The Basics

Each character starts with 3 HITS
Each blow that they receive causes them to lose one of those
There are a number of calls that may accompany a blow that have in game effects

Being Wounded

When you have no HITS left you fall to the floor incapacitated
Whilst incapacitated you can call for help and crawl slowly around.
Whilst incapacitated you count to approximately 20 in seconds
This is called your Incap Count.
After the count ends you fall unconscious and start to die.


Now you start counting again.
This time though it is a Death Count.
If you reach 30 seconds you have died.
If you are healed back to positive HITS before you die you are ready to go again.
However at the end of combat you now have to draw a Wound Card from your Omni Deck

Being Healed

There are two ways to be healed in The Rising of Chaos: Magically or Medically.

If you are not dead you may be healed immediately by Magic for 1 or more HITs or slowly via Chirurgery for 1 HIT.

If you have pulled a Wound Card they are healed exclusively via Chirurgery although other methods may affect a Wound Card Positively

Rules of Cool

The game is about roleplaying and reacting to things in the coolest manner that you can.

If it feels cool and you feel like you are in a movie then it is probably right.

You and the rest of the cast are the big damn hero/anti hero of said movie so you should have all the best scenes and best lines.

So long as you stick to the safety rules, which are much longer and much more complicated you should be fine.

Sometimes it looks cool to go for a flurry of blows which is fine, but that as a rough guideline you should only be taking 1 HIT per second no matter how many times one person is hitting you.


An Event is filmed in a number of Acts that are determined by the Directors/Storytellers.
In the act are a number of scenes whose duration is a number of lined encounters.
Most magics have durations based on this:
– Per Rollover.
– Per Scene.
Most Omni Deck skills can be used per scene before replenishing.
Sometimes combats go on for a while and you have some skills that say “You may use these skills once each combat”
So you might hear a call of Rollover which could be a whistle blast The exact nature of how a rollover is signalled will be explained by your Ref team.
At that point Tactical Points roll over and you get to use them all over again.


When you hit things they WILL suffer damage either with physical blows or magic.
At no point does it become worthless to engage in battle against the foe
However certain creatures have greater resilience to magics or are susceptible to certain types of metal.
If a foe is not being so affected by your damage that crew member will attempt to make it known to you by using roleplaying and the like however in some situations they will use the call Minimal.
This gives you the chance to change tactics and employ more damaging methods.
We encourage players to do the same where possible

Being Shot

Arrows and Bolts might hit you. You should act as though you have been hit by a fast moving, heavy projectile.