Building Blocks

The core building blocks of the mechanics of casting come in two forms – Words and Magnitudes.

The Word informs the flavour and narrative of a spell whilst the Magnitude speaks of the Power that the spell expresses at.

Each form of Magic and style of Caster will have access to different Words that control the element of Magic in the world of ROC.

Core and Support Words

There are twenty Core Words of power that control the flow of Magic across Daer Akmir whilst the words that support the core are limited only by the imagination of the caster.

A Caster in ROC uses their words to seek a desirious outcome to a situation via the unfettered use of a word at their disposal.

For example a caster with the word Inspiration could deal with changing a person’s emotional state arousing in them great fear or courage, overcoming negative environmental effects or drawing upon long abandoned philosophies that have been crushed or buried deep due to trying circumstance.

With this word a character may, for example, try to inspire hope in a downtrodden villager, rekindle love for an abandoned child or remind someone of the sorrow that hold for the death of an enemy.

Support Words such as courage or energy could be used to sway the outcome of casting difficulty, success or failure

How does that work?

Simply put – When faced with a situation or need that can be solved by magic the caster needs to envisage, through a narrative, how their words can achieve that.

In the case of the downtrodden villager they may reach out with their magic to touch that forgotten hope and perform an inspirational speech that draws from the depths of the weave and reminds our fallen commoner of the glories of their past.

When you have decided the narrative of your spell an explanation of what you want to do and how you want to achieve it is explained to your ref or storyteller and then you can continue.


Once you have settled on an action your Story teller will explain to you how powerful the incantation that you are suggesting is.

This is called the Magnitude of the spell and is ranked between one and ten with one being a simple spell, five being considered to be the pinnacle of a “normal” casters career and Ten being spells that only the most powerful are capable of.

Sometimes the Magnitudes will be beyond the grasp of your powers, others they will not but casting always comes at a price. Should you be able to achieve the Magnitude AND choose to continue with casting then you must face Backlash on your completion.


After you cast any spell of any magnitude you are required to draw a card from your omni deck and remove the orange slip. There are ten entries for the repurcusions of casting your spell that are consistent with magnitude. Read and follow the level equal to the Magnitude that you have cast.

Lower end Magnitudes may affect your behaviour whereas higher end Magnitudes may cause immediate or lasting damage to your physical being, soul or phsyche. There is even the chance that the power to grant the powers for your spells were drawn from an abandonment which could have long lasting rammifications for you character.

There are ways to resist the backlash but eventually, if you dance, you have to pay the piper.