Building Blocks

The core building blocks of the mechanics of casting come in two forms – Words and Magnitudes.

The Word informs the effect of a spell whilst the Magnitude speaks of the Power that the spell expresses at.

Each form of Magic and style of Caster will have access to different Words that control the element of Magic in the world of ROC.

Combat Words

There are 6 common words that are used in Combat Casting which are used across Daer Akmir

Each word has 5 core spells that are well documented and produce predetermined effects which are simple and easy to interpret and deliver in the midst of combat

For example the word damaging delivers spell which deals One Hit and then Two Hits and then Three Hits as your progess through the five spells that it grants access to.

How does that work?

As long as you have the word and know the spell you may cast these spells as often as you want in and out of combat.

When you have finished casting the spell select your target and call the spell effect at them whether it is debilitating or beneficial.

Each spell has a clear and easily identifiable call such as Tactical which grants the benefit of temperory tactical points


In the circumstance of Combat Casting each spell is a Magnitude of power with the weakest being One point, the most powerful being five and Magnitudes beyond five adding to the parameters of the spell.

Magnitudes above five may allow you to cast immediately, increase the range or the amount of people that are targetted by a combat spell or increase its duration. These effects are tailored to individual players and styles of the game and will develop with you throughout your career.

At the end of any combat a caster must take the Backlash of their casting


At the end of the combat, past rollovers and the like, you are required to draw one card for that combat and additional card for every rollover call that was heard from your omni deck and remove the orange slips. There are ten entries for the repurcusions of casting your spell that are consistent with magnitude. Read and follow the level equal to the highest Magnitude that you cast in that combat.

Lower end Magnitudes may affect your behaviour whereas higher end Magnitudes may cause immediate or lasting damage to your physical being, soul or phsyche. There is even the chance that the power to grant the powers for your spells were drawn from an abandonment which could have long lasting rammifications for you character.

There are ways to resist the backlash but eventually, if you dance, you have to pay the piper.