Health represents how well a player is and how easy it is to heal them. Health is presented as a Register phys rep that will be given to all players.

What is a Register?

A register is a small pouch that is issued to all players at the start of their career and is kept in their Character Pack when not in use.

At the start of play the Register contains a small flip book with 10 pages. The pages are marked in order: Diamonds, Hearts, Spades, 0, -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6 and -7.

When opening Time In is called all characters’ Registers should be set at Diamonds to reflect that they are in perfect Health whereas -7 shows a character that is near death with each page being referred to as a Health Rating

The Register should only be used by the player that owns it and any Chirurgeons that wish to check on the characters Health and treat any wounds that they may have.

At the start of the day any check that a Chirurgeon needs to make on a player is on Diamonds

For every unhealed wound that a character has their health rating drops by one.

A Wound card may be healed at any time restoring a health rating to a player.

The difficulty of the healing check is equal to the Characters Current Health Rating less the Severity of the Wound Card.

So a Grievous Wound is Five Severity
If a player has two Unhealed Wounds they are healable on Spades
Less the Five of the wound severity brings us to -4 Suits to Healing

A Chirurgeon would add their own skill to the check
So in the above example Dr Bee’s adds 5 suits meaning that he succeeds on Spades

An Unhealed Wound Slip is removed from the Card Pouch that it came from and placed in the Register
That Wound CANNOT be drawn again until it is replaced in the deck
The Wounds, in this way, are easily accessible and should be on hand to give to Chirurgeons when they examine you for injuries.

At the end of the event unhealed Wounds are left in their Register and the system will assess them for permanent Wounds which will be added to their deck.

Any Rating of Health in the negative drops your skill checks by that amount.

The Register

As you progress in your career some of the pages in the Register will be replaced by better or worse ones. These will come through your career as the result of heroic endeavour, near death scrapes or perhaps the boons of powerful beings.

The Register should be worn omewhere that is easily accessible by a Chirurgeon who would be able to look at the book and then go through the wounds quickly and efficiently as a medic would check out a person in real life.

They should be able to read out the description: “Skin torn away, severe lacerations” whilst the injured character could indicate their leg as the wounded area “My leg Doc: Am I gunna lose it?” under clear guidelines from the system.

This process should take no longer than a minute and also count as beginning treatment of any and all wounds.

When any wounds are healed the remainder, if any, are replaced and the Register is set to an appropriate level.

Stacking and Carryover of Wound Cards

All Effects of Unhealed Wound Cards stack with each other

Any Minor Wound Card will take away a Health Rating for the purposes until it is healed or expires.

When a Minor Wound card expires the Health Rating is returned and the wound card is returned to the Omni Deck.

Pulling a Non-Wound Slipped Card

Unhealed Wounds do not return to your deck until they lose that condition

When you pull a card that no longer contains a Wound Card any one of your Unhealed Wounds “flares up”

You should roleplay one of your injuries and take an additional Hit