combat words as they create their characters through the choices that they make such as Damaging.

Each time they gain access to a new Magnitude of Casting they gain all spells attached to any combat word that they have access to, this applies retroactively to any words that they gain as they progress.

There are 5 Magnitudes of spells for each combat word


Casting for any Magnitude of spell takes a minimum of 4 seconds to cast and require you to follow the style that your realm of casting indicates.

The Caster must then wait three seconds of their recovery time to begin casting again.

When you have completed your casting sequence you should make it apparent to your target.

Offensive Casting should end in a loud iteration of the indicated spell effect as clearly as you can make it to the intended target.

Beneficial Magic is more likely to be cast one to one and requires nothing more than a swift explanation of the effect to the recipient e.g. “Gain 2 Tactical Points”

At the end of Combat draw a Backlash Card for each Rollover that the Combat went through at the Highest Magnitude of Cast Spell.

Can I cast above 5 MAGS of Combat Casting?

The short answer is yes – As you progress into much more powerful realms of casting you can get more bang for your buck.

As you increase your rank your rules parameters changes to remove the 4 second casting rule leaving only 3 seconds between effects.

These rules rank up with MAG 6 allowing that change for MAG 1 Spells, MAG 7 allowing that change for MAG 2 Spells and so forth until MAG 10 allows that for MAG 5 spells.

Backlash is drawn against the MAG that allows the rules change so MAGS 6 to 10 although you may still fully cast at standard MAGs, including the 4 second casting time.